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One of my friends is looking for archived versions of Rush Limbaugh's show from the years he was abusing Oxycontin. He figures there has to be comedy gold in the shows where Limbaugh was pontificating under the influence.

Rush Limbaugh Will SmashEarlier this week, Limbaugh made a statement about Cindy Sheehan that's so bizarre we should be talking relapse:

Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's real, including the mainstream media's glomming onto it. It's not real.

He subsequently denied calling her a liar, in audio that Rachel Maddow gleefully broadcast on her Air America show this morning (two-minute clip attached). Jerry Springer broadcast it also, Media Matters is doing the same, and Al Franken will undoubtedly air the same clip at noon.

Liberals spend a lot of time debunking false statements by over-the-top conservatives like Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, and I sometimes worry that we're just making them stronger. Anyone who cares already knows that they have an estranged relationship with the truth.

Whenever someone on television angrily denounces Coulter, she visibly brightens. Check out her reaction to Alan Colmes on Crooks & Liars. It's the Seinfeld dirty-talking episode all over again, prior to the point where Jerry kills the mood by asking, "you mean the panties your mother laid out for you?"

The laboriously detailed corrections that Franken devotes to Limbaugh remind me of the days when I would get into flamewars on Usenet. I can recall spending hours drafting a point-by-point rebuttal to someone's post, believing that the information I had gathered, coupled with the strength of my reasoning, would prove to everyone that my antagonist was a total stupidhead who sucks big rocks.

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Lying is hard, on average it take at least 4 additional lies to cover up the original lie.


Who messed with the picture of Rush. Look closely at his forehead. An extra inch or so increase in brain cavity doesn't seem to have improve his thinking capacity much.

Not a convincing argument by Rachel Maddow. Rush Limbaugh may be a lot of things, but he's not accusing her of making up a son or his death, he's saying her arguments about the Iraq war are ridiculous. And they are. He didn't say it very well, but he's objecting to her star status in the mainstream media as a sound political voice, not her status as a grieving mother.

The woman's deranged, and why wouldn't she be, so I guess you can forgive her for lying to Anderson Cooper's face about the whole "Jewish cabal" thing, but you shouldn't forgive those who are twisting a mother's grief to their political ends. When David Duke and Michael Moore are on your team, you've got serious problems.

Your friend has a great idea there with the Limbaugh tapes. (You can use my name next time - my reputation is already in tatters from having worked at Fox so often. Besides, I don't want you to get Judy Millered if you're ever compelled to testify about me.)

If for no other reason than to engage in a bit of meta-irony, I'll take Uncle Mikey to task for his factually challenged comment.

' Hitchens based his entire column around a quote he found on an Internet message board, not bothering to check with Sheehan or Nightline if it was authentic.

' Sheehan flatly denies the quote was in the letter she submitted to Nightline, and says the version now floating around the net was altered by someone she copied in on the e-mail.

' ABC confirms it received a letter from Sheehan, but cannot find it.

' Sheehan has nothing at all to do with David Duke, other than the fact that he applauds his interpretation ("They ramped up the war through Jews such as Perle and Wolfowitz") of the same disputed, unverified quote.

' Hitchens is now compounding his mistake by claiming Sheehan wrote that her son was killed by a "a secret Jewish cabal" (MSNBC) or "a secret Jewish government of the United States" (C-SPAN).

Gotta love the Internet!

rush limbaugh is so yesterday. his drug use is the least of it. anyone with any style or class would never listen to him to begin with, so where does that leave those who would obsess over his every word?

Cindy Sheehan has the right to think and feel whatever the hell she wants. She's a mom, not a pro politician or screaming head. Hell those idiots say whateber the hell they want, why can't she?

If the press corpses want to give her a free ride which helps create open dialog about The Bush Family's war for oil, so be it. It's about time.

People of the red state of mind can't seem to be bothered with facts?

Do you conservative theocrats honestly beleive you can claim higher ground on morality and values?

Simple concepts for simple minds - it's always worked for Republicans.They know their consituents.

Extramarital blow jobs - bad, unprovoked killing of innocent brown skinned humans - good.

Top conservative spokesmodel and Uber Drug Addict Rush Limaugh, was up to 30 Oxycontins a day back then!
That boy was higher than most heroine addicts can get and he had his own nationally syndicated radio show...

What's scary and very telling is that the redstate talibabptists just ate it up and then like good little monkeys started parotting that drivel without a second thought. They just needed a reason to march, being such victims of the unholy oppression and ungodliness of it all...

March you brainless sheep.

That chickenhawk conservative doughboy slob forced his hired help to break the law so that he could simply and comfortably stay high all the time,while babbling hate and division to the mewling masses of victimized pea brained low brow redstaters. Uh, red headers... Where's the Morality there?? The purported American values?? Oh wait, have someone else do the dirty work and take the blame... that is a republican value!! silly me...

Hitchens is yet another a drunken fool chickenhawk that republican spin monkeys like to throw out as "chaffe" to distract the 5 minute attention span of the midwest. This guy has no true loyalty to anything other than alcohol and will hitch his wagon to whomever or whatever will provide him a tow to the local no attention to that nattering flipflopping Popinjay!

Is anyone pondering what Casey Sheehan would say, if he could, about what his Mom is doing? It is he, after all who gave his life for his country.

I can just feel the LOVE!

Rush is partially right. There is no story here. You have a lady that was totally against the war before her son was killed and now she is REALLY against it. What a shock. Whether she wanted it or not, the koo-koos got ahold of her and tried to make her grand mufti of all that is anti-Bush and now the papers can't get enough of it.

I can't imagine what the difference is between what Sven posted and what I said, other than the tiniest of hair-splittings, but Sheehan has been very public about her issues with "Bush and his neo-conservatives." Who do you imagine she's talking about, Sven? Anabaptists? Worshippers of Baal? And how about a link, while you're at it? It's easy to love the internet if you only read what you want to believe.

Listen, she's in the middle of a terrible period of grief. She will no doubt be chagrined to recall what's she's saying now at a later time, and to goad her into making that regret any larger is nothing short of cruel. None of her arguments are new, and those who have been making them all along aren't even respected by reasonable Democrats. Why this awful display is thought to be helping the left is beyond me. It's doing exactly the opposite. Stop using this poor woman as a piata.

SC IndependEnt, try a spell check. And a logic one too, unless you enjoy embarrassing yourself.

Uncle Mikey: Whatever larger point Limbaugh was trying to make about Cindy Sheehan, he said plainly that there's nothing about her story that's real, which is flatly untrue. He should just admit he misspoke. A little humility wouldn't kill him.

Keep trotting this simpering dog, Sock Puppet Sheehan, out there as a hero of the left........Rush is right on the fucking money, this whole disgraceful debacle is a Mssur. Moore production, he has both of his fat arms up this skanks ass and is pulling her stirng.......just becuase the MSM is being willingly duped by this bloated tick doesn't mean the majority of the people in America will not see through this farce.......Sheehag is a ghoul, feeding of the memory of brave Casey (you remember Casey don't you?) like a psychic leftist scum should be embarassecd for this train wreck of a woman yet you prop her up a hero........IT WON'T WORK FILTH....... This fictional grief is even less compelling than Burketts forged wait CBS still stands by them......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Respectfully yours,
Rex Zeitgeist

Sure, sure, if you define "tiniest of hair splittings" as "alternate realities."

Reality: Sheehan accused of writing obnoxious screed based on nothing more than what a drunken, washed-up git stumbled upon in Freeperville. Said git embellishes lie
by twisting fabricated quote into broad racial slur and dragging in irrelevant KKK slug. Loudmouth Father Coughlin wannabe, hopped up on hillbilly heroin, spreads misinformation over airwaves.

Mikey's Reality: Sheehan unmasked as anti-semitic author of Mein Kampf, Vol. II, by George Orwell's intellectual descendant; brave broadcast mensch informs masses of dangerous, subversive traitor pretending to be grieving mother.

Rex - Although I agree with the points you make, you'll never convince a liberal to agree or even compromise with you using that steam engine delivery. I hope this shred of advice doesn't put me in your crosshairs.

I couldn't change the mind of any lib....thats not my goal in life......I just want to expose them for the evil blood sucking America hating ticks they are....

Thanks for the feed back!
Rex Zeitgeist

Rex - I'm on board with that although the left is doing a pretty good job of exposing themselves.

Think globally, act locally.

Rogers: Agreed, he should pony up with the explanation. But it's not much of a 'gotcha' that he misspoke.

Is Rex Zeitgeist the same person as SC Independant, but a different personality is in control this hour?

A Post from another left wing web site.....

HAHAHAHAHA.....this is to funny....Rush is right on target....again.....This whole shameful debacle is a creation of Mssur. Moore, you know it, I know, and despite the best efforts of the MSM the whole country is figuring it out......You stinking libs have 'rushed' to prop up this sick pig, Sock Puppet Sheehan without looking at those darn pesky facts.

1. Casey was an adult that freely enlisted and re-enlist in the armed forced to fight. He volunteered to help his fellow soliders in a rescue operation. ( has anyone notcied there has not been a peep about the brave actions of Casey in this affair?)

2. After meeting with the President Sheehag thanked him for bring her family together and that he was a man of god who believed in what he was doing.

3. In steps Mssur Moore, who trots the mentally ill Cindy out to anti war rallies where she begins to spew the most hateful leftist garbage against America ever heard. Changing her story 180 degrees, although no one has asked her the tough questions on this.

4. She makes a 'lone' vigil for anwsers to crawford. ( Accompanied by Mikey Moore, Move on . org, Code Pink.) Where a bored press corp originally picks it up without knowing the full force of the leftist wackos financing her. Of course Cindy Sock Puppet already has the anwsers i.e. America is not worth dying for, America is an evil genocidal country, the war against terror is all done for oil, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were good leaderas and should have bveen left alone, President Bush should be impeached he is the worlds biggest terrorist, his daughter ( two innocent young girls) were attacked.....etc.. you get the picture...

5. A rabidly liberal press pounces on the stroy blindly ignoring the stink emenating from this fraud..........even two weeks into this sham, the MSM is trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes by describing the Sock Puppet as the greiving mother.

6. Sheehag has sold out the memory of her brave son. She has disgraced his sacrifice for her own personal gains, as her family fell apart around her she found herself center stage, the light of a million left wing idiots shining doiwn upon her and she loves it.....

To tell the truth even I am runnnning out of steam exposing this sick pig, she makes the forged Burkett documents look kosher..........But don't worry leftist, this whole thing will be coming to a theater near you soon........Mssur Moore will collect another fat paycheck at your expense and he will do it on the death of a brave patriot, a patriot who has been shamed and forgotten, Spc.Casey Sheehan...

Thanking Spc. Casey's sacrifice,
Rex Zeitgeist

If someone wants me to temper my language they should put tape over the Simpering Sock Puppets mouth.....Cause I am less profane than Cindy Sheehag

Sven: way to ignore the point. It was a good try, though - your wacky exaggerated creative writing almost made me forget what we were talking about in the first place.

There is no shortage of nutbar Sheehan quotes, real actual ones that are on tape, and no amount of name-calling will change the fact that she's the worst representative the left could ask for on Iraq. Your evidence for her not being the author of nutty, inflamatory, damaging-to-her-argument nonsense is her word, nothing else. Not exactly exculpatory evidence. Who's got more to lose here? Not Christopher Hitchens, that's for sure. Like he could give a crap.

How fortuitous. Here we are debating about Rush and he suddenly admits he's fallen off the wagon:

Limbaugh also admitted that he was using OxyContin again regularly, but only "400 to 500 milligrams a day."

"I just need something to take the freakin' edge off," said Limbaugh.

I fail to see how discrediting Cindy Sheehan convinces the American people that we can win the war in Iraq. That's what this really is about -- millions of people are closer to Sheehan's views on the war than President Bush's, because we keep losing soldiers and spending billions on a situation that gets worse by the month.

We can't even secure one major highway between Baghdad airport and the Green Zone. How can we believe ordinary Iraqis will be secure enough in their safety to venture forth and defend a secular Western-style democracy?

Hey, Mikey, you're the one who pointed to Hitchens' story as proof of your point.

He doesn't have a shred of evidence (and neither do you, apparently) that the letter was written by Sheehan (paging Dan Rather; Dan Rather please pick up the white courtesy phone). Sheehan made an unequivocal statement that called his entire story into question.

Instead of actually tracking down evidence to bolster his unfounded assertions - like, uh, asking ABC if they have the letter or whether the person who received it remembers the questionable quote - he just started making shit up.

And you fell for it.

I fail to see how discrediting Cindy Sheehan convinces the American people that we can win the war in Iraq.

Of course it doesn't. That isn't the goal; it's to paint anyone who criticizes the Administration as emotional basketcases. Then, when the wobbly wheels finally fall off the Iraq Express - I'm predicting around next July, when the stresses on the Army become too great and GOP midterm election rats abandon ship - they can blame it on the librul crybabies.

I also don't think Sheehan is having any impact on public opinion one way or the other, at least in terms of her moral argument. There just aren't enough people with a personal stake in the game to identify with her.

However, the ruckus she's caused makes it more difficult to ignore that there's actually a war goin' on and that it ain't going too well. It that sense, the nasty backlash from the right was pretty damned dumb.

Man, I love the friggin' Internet.

Thank God that when Dan Rather Christopher Hitchens cheats and lies as nakedly as he did over the TANG memos Sheehan letter, it's a disaster for the entirety of the mainstream media right-wing jingosphere, and rightfully so. He's been doing the same thing for decades since the WOT made him go insane, playing fast and loose with the news and being a celebrity himself above all else, but he's always had enough power and influence that his detractors could never get sufficient traction to make a dent in his facade. That time is over.

...except when Rodgers blog doesn't parse my strike tags.

If the Iraqis wanted freedom so much, how come they never succeeded in getting it? WHY can't we leave Iraq today? Because if we did, they'd revert back to an Islamic dictatorship immediately. What angry GOPs like Rex won't admit is that we're there propping up a phony "democracy" that we created, and it will only exist for as long as we're there babysitting the Iraqis. If a majority of Iraqis supported this government we installed, they'd defend it THEMSELVES. But they don't. The "insurgents" (more accurately known as "Iraqis") kill more of our soldiers with every succeeding month. If the "plan" is to stay the course until Iraq is a safe place, we'll never leave. I value our soldiers, and it seems assinine to keep sending new ones to be slaughtered every month... for what? Because otherwise Iraq would descend into chaos? It's chaos BECAUSE we're there, and it will remain as LONG as we're there. It's THEIR country - if they want democracy so badly, then let THEIR young men die for it.

Ah, the joys of infantile blather. Don't forget to clean that bong, Sven.

Rogers, you're right. Discrediting Sheehan doesn't solve Iraq's problems, or our problems in Iraq, but you brought this topic up, so that's what we're talking about. On the topic of Iraq, what's your solution now that we're there?

I can tell you how we can make sure ordinary Iraqis will never be secure enough in their safety to venture forth and defend a secular Western-style democracy: put Cindy Sheehan on the front page every day. Vietnam is often brought up in discussions of Iraq these days, so how is it that no one remembers what happened in Vietnam after we left, or what top-ranking NVA and Viet Cong officers said about the effect of antiwar protesters in the US on morale? If you're interested in keeping the number of bereaved mothers to a minimum, stop telling the people who are killing their kids they're winning.

Again and again I hear the right wing media machine trot out the old saw that dissent at home emboldens our enemies abroad.

First, you righties spent the first three years saying we can't compare Iraq to Vietnam. Exception now seems to be that comparison is ok, if it serves your side. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Second, do you think there is a single insurgent in Iraq for whom the decision to fight was tipped by American dissent? As opposed to radical islamic programming and war in their homeland? Turn the argument on its head and you can see how ridiculous it is. If there was no dissent in America, there would be no insurgency abroad?

Third, let's do a little comparitve morality, since that is what the right likes. Which was a greater recruiting boon for insurgents: Cindy Sheehan or W's "Bring 'em on.?" Which boosts insurgent morale more: a succesful roadside bomb, or Cindy Sheehan? Which keeps Iraqi civilian hostility simmering more: Cindy Sheehan, or daily violence, no jobs, no water, no electricity, no gas.

Fourth: the media is covering this b/c they are left wing, boo-hoo-hoo. FYI, Rush, Coulter, Hannity, Liddy, Matthews, they're all covering this story. It was the same last year when 'the left isn't reporting on all the good things in Iraq' could not be bolstered by any actual good news coming out of Iraq. Please, conservative commentators, I urge you to personally hit the streets of Bagdad to find us some good news.

Fifth: Zeitgeist did you know that 'fighting words' are a defense to assault and battery? Spew your crap out loud, you'll find out.

Finally, you righties in here talking trash are cowards because, unlike Cindy Sheehan, you aren't willing to stand up for what you claim to believe in. Unless you are posting from Iraq.

I guess the BushCo juggernaut just thinks it can discredit anyone who disagrees with them. Ya gotta admit they've had a lot of practise and a stellar track record to date on the hatchet job front.

Of course, after pulling the same rabbit out of the hat a few times people start to see the trick.

The biggest significance of the Sheehan story is the fact that it's a story at all. Considering how the coverage of the anti-war movement, to date, by the MSM has consisted of little-to-none it must be seen as an improvement.

Baby steps, surely, but in the right direction.

Be Well.

2d note. First brought you Waco Trib link I saw get legs.

On both sides you just seem like thread-whippers foaming up the internet! Your political hooha is trivial. Pissants, all of you, right and left. Have you considered getting internet rehab and regular lives?

What are you guys about? You have no understanding of your words. You bray at each other. Aren't you embarrassed by dozens of millions on the big www laughing at you? Did you think this was a little private sports bar pissing contest?

If you think you have a scoop because you caught a national radio talk show host in a fib, I would suggest you set your sights on more difficult adventures. We all have our favorites and we identify some as complete jokes.
Trying to make Air America out as more truthful and credible than Rush and the IEB Network is an impossible task. Have you bothered to check the ratings lately? Do you suppose those ratings mean nothing. If so, you're the fool.

This kind of dicussion is what brought about an epiphany for me about 10 years ago. I don't think there is a true two party system in America. Neither the left nor the right implements the ideas they experess, even when it would be easy to do so. And the reason is because their goal is not about ideas that will help the greater good. Their goal is to use politics to obtain a power base, period. It has nothing to do with the issues of the day that affect us the most. So, for people to argue for one side or the other is pretty pointless. This practice is no more meaningful than Cowboys and Redskins fans yelling at each other about whose team is best. If you have fun doing it then by all means have a good time. But to think this is about ideas and who's right and who's going to bring about meaningful change in this nation is misguided to say the least.

As the man in the Egghead Republic

said, "Carlyle?"..."Now there's a

Babbler for you".

Well, what can you say about this

Modern Babylonia?

A gaggle of thieves has erected

a monstrous edifice,

that when seen against

the background of

the natural Earth,

appears as a plasticine Portal

to Disney World.

What a nightmare!

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