Photographer Makes Weighty Request

Philip Greenspun, an MIT computer science teacher who founded the photographic community Photo.Net, has posted an unusual request on his weblog: I'd like to get some pictures of fat people eating (example1; example2). I'm in Orlando and it seems like an ideal opportunity to combine two quintessentially American themes: obesity and theme parks. Also, a theme park is a great place to walk around with a big camera and lens without attracting attention. I would like to find a theme park where there ... (read more)

Annie Leibovitz May Lose Copyright to Photos

New York magazine has an interesting story about how photographer Annie Leibovitz has made such a disaster of her finances that she may lose her homes and the copyright to all her work. She's made millions while accumulating millions more in debt. Here's one of the craziest anecdotes about her profligate spending: When [her daughter] Sarah started eating solid food, a rigorous journaling policy was instituted, in which every bite and bowel movement was to be committed to an unlined black ... (read more)

Picture Day in Kenya

Schoolchildren at a rural school near Kakamega, Kenya (photo by Ryan Secrest). ... (read more)

College Football is Huge in Clemson's Death Valley

While looking for a photo of the entrance to Clemson's Death Valley football stadium, I found a bizarre form of photography that's exemplified by this picture: Take a close look at the larger sizes of Steven Bower's image, which is called a tilt shift, and let me know whether you think it's a photo of a real scene or a miniature. ... (read more)

Ethereal Photo of Comerica Park

I was doing research for a SportsFilter post on Comerica leaving Detroit for Dallas when I found an incredible photo of a Tigers/Yankees game at Comerica Park: Ryan Southen, a photography student at Oakland University, has been experimenting with photo manipulation through something called HDR, which I lack the PhotoShop chops to properly understand. But judging by his work so far, I'd say the experiment is a success. ... (read more)