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Change the Size of a Graphic

This is part of Chapter 3 of the book Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2003 in 24 Hours by Rogers Cadenhead, published November 2003 by Sams Publishing

The size of any graphic on a Web page can be changed -- increased to a larger size, shrunk to a smaller one, or even distorted so that the width is at a different scale than the height.

The size of a graphic can be changed in two ways in FrontPage. You can resize the actual graphic, which alters the file containing the image, or change the display size of the graphic.

Graphics presented on a Web page can be displayed at sizes larger or smaller than their actual size, making it possible for the same graphic to be presented at different sizes on two different pages of a Web site.

Because of this, it's important to note the difference between resizing a graphic -- changing its actual dimensions -- and simply displaying the graphic at a different size, which does not alter the original graphic file.

If you're never planning to display a graphic at the larger size, resizing the graphic is a better choice because it loads faster when a visitor views your page. (If the graphic isn't from the clip art library, save a copy of the larger graphic somewhere for safekeeping.)

Clip art graphics look better when they are permanently resized instead of displayed at a different size because FrontPage works some image-editing mojo on the file to smooth edges and sharpen details. This process is called resampling the graphic.

Resizing a graphic.

Figure 3.9
Resizing a graphic.

To resize a graphic, follow these steps:

  1. Click the picture. Selection handles appear around the edges of the image, as shown in Figure 3.9. When you place your mouse over one of the handles, your cursor changes to an arrow, which indicates that you can drag the handle around.

  2. To change the size of the graphic, drag a handle to a new location:

    • To change the height, grab the handle at the middle of the top or bottom of the graphic.
    • To change the width, grab the handle at the middle of the left or right.
    • To change the size while keeping the height and width proportional to each other, grab any corner.
  3. The graphic changes in size as the handles are being moved around, enabling you to preview the change before it's finalized.
  4. Release the handle. A small box appears next to the graphic. Click this box to open a drop-down menu that determines how the graphic should be resized (see Figure 3.9):
    • Choose Only Modify Size Attributes to change the display size of the graphic.
    • Choose Resample Picture to Match Size to permanently resize the graphic.

To change the size, drag the box to a new location to make the picture larger or smaller.

Caution: Some of the clip art included with FrontPage retains its quality when enlarged or shrunken, but this isn't the case with most other graphics. With digital photos and other GIF and JPEG graphics, you will have much better results making them smaller than doing the opposite. Enlarged graphics often end up with jagged edges, a boxy appearance, and other unsightly visual glitches.

After clip art has been added to a page, it can be treated like any other graphic. You can move it around, add a caption, and make other changes.

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