Jerry Springer has a fill-in host on Air America Radio, a Colorado talk show host named Jay Marvin who's vastly more listenable than the mumbly panderer. Today, a caller told Marvin about a bit of sports trivia that floored me: A European soccer team goes by the monicker "the Jews," which inspires some horrible taunts by rival fans. I dug up the details for a post today on SportsFilter: Cheering on the SuperJews Wonder what it would be like if a sports team used a Jewish mascot? For years, fans of Ajax Amsterdam, ... read more

A commenter on SportsFilter echoes the sentiment of a lot of baseball fans, describing Rafael Palmeiro as "very good for a long time, but never great." There are two reasons Palmeiro's Hall of Fame credentials should be absolutely beyond question. Most consecutive 100-RBI, 35-home run seasons in Major League history: Jimmie Fox 9 Rafael Palmeiro 9 Players with at least 3,000 hits and 500 home runs: HR RBI Hank Aaron 755 3,771 Willie Mays 660 3,283 Rafael Palmeiro 566 3,001 Eddie Murray 504 3,255 Palmeiro's a ... read more

While researching the skateboard jump over the Great Wall of China, I found RSS in an unusual place: The English language edition of People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, offers 18 RSS 2.0 newsfeeds. In addition to feeds on current events in news, business, sports, and other areas, the paper devotes feeds to party leaders such as Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. Outside observers of China often look to People's Daily for clues about the inner workings of the ... read more

News to me: The World Games are an every-four-year event that features several dozen sports that haven't made it to the Summer Olympics yet, including fin swimming, korfball, sumo wrestling, and tug of war. This year's event begins July 14 in Duisburg, Germany. Nine of its competitions have become Olympic sports since the event was founded in 1980. Out of all of the obscure sports, the most unusual may be korfball, a co-ed sport in which players throw a soccer-like ball into an 11.5-foot high basket and aren't ... read more

I found a great Dallas Mavericks fan site that lists all future contractual obligations for the team, showing how much owner Mark Cuban has to pay for a few underperforming players: $7.9 million for Tariq Abdul-Wahad in 2006 $7.8 million for Shawn Bradley in 2008 $13.1 million for Erick Dampier in 2010 Cuban's surprisingly candid about this stuff on his weblog, so I sent him an e-mail inviting his comment on the strange basketkabalistic world of salary capology. As I told him, I don't see how an NBA owner can ... read more

Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzi are best friends. While together in Dallas, they liked to hit dive bars to eat Tex-Mex food and knock back enough beers to produce photos like this, which I presume helps them reconstruct their activities after a blackout. I think they're holding hands for structural support. There ought to be a smoldering crater where the American Airlines Center in Dallas once stood, with a sign next to it that reads "Steve Nash was here." How do you back off Nash at the three point line, leading by ... read more

Lifetime to-do list: Write hands-on tutorial for beginning Java programmers who want to teach self language in no more than 21 days Successfully predict next pope's name End TV news segment with segueway back to anchors Be insulted in no less than five languages by total strangers Do more to help worthy charity Become a professionally ranked tennis player. My uncle Paul wanted to become John McEnroe as a teen, and we've disagreed for years over whether I could become ranked if I devoted myself to tennis instead of ... read more