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I'm putting together a talk radio station lineup, in case I win the lottery and can bring liberal radio to Jacksonville. North Florida could use the variety -- I live within listening range of three stations that carry Rush Limbaugh live. I can only assume that the right wingers in this area are concerned that one or two stations might lose their towers to a hurricane or nuclear attack, so they've build some redundancies into the system.

My rules: All hosts have to air live, should run in their entirety, and be a liberal alternative to the conservatives hogging AM radio. Here's what I've got so far:

I don't know what to do with 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., or 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Air America offers Jerry Springer in the morning, but I think I'd prefer three hours of dead air, and I've yet to hear a broadcast of Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder's evening show that I liked. I may try again this evening to hear guest Duncan Black raise some hell.

There's nothing on in the middle of the night but George Noory, the creepy successor to Art Bell. Maybe I'll just broadcast live audio of Al Franken sleeping.


Saturday mornings: This is Hell on WNUR


It'd be nice if we could find someone who had recorded the Limbaugh episodes where he was flying high on Oxycontin. I'd love to listen to those now that we know he was higher than Chong.

I would suggest Randi Rhodes b/c she has Florida ties, but I think she overlaps Ed Shultz and I know she hates being preempted by him. Her beef: she is actually a part of Air America, Ed is not, yet many Air America stations delay her show so he can be heard live.

Rogers you're half right on the Majority Report: Sedar is incompetent.

Three examples I personally heard: He called DeLay's office to ask Duke Cunningham questions (and aired the gaffe). He can't pair Congress-persons with their home state b/c he doesn't know his state abbreviations. And he can't fake his way through an interview about a book he has not read.

Two words: Stephanie Miller. She was L.A.'s best Liberal Talker back when L.A. radio had Liberal Talk, and IMO, lots funnier than Franken.

I'd prefer Rush Limbaugh sleeping to all of these suggestions.

Rogers I am surprised that you of all people don't like George Noory. Especially when he airs shows about government conspiracies. Art Bell still hosts the show on the weekends.

Re: Radio in N.E. Florida

Yes it is grim here. The Republican machine shut down the only worthwhile talk show on 1170 AM.

That leaves us with Andy Johnson on WYMM but inspite of their claimed 50K Watts they are somewhat weak here (but are streamed) and he talks mostly about Jacksonville issues.

I download a lot of podcasts and take my MP3 player everywhere. Rachael Maddow and Mike Malloy are more effective than coffee in getting my heart started in the morning.

I use Replay Radio for capturing things that are not podcast.

on Captains Drive


Great site for taking a look at radio in NE FL. Your comments are excellent!

At night, I can pull in Airamerica on AM 1690, with a bit of effort. So I have enjoyed Mike Molloy, Lionel, Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, and more.

Andy Johnson has lots of time on WYMM 1530 AM from 2 to 6, although often he has guest hosts that liberals may not like. Lately, Andy has been airing on tape from 9 yo 12 in the mornings as well. I believe WYMM just got rid of a local neo-con kind of host in that slot. Yay!

Best of luck!


I doubt if many conservatives are concerned.

Only a few of the "Liberal" Talk Shows last much more than a year. They along with the bankrupt ideology they try to market and their sponsor's money fade in oblivion.

I wish you would check out my radio show.Even though I have absolutely no desire to do national politics I am growing my audience every week for the last year, and actually changing some things that the local political machine tried to put over on us. www.freewebs.com/becausewestillcanchangethings
dave siebert
p.s. My next small goal is to grow a show every evening approx 10;30-12midnight to compete with local almost useless news still with a call in format
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