Final Push on the RSS Profile

I published a new draft today of the RSS Profile, a set of recommendations for how to best implement and support RSS. This profile will be proposed to the RSS Advisory Board for its approval on Aug. 28.

The profile is four months in the making and could be proposed today, but I'd like to hammer on it for four more weeks. I think it has the potential to become the second-most popular reference document in RSS.


second-most popular reference document in RSS

Behind Wikipedia?

I was thinking more in terms of human-ranked popularity, not Google-ranked, but I'm glad you linked that. Wikipedia's rise to No. 1 for "RSS" is new.

RSS is plural. Humans vary.

FWIW, this profile is shaping up to be my preferred reference document for the 2.0 dialect of RSS. All others are considerably less... comprehensive.

I thought I was going to have to post a massively off-topic comment on your blog, but your latest entry makes it only partially off-topic.

Your RSS feed is fucked up in some way that leads to giving me constant repeats of your posts, some of them quite old.

I'm on the verge of deleting you from my RSS reader due to annoyance with this, despite wishing to read your content.

I don't see anything in the feed that would cause repeated post problems in a reader. The guid of each item never changes after I first publish the item. The pubdate probably does after a revision, but that shouldn't cause repeats in any reader that supports item guids.

What reader are you using?

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