Candidate Fakes Air Force One Photo

Jonathan Bourne discovered something funny on the web site of David Benning, the Republican running for Congress against Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

Take a look at this photo of Benning, his wife and an unidentified couple in front of the famous door of Air Force One:

The photo is displayed on Benning's about page, where it has the filename airforceone.jpg. But as Bourne reveals, Benning wasn't actually rubbing elbows with the president and other high fliers:

Turns out the photo is of SAM 27000, the decommissioned Air Force One that has been an attraction at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley since 2005.

Anyone willing to pay the $12 admission fee can get his photo taken in front of the former Air Force One (copies of the photos are extra). How do I know this? Well, I had my photo taken with the Presidential prop last January.

Not only did Benning spend time on Air Force One, he was also SportsToday magazine's athlete of the year.


I don't know if it's a "fake" photo, what did he claim?

I happen to have the same photo with my wife, taken in the doorway of the same plane at the Reagan Library. I like the photo and like the fact that we visited the Reagan Library and had a good time, and it is a picture of us in the doorway of Air Force One. Not sure anyone we show it to would consider it a "fake"

It does look like he took a cheap way to look much more cool than he really is. It also looks like he quietly added a caption that he was being a tourist, not about to take off to negotiate a lasting peace in the Middle East.

This is such a stupid thing to write about. Where did David ever claim to be on Air Force One. Did it ever click that Dave is a very conservative republican and the photo is Ronald Reagan's plane, hence the importance and significance to Dave? I have known Dave for over 25 years. He cares deeply about what is happening to this country and how the current congress and president are taking away our liberties and freedom. He wants to fix things and is not seeking for power nor glory. I highly give my persaonal recommendation to anyone questioning whether or not to vote for him.

Benning has never held political office before. (Though his official website touts his 15 years of experience as a "Boy Scout leader.") And it seems that Benning was concerned that voters would be turned off by his lack of experience -- so afraid, in fact, that he posted a photo of himself aboard Air Force One at the top of the "About David" section of his website. The photo depicts Benning, his wife and another couple in front of Air Force One's iconic door.
Sadly, Rcade and the fool who wrote this article never bothered to include the captions from Benning's website, clearly stating where they were when the picture was taken. Why is anyone surprised it was omitted? Who is more desperate for a story? Rcade or Bourne?

As the link says, the caption was added after Bourne made fun of the photo on his blog.

Nice to see you added an explanation for the picture taken. Shame it turned out to be misleading, but I guess you wouldn't have known without doing the proper research. Thanks for the share.

Ha ha ! I can't believe this that one of the Candidate Fakes Air Force One Photo. I think he did it just for healthy fun.

Jesica @ Work Accident Lawyer

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