Radio UserLand Kick Start: Viewing an Outline

Viewing an Outline

This is part of Chapter 8 of the book Radio UserLand Kick Start by Rogers Cadenhead, published by Sams Publishing

Outlines are a versatile means of representing information because they condense a large amount of data into a small space. An outline user can see as much or as little of the data as desired by expanding and collapsing portions of the outline.

Radio outlines can be expanded and collapsed using the mouse, commands of the Outline menu, and the keyboard.

An item that has collapsed subheads is displayed with a black triangle icon in the outliner. To expand these subheads in either selection mode or content mode, hit the keypad + (plus) key. To collapse subheads, hit keypad - (minus).

The outline must be in selection mode for any of the remaining methods in this section to work.

An item that has collapsed subheads is displayed with a black triangle icon in the outliner. To expand these subheads, double-click the item, or choose Outline, Expand.

All of the item's subheads will become visible. If these subheads have their own subheads, they will remain collapsed. To expand everything under a particular item, choose Outline, Expand All Subheads.

To expand an entire outline at once, choose Outline, Expand Everything.

There are often times when it's useful to simplify an outline by hiding some of its items from view. To collapse the subheads of an item, double-click the item, or choose Outline, Collapse.

To collapse all of the siblings of an item, making only their parent visible, choose Outline, Collapse to Parent.

To collapse an entire outline, choose Outline, Collapse Everything.

The last contextual tricks offered by Radio's outliner are commands to hoist a portion of an outline (and dehoist it later).

Hoisting makes an item and its subheads appear as if they were the only items in the outline. The other portions of the outline still exist, but they are hidden from view and can't be modified. Choose Outline, Hoist to accomplish this.

The Outline, De-Hoist command backs out of the most recent hoisting, showing what the outline looked like beforehand.

An outline can be hoisted to reduce its visible content and then hoisted again to reduce it even further. The Outline, De-Hoist All command fully restores the visibility of an outline no matter how many times it has been successively hoisted.

Caution: If you save an outline while it is hoisted, it will not save any of the hidden portions of the outline. To make sure that everything in the outline is retained when it is saved to disk, you should use the Outline, De-Hoist All command before saving it.

Chapter 8:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Outlines
  3. Writing an Outline
  4. Modifying an Outline
  5. Viewing an Outline
  6. Using Links in an Outline
  7. Summary

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