Jonathan Bourne discovered something funny on the web site of David Benning, the Republican running for Congress against Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.). Take a look at this photo of Benning, his wife and an unidentified couple in front of the famous door of Air Force One: The photo is displayed on Benning's about page, where it has the filename airforceone.jpg. But as Bourne reveals, Benning wasn't actually rubbing elbows with the president and other high fliers: Turns out the photo is of SAM 27000, the ... read more

Anna Wencl, a blogger visiting Thailand, writes about going to the Tiger Temple, a tourist attraction in Kanchanaburi that lets visitors get their picture taken with tigers: We'd heard good things about it ... but those must have been dated. The temple was supposedly run by monks who took care of tigers, but now the tigers are taken care of by younger employees who seem think it's okay to kick them and drag them by their tails to get them to do what they like. Many people have speculated that the tigers are ... read more