Glenn Reynolds, the publisher of the InstaPundit weblog, was a guest on the Alan Colmes Radio Show last night. The interview, which I've attached as a 17-minute podcast, was to promote his new book An Army of Davids, which has the subtitle "How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths." No knock on Reynolds, whose blog I enjoy in spite of our political differences, but the interview made the book sound like technoutopianism. Since the dot-com bubble, I ... read more

Ramona Bell, the wife of syndicated radio legend Art Bell, died unexpectedly Thursday at age 47 while vacationing with her husband in Laughlin, Nev., according to an announcement by Coast to Coast AM, the program Bell founded and still occasionally hosts. "At present, the exact cause of Mrs. Bell's death has not been determined," the announcement states. "It apparently took place during her sleep." An asthma sufferer for years, Ramona Bell reportedly experienced an attack before her death. The Bells married in ... read more

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post responds to Bill Bennett's on-air musing about blacks and abortion: He should know enough history to understand why black Americans would react strongly when whites start imagining experiments to limit black reproduction. For hundreds of years, this country was obsessed with the supposed menace of black sexuality and fertility. Bennett's remarks have to make you wonder whether that obsession has really vanished or just been deemed off-limits in polite discourse. Bennett quit ... read more

The crime rate would go down in the U.S. if blacks were aborted, former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett said during his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday: ... it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. The belief that a particular race is more prone to ... read more

As Presidents Clinton and Bush toured the Astrodome yesterday, an NPR reporter recorded an amazing comment from First Lady Barbara Bush: Almost everyone I've talked to says we're going to move to Houston. ... What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this -- this is working very well for them. Indeed. Losing your home, possessions, and loved ones ... read more

One of my friends is looking for archived versions of Rush Limbaugh's show from the years he was abusing Oxycontin. He figures there has to be comedy gold in the shows where Limbaugh was pontificating under the influence. Earlier this week, Limbaugh made a statement about Cindy Sheehan that's so bizarre we should be talking relapse: Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's real, including the mainstream media's glomming onto it. It's not ... read more

The New York Times reported today on the questionable loans that Air America Radio's former director Evan Cohen gave to the network from a New York children's charity. A spokesman for the charity told the Times that Air America has placed $875,000 in escrow as part of a repayment agreement. Al Franken addressed the subject in detail on his program earlier this week. This should take the wind out of the sails of the conservative bloggers who have been riding this story for weeks, inflating its importance with ... read more