The pope has to be multilingual -- upon his selection, Pope John Paul II wowed the crowd at St. Peter's Square by addressing them in fluent Italian. Apparently, popesquatters have to be multilingual too. My weblog has been overrun by discussions in Polish. I don't know what they are saying, but I've been told that it's bad. I can handle that, as long as you lay off my matka. I've created this weblog entry as a place to hold all of the comments in languages I do not understand (i.e. everything but English and a ... read more

"A spokesperson for the US Conference of Bishops declined to speculate on whether the Vatican would ask Cadenhead to transfer ownership of and the other potential papal name addresses he controls. Messages left with the Vatican's embassy in Washington were not returned." When I registered six domain names at the end of a 14-hour writing day earlier this month, I didn't realize that my actions would reach all the way up to the Vatican. I figured that some idiot was going to do it, so the idiot ... read more

The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will lock themselves into the Sistine Chapel in around 15 minutes and stay there until they've chosen a new pope. When a candidate receives at least 77 votes, a two-thirds majority of cardinals, he'll be asked, "do you accept your canonical election as supreme pontiff?" If he replies "accepto," he becomes the pope and can immediately choose a new name. As I understand the process, he can select anything -- Pope P. Diddy I, Pope Atrios I, and Pope Jurassic Park IV are not ... read more

I was an employee of the Zing interactive TV company in Denver that went belly up in 1995 a day after the product launched. Since then, the company's name and domain have been used for an online ad service, photo sharing site, and -- now -- a new Web portal. Hope springs eternal. ... read more