Aaron Swartz is running for a position on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, an election that began today and ends in three weeks. A contributor to the site since 2003 with around 2,400 edits, Swartz is running in part to help out on the huge engineering requirements of the project: Since January, Wikipedia's traffic has more than doubled and this group is beginning to strain under the load. At the technical level, the software development and server systems are both managed by just one person, ... read more

I'm currently researching the RSS element ttl, which tells aggregators how long to cache a feed before checking it again. Although ttl has been part of RSS since the original version 2.0 published by UserLand Software in 2002, I'm having trouble finding aggregators that honor it. This weblog entry is going out in an RSS feed with this value: <ttl>90<ttl> Aggregators that support the element should check it no more than once every 90 minutes. ... read more

Dave Winer boasts about earning millions in revenue last year by blogging. Over in another part of the tech blogosphere they're having a discussion about blogs that make big money. I still think Scripting News has the record there, by a wide margin. Last year we did $2.3 million in revenue. Expenses? One salary (mine) and about $1000 per month in server costs. A few thousand for contract programming. Pre-tax profit? Millions. His claim to have made seven figures blogging is a stretch, since he's referring to the ... read more

The path Randy Charles Morin is taking with RMail, a service for reading RSS feeds by e-mail, is beginning to remind me of how Joshua Schacter's hobby project, del.icio.us, was adopted by so many people that it mushroomed into his full-time gig and was acquired by Yahoo six months later. Users are joining RMail at such a fast clip that Morin finally realized there's commercial potential in the idea. With absolutely no Web 2.0 fanfare and a web design that's optimized for Internet Explorer 3.0, RMail has grown ... read more

The RSS Advisory Board proposal to revise the RSS specification has passed 7-0 with members Matthew Bookspan, Rogers Cadenhead, Loïc Le Meur, Jenny Levine, Eric Lunt, Randy Charles Morin and Greg Smith voting in favor. The specification has been edited to reflect http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification as the document's permanent URL and RSS-Public as the mailing list where users should post RSS-related questions and comments. No other changes were made. All edits to the specification are logged. This revision ... read more

The Bivings Group has issued a study on RSS, podcast and blog adoption at the top 100 American newspapers: 76 of the newspapers offer RSS feeds 0 of those feeds contain the full text of articles 0 of the feeds contain ads 31 offer podcasts 80 offer reporter blogs 19 publish reader comments 77 don't require registration I'd love to have the study's list of papers that offer RSS and don't require registration, because they're the best sources for news articles to pass along on blogs like the Drudge Retort. I hate ... read more

An RSS Advisory Board vote has begun on minor edits to the RSS specification: Revise the specification to reflect http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification as the permanent URL of the document and RSS-Public as the mailing list where users can pose questions about the format. Give this version of the specification document the revision number "RSS 2.0.8". ... read more