Non-Olympic Sports Test Medal

News to me: The World Games are an every-four-year event that features several dozen sports that haven't made it to the Summer Olympics yet, including fin swimming, korfball, sumo wrestling, and tug of war. This year's event begins July 14 in Duisburg, Germany. Nine of its competitions have become Olympic sports since the event was founded in 1980.

Out of all of the obscure sports, the most unusual may be korfball, a co-ed sport in which players throw a soccer-like ball into an 11.5-foot high basket and aren't allowed to dribble, run with the ball, or guard a player of the opposite sex.

A competition video shows how the sport works (warning: contains hazardous levels of throbbing Eurodisco music), and it appears to value the set shot that once ruled the game of basketball. Only two colleges field teams in the U.S.


Please tell me that's not the future of sports. Do both teams get the same trophy at the championship, or is championship a word they don't use for fear of hurting someone's feelings?

Maybe they should call it Self-Esteem Ball.


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