Habemus Domini!

"A spokesperson for the US Conference of Bishops declined to speculate on whether the Vatican would ask Cadenhead to transfer ownership of BenedictXVI.com and the other potential papal name addresses he controls. Messages left with the Vatican's embassy in Washington were not returned."

When I registered six domain names at the end of a 14-hour writing day earlier this month, I didn't realize that my actions would reach all the way up to the Vatican. I figured that some idiot was going to do it, so the idiot might as well be me.

I've received an offer from a gambling site. I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea, ecclesiastically speaking, but I should contact Bill Bennett to make sure.

Thinking out loud, I'm trying to figure out what I might ask for, should Pope Benedict's people get with my people (a hastily convened College of Cardinals that includes my grandmother Rita and my in-laws, fellow Catholics whose commitment to our faith was demonstrated by their nine children).

Here are some things I would like. Please do not call them demands:

  • I. Three days, two nights at the Vatican hotel they built for the conclave.
  • II. One of those hats.
  • III. Complete absolution, no questions asked, for the third week of March 1987.
  • IV. A back-cover blurb from the Pope for the next edition of Movable Type 3 Bible Desktop Edition. But only if he uses the book to create his own weblog.
  • V. World peace.


Wow, I get to make the first comment: Way to go Dude! I love it.

I hope you get filthy rich from it... you could maybe offer it to Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell - I'm sure they would pay handsomely for the traffic they could snag from it.

Wow, I get to make the first comment: Way to go Dude! I love it.

I hope you get filthy rich from it... you could maybe offer it to Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell - I'm sure they would pay handsomely for the traffic they could snag from it.

Sorry Rogers... not trying to spam your comments, but I got my link wrong in the first one :-( I'll do good next time (I hope)

The Dude's Link

Hi Dudes !
Nice way to ask peace in the world, but I think that the pope is more concern about way to not make love than about to make peace.

I got in the same predicament over a domain name I registered, however that was just infringing on a (now defunct) businesses trade name. I'm not quite sure how I would handle tampering in God's domain [name].

Good roll of the dice. Hopefully El Popa has a sense of humor.

World peace to you too! ;) Post a picture of the hat when you get it.


Your non-demand list is the funniest thing I've read today (and I've been reading funny). Anyway, I hope at least a couple of your requests are met, especially the hat one. Those hats are positively heavenly.

(ps. You can blame me for the link at Fark; I was the submitter. Hope it didn't cause your server to hemorrhage...from watching the international news feeds, it looks like you've already got more attention than you ever hoped for.)

Some of the stuffs you're asking for is dumb. Only serve as a boost to your ego or status. Especially the absolution part.

Just donate it to the Vatican for free. I'm sure they'll send you stuff. Letting them choose on what to give you is the best choice IMO.

I dont think theyll give out the hats (rather it's better u try make it yourself thru a tailor) and vatican hotel staying thing (I'm sure it's no 5 star thing if it's meant for priests). They have rule restrictions.

just never sell or give it to the Nazi-pope that is installed now.
It a digrace someone can become pope after being a member of the hitlerjugend in WW2.

Way to go, very clever. Nice wish list... I got a nice chuckle.

Do you know who will win the next Superbowl?


I think registering the domains was very clever, it took thought, skill and research - anyone who is upset with you is only envious in my opinion.

You likely won't get rich from the proceeds ... although you might consider selling the domain name to the publisher of many of Joseph Ratzinger's books.

That's what I would do, they are likely best positioned to actually do something proper with the domain name you have.

Then again a web site dedicated to Eggs Benedict Recipes might also be a clever and unique use for the name, maybe encourage some interest from the Egg Producers of America.

Just my thoughts from here.

Simon Rolfe, Senior Partner
Creative Genius Communications Inc.

Sell it... to Michael Jackson. He'll buy anything... fairgrounds... Beatles rights... silence...

Nice idea and very good tought about the 6 possibilities.


What a nice shot to register the popes name before it got famous ...
Greetings from Holland,

Like you already said, if you didn't do it someone else was going to! Go for that free trip and be sure to take a traveling gnome with you!

The Church allowed a former Nazi Youth to ascend to their top rank and are trying to dismiss this period in his life.

Charge them millions; they've been hoarding art and money for centuries.

Cadenhead, you are brilliant :D. Like the fellow who posted 20 minutes ago (ALEX) claims, "The Church allowed a former Nazi Youth to ascend to their top rank and are trying to dismiss this period in his life.

Charge them millions; they've been hoarding art and money for centuries."

He is right. One in a life time chance man, charge them as much as possible and unload lots on charity ^ ^.

Keep lots yourself for being brilliant.

If BenedictXVI.com doesn't sell ten thousand copies of the Movable Type Bible, nothing will. Keep the domain and just post 16 different recipes for Eggs Benedict. That'd be the secular thing to do.

According to

You should DEMAND a correction from CNN. "Complete absolution" for the events of one specific day is a totally reasonable demand, and they have totally misrepresented it...
However, "world peace" is probably a dealbreaker for any religion.

Pope Benedict was FORCED into service for Hitler's Youth and he defected, you idiots. Sheesh.

Let him have it for free. I'm sure God will add a couple of bonus points for you on Judgement Day if you do.

"Ohhhh no, I'm not making two hats"

If you are serious about "just" those "demands" then you really are a non selfish (spelling?) guy.

I hope many persons will follow your example in this good caracter.

Dutchguy - The Netherlands

(sorry for spelling mistakes)

whatever you do, don't go to Las Vegas. It's just not fair ...

Good going ! Make that money hoarding corrupt bunch of perverts pay for deceiving the world and pretending to be pious for so long !

The church once condoned the Jew genocide and is probably the human movement which caused the most deaths in history.

May the holy spirit flow freely in your hearth compelling you to donate some of the proceeds of the site to charities such as the fight against aids.

Hey mr Cadenhead, the news that the domain name of BenedictusXVI is in your hands was rather nice for our dutch press! It was mentioned on every newschannel. Here are some links where you can see your story in Dutch:



You've got a nice site. Oh and by the way, I like your demands (oh sorry, you asked us not to call it that way)

Well, byebye!
Greets from The Netherlands

So what did happen the third week of March 1987?

God bless you! Thank you for protecting this domain from pornography. I wish all pornographers and those addicted to it would give a listen to Benedict XVI. Stop the porn and be reborn.

Howdeedo. Stopped by to say hi. Howdeedo.

What, nothing for your Jewish friends?

You guys do realize... that his participation in the hitler youth was compulsatory.... right? right? is this thing on....?

I think your requests are feasible. Ya know what, you should keep all domains till you get what you what. The catholics are the richest org in the world, of course they don't have much overhead, oh wait 200 million in vacant properties just in the US. Don't ask the vatican any thing, they're to busy try to sell off properties to pay for sex scandel settelments. In my town alone 20 mill dollars in props. are up for auction. I live in a small city of 500000 people again hold out for everything you want Rogers good job.

Anonymous said: "You guys do realize... that his participation in the hitler youth was compulsatory.... right? right? is this thing on....?"

Yes it is on, but may I advise you to avoid words you can't even spell right? "Compulsory". And indeed, like every other German young man, this man was also forced by law to join the Hitlerjugend (and a few years later the Wehrmacht).

Heehee, funny list man, Perhaps you should run for Pope next.

I say milk the media to your advantage, then sell it to the vatican for 99c and play with the media once again.

can u ask for them to give me a hat to

Saw you this moring on the "Today" show. I enjoy your site!

I wanted to comment on your Reguest #3. You don't need to ask the Pope or a priest for forgiveness from sins. That is what Jesus is for. Ask Him for grace and forgiveness, because that is what He died for. I'm sure the Pope would love to pray for you or something, but when it comes down to it, he is just a man - just like me and you. Way to go on protecting the domain from sickos. Blessings, Michael

I saw you this morning on the Today Show, and I give you much Kudos. Not only did your registration of the domain name take much research, but I find it quite honorable that you would try your hardest to keept he domain name away from pedophiles and gamblers. Then again, there are quite a few pedophiles in the Church, but I will give Ratzinger the benefit of the doubt.

Since you registered the domain name Benedict XVI before the pope chose the name, you many have some sort of rights to this name. Too bad you didn't think to register a trademark beforehand - then you could really cash in.

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face - hopefully the Vatican will consider this as humorous as I do!

At the risk of “attack of penguins clutching rulers in Braveheart formation”
flashbacks coming back...
Thanks for sharing your quirky humor with us all.

You seem like a great guy. I saw you on the Today Show. You are hilarious. I hope you receive the Vatican Vacation and the hat. Then the Today show could give you a "papal hat cam" and you could record your experience for all of us who don't have the wit and ingenuity you have. We all would totally enjoy it! Have a great ride on your 15 minutes of fame, you deserve it. It would be awesome to see the nice guy win.

You should also ask for a ride in the Popemobile with the Pope. Seriously!

I must admit, I'm awfully curious about that week in 1987... and, would you wear the hat or just display it? Surely not sell it?

Anyway, please stay strong in your effort to keep the site away from profiteers who are immoral. Thank you for using it to direct people to the Vatican site and to promote a worthwhile charity.

I don't consider your photo or "demand" list to be harmful, it seems like fun playfulness. Anyone who says otherwise needs to seek out their sense of humor.
Have a nice day, and God bless.

Love your request list, Rogers. Curious about March 87, natch. But I'll let your secrets be. So, you were on the Today Show? I hope someone posts a digital movie of it....Please post a link. I wanna see! Cheers and happy quirky celebrity!


The papal cap cam sound like the bomb!

Did you notice that every person asking about your adventures in 1987 were women?

Dude, what a pickup line!

Just saw you on the TV news and im in Australia,so congratulations Mr Cadenhead on achieving 'Global ROTFLMFAO'.
Might I suggest you offer a clean swap for the Old Pope mobile?
Pope Benedict looks like the BMW or Mercedes type of Pope.(maybe a pimped pope lo rider?)

Whether you get rich, famous, or none of the above, my hat's off to you (which would be more impressive if I had a pope hat, too!)
A few more things to add to your non-demands:
1) Ask if the Pope can make Lent "optional" or "extra credit". I have some Catholic friends who become quite whiney during this time frame. Who knew giving up Pepsi would make some people so cranky?
2) Ask for a photo-op of you and the new guy on that balcony. That's worth blowing up to an 8x10 if you could manage it. Even frameworthy.
3) If the Rapture should occur during your lifetime, why don't you ask if you can ride shotgun on the way to Heaven? God driving, Jesus chillin' in the back with the rest of your homies. Then you can control the radio during the ride, perhaps tune it to an 80s station where you may have one final moment in your existence to reminisce about that week in '87.

Protestant Gal in a Catholic Town, Iowa

I was in my car this morning, listening to the Today Show on the radio ~ they broadcast thru a local station. OMG, I was cracking up! You're a friggin riot! I wish you well & hope you get your hat... may you wear it well! Very cool interview!


Hey Dude!
Good Call...
The today show was GREATNESS!

Talk to you soon!

I saw you on the NEWS this morning. Good Job!!!!! I hope you get that Hat. See the domain to the Vatican and get rich...they have tons of money...I just hope that german has some sense of humor too......Cheers!!

Whatever you do, sell it to them for something less than $3000 dollars.

When I was looking for a domain name for a project I'm working on, it was annoying. New domains are ~$10 a year, while buying one from somebody else generally runs $5,000+, in addition to the $10/year. I find it the most annoying part of the whole thing.

Oh no you din't!! Oh yes you did. You were a smart cookie thinking ahead. I think when they land a goldrush in your lap, you should donate some $ back to the Pope so he can get some work done on his teeth because right now he scares me because he looks a little bit like pictures I've seen of That Guy Down Below.

Good for you man!!! If I were you, I'll create a nice website full of information about condoms, abortion, homosexuality and anything else that's pisses them off.

Congratulations and enjoy the ride.


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