Radio UserLand Kick Start: Publishing a Weblog


Publishing a Weblog

Chapter 2 of the book Radio UserLand Kick Start by Rogers Cadenhead, published by Sams Publishing

As you will discover, Radio UserLand is a sophisticated publishing and programming tool suitable for a variety of computing tasks.

First and foremost among these -- Radio's ability to serve as a printing press.

The software was designed to publish weblogs, an innovative form of online writing that's turning the mass media on its head, transforming thousands of everyday people from news consumers into news makers.

A few minutes after installing the software, you can start a weblog and see your work on the World Wide Web. This chapter covers the process of creating and editing a weblog.

Chapter 2:

  1. Introduction
  2. Starting Your Own Weblog
  3. Writing a Weblog Entry
  4. Editing an Entry
  5. Writing a Story
  6. Editing Your Preferences
  7. Summary

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