A Pope is a Pope is a Pope

The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will lock themselves into the Sistine Chapel in around 15 minutes and stay there until they've chosen a new pope.

When a candidate receives at least 77 votes, a two-thirds majority of cardinals, he'll be asked, "do you accept your canonical election as supreme pontiff?" If he replies "accepto," he becomes the pope and can immediately choose a new name.

As I understand the process, he can select anything -- Pope P. Diddy I, Pope Atrios I, and Pope Jurassic Park IV are not out of the question -- or simply keep his own first name. But for 15 centuries the new pope, like rappers, bloggers, and actors, has adopted a nom de pontiff.

In most cases, the name is chosen to give props to a past pope, as John Paul II did for John Paul I.

My money's on one of these six names:

  • Benedict XVI
  • Clement XV
  • Innocent XIV
  • Leo XIV
  • Paul VII
  • Pius XIII

I mean this literally. I registered all six of these as dot-com domain names earlier this month, which I feared was tacky -- to say nothing of soul-imperiling -- until I read about the vacant papal see stamp. Clearly I'm not the only baptized Catholic who gets geeked about this process.

I don't think there's any speculative potential in these domains, but I couldn't resist the chance to have some skin in the game. Someone else already has JohnPaulIII.Com and JohnXXIV.Com, but otherwise I put a chip down on every name of the past three centuries.

A Hungarian web site caught me doing this, accusing me of legöbb spekuláns a pápa.

I don't expect we'll get another John Paul -- the Italian saying "always follow a fat pope with a skinny pope" refers to cardinals' desire not to go too far in one direction. But I'm concerned about John.

The Irish betting site Paddy Power has Benedict as a 3-to-1 favorite, trailed by John Paul at 4-to-1, Pius at 6-to-1, and Peter at 8-to-1.

The last choice would lend itself to rapturous excitement among end-times believers -- there's a long belief that the last pope will call himself Peter II.

Update: A few news reports suggest that I might have popesquatted BenedictXVI.Com to sell it to pornographers. For the love of God, people, that's not going to happen. I will be running any plans I have for this domain by my own Catholic doctrinal enforcer, my never-miss-a-Sunday grandmother Rita.

Update to the Update: Florida Man Secured BenedictXVI.com Weeks Ago, Washington Post

Update III: Habemus Domini!


There's also the possibility of Sixtus VI... although that name has been jokingly taken by sf writer Robert Silverberg (he of the short story, "Good News from the Vatican"), who took it in the early 1960s, and says all the subsequent guys have been anti-popes.

As it happens, there are a few "real" anti-popes running around under the name Peter II:

"Then there is Chester Olszewski of Pennsylvania, a defrocked Episcopalian priest who became Pope Peter II in 1980. Olszewski is one of several contemporary anti-Popes to claim the title Peter II. Another Peter II is Pierre Henri Bubois of Brussels, another still is the German Julius Tischler and yet another is Maurice Achieri of Le Perreux, France who became an anti-Pope in 1995. Interestingly Achieri was able to claim a genuine apostolic succession courtesy of a legitimate consecration (i.e. he was a real bishop) from an Old (schismatic) Catholic lineage."

Cerebus for epop

You da man, Rogers.

hehehe hi rogers. nice idea. back in the day, a company I worked for autioned off chiefrabbi.com and made enough money to start a spinoff co. :) !!


Your strategy worked!! Benedict it is! I am so curious to know how this will pay off for you ... here and in the afterlife ...

I haven't found any papal encyclicals regarding the practice of domain registration, so I suspect my spiritual well-being will hinge on what I do with the domain name.

As a lapsed Catholic who lives in the oldest diocese in the U.S., I can only conclude that my registration of this domain name was a sign from God.

Though it may dismay some people to see it fall into the hands of a blogger, it could have been worse: The world could have pulled up benedictxvi.com today to find an ecommerce site selling Catholic schoolgirl outfits for consenting adults.

(In other words, I have no idea what to do with the domain name. I didn't think that far ahead.)

I was wondering if anybody had bought benedictxvi.com. Blimey. What are you going to use it for?

Of course you have an idea about what to do with the domain. As your consicence, I'm giving you strong hints that the right thing to do is to redirect the domain to the Vatican web site. You may choose to ignore me, but you already know that I'm suggesting the only ethical course of action.

How about asking the Catholic Insider?

Very well done. Forget Ethics. Not even bibles are free.

Well I think that you should see how Benedict XVI performs, and how this web site performs, and then decide. Benedict XV was an underestimated man, and he made me, Joan of Arc a Saint!

Your web traffic will not decrease, and if your visitors are not all Saints, Martyrs or even Catholics, you can use this premonition for the good of people!

I found an interesting history of The "Popes Benedict" at this otherwise often irreverent web site.

Damn you're good at this game. I don't think you're likely to get any closer to going to hell at this point, so go nutty with that domain, baby. No dirty stuff, though.

a winner is you!

Good work, from a fellow (not cradle) Catholic, though an enthusiastic one in my case.

And I'm delighted to see Cardinal Ratzinger selected--he's a very humble, gentle scholar, a brilliant mind, a very sweet man but with a crystal-clear understanding of the problems in the Church and in the world that need to be addressed.

He used to walk across St. Peter's Square every morning at 6:30am punctually, on his way to work, and people in the know could catch him and talk to him about anything, anytime. (My kids did that on our 2000 pilgrimage, one morning, though I wasn't there (sick that morning).)

You might pass it along to this fellow (an acquaintance), who's doing some serious blogging about the new pope, and hopes to continue to do so until his death. (That "his" left deliberately ambiguous.)


maximum respect to you for this shot!

so how many uniques are pouring in from BenedictXVI.Com?

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Hey Rogers I am shamefully hanging on to your coattails, any business from this I will gladly doante a portion to either yourself or the catholic charity of your choice.

Funny huh

Shouldn't you have gone for the .va tld?

You could always use the site to show all he has done wrong in the past, and all he will do wrong in the future.


That's pretty funny!

Why not sell it to the Vatican, with a 5-10% annual tithe? Or just a hyperlink aknowledgement... that couldn't hurt from a PageRank point of view, and would pay dividends for years traffic-wise :)

Let's see if I get this right. A church that has sold indulgences to profiteer off the "word of God", and harbors who know how many sex offenders today..... is righteous in the eyes of God.

But a man who registers a domain name speculating the new Pope's name is doomed to eternal damnation when he hasn't even capitalized on his good fortune yet.... and vows not to do anything distasteful.

Man, this is a tough crowd. I'm glad you all helped me see where to get my priorities in order.

Sagitta Veritas "Go Roger"

It's good to see there is another Cadenhead with a sense of humor and too much time on his hands. Your prescience might be a virtual miracle. Of course, has anyone noticed the image of Mary in the background on your blog?

Great to hear that you have a conscience!! Selling all of the domain names that you registered...to the Vatican...for a nominal profit...seems to be a reasonable solution. God bless you.

congrats, we were able to procure the .net and .org. Saw your efforts on April 2, one day short..oh well. Sites online soon.

Nice work. Now, if you keep in mind that the Catholic Church has extorted people over centuries both financially and phsichically you might as well ask them for a very nice rent for this domain. I mean, why does the pope have to live in a 200 room building while you live in some ordinary house? :)

I am a Christian but not a Catholic. I really can't stand the blindness of the Catholic church when it comes to things as birth control, women's rights and the third world. Even worse now that "the general" Ratzinger (that's how educated people call him in Germany) has been elected for Pope. He's very well known to be very conservative and doctrinal. He might be a smart man, but his smartness lacks when it comes to open the mind to the *whole* world.

I really don't want to bash catholics. Everyone should be free to believe what he wants. But the Catholic church is too big not to realize the responsibility it has when it comes to be an example to a billion people.

Hi Folks,

For those of you who do not know me, I am Horseonovich, and I am a regular at www.cruel.com. I think very little of the pathetic Pope, so back off of my buddy Cadenhead, he is good people! If you have a problem with this, come up here to Fishkill and I will kick your Catholic ass! If you want to know where to find me, just ask at Cruel.com. they will point you in my direction, you sick religious freaks!

With great domain power comes great responsibility. You've got a window here my friend. ICANN might eventually get around to forcing you to relinquish the domain name to the Vatican.

During this time realize that thousands if not millions will check this site out. Would it be wrong to get some vetted blog ads to take advantage of the traffic? I don't know, you could ask your conscience about three posts up.

If there are some things about this Pope, the hierarchy of the Church and its backwards attitudes toward women and married priests for example, that you want to address now would be the time to get your opinion out there, for sure as the sun will come out tomorrow, the Vatican lawyers will be all over this.

Keep that in mind too. Don't be surprised if you get a strong letter from Rome (keep the stamp and letter, it will be a collecter's item! "The Pope's first Lawsuit.")

Use your soapbox wisely for the few days you have it.

Good luck!

Spocko. Author of
Spocko's Brain, the blog that is sweeping the nation. Now with 6 readers!

Congratulations on getting this site! Hope you do something excellent with it!

Expect a call from Golden Palace.

Will the new popemobile be an Audi/BMW/Merc?

Hi! Just stopping by.


dedicate it to the new popes misogynistic behavior!

Nice site. Have a nice day. Go Pope!

Dedicate it to the pope's misogynistic belief system

I was really hoping for something a little more updated, like P-Ratzy the (or tha) First.


via ferret's link to here...
Had to say, brilliantly done... Kudos... and much applause for forward thinking!

To look at this registration as not commercial is to ignore the google ads at the top right of the site.

Not sure that ICANN's udrp will be able to intervene as I doubt the vatican would be able to show prior use in a commercial sense given the registration predated the creation of this particular papal moniker.

I guess i will be gambling like Cadenhead---I own Popebenedict16.com and alot of other ones.


how is the run on your weblog? i think after the conclave your visitnumber will be multiplied. :D
greetz from austria

Man you coulda totally made a million bucks selling catholic schoolgirl outfits on this URL today.

Long live the Nephews of Islam.
Papa bear brings the Lords groceries.
But the milk is Sour.

It is not hard to really guess a popes next name if you pick more than one.... moron

Congratulation !!
You are Faster than us.. :)

My bet was PopeCondoleezzaI.com.





koo koo! koo koo!

As usual though, it's the act that merits all the attention, not the URL itself. Not the catchiest URL I've heard, but well done for deducing the 'winning' name and beating the hoardes of porn-peddling sickos.

And by posting the offical vatican link up here (I hope it works!) perhaps I can save your soul and who knows, maybe mine!

Salvation is sweeet

Very Nice Rogers. Excellent idea in this 3rd Millenium, as the Church moves forward, that you help nudge them along.

For what it's worth, I would parlay the domain name into a private audience with His Holy Father, donating the name to him of course.

I see that




are already taken... would have been best to get the domain of the "last pope".

I think you should barter the domain name for an indulgence such as a "Get Out Of Hell Free" card or something.

Why didn't I think of this?

The new Pope has a ton of work to do. Perhaps he should outfit hmself accordingly.

I read about this on Wired news, LOL. Personally i'm a Protestant. However I'll say kudos to you for guessing the right domain name. It seems there are others out there who are snapping up tons of Benedict like domain names as well.

Just don't forget if the Vatican ever wanted to put up a Pope BenedictXVI website it won't matter, because whatever domain they use people will flock to it, and eventually ignore all the other ones out there like this one.

You'll be going up against the following, marketing, advertising, and name recognition of the Vatican. If they register popebenedictxvi.net, holybenedictxvi.com or whatever that's what will get the hits eventually.

potentially big profit here, rake it in, catholic school girls in trouble! or better yet! make it a muslim site, ha...don't sell for less than $200,000, stick it too 'em

Hey, if you're one of those skanky Catholic chicks (or if your sister is) please visit me at my blog. I'm Horseonovich. Bugger off.


good luck!!!^^

The few people ranting about this site should just chill. Jason's got it right: after a short while this domain won't really matter compared to the 'official' sites.

I don't get the calls for you to hand it over to the Vatican either. Keep it, or give it up when your 15 minutes of fame have passed. It won't really matter much.

Meanwhile, thanks for keeping this domain out of the hands of smut vendors.

As to our new Pontiff: I know so little about him besides today's news reports that I can't really say. I have a feeling though, that the position will shape the man, and we shouldn't take all his previous writings as a clear sign of things to come. Time will tell.

I'd stick with my own name - Pope Hope I

haahhaaaaaa!!!!!!! you genius!

Damn, I wish I would have registered it. I would have redirected it to http://www.DonnysRamblings.com and laughed at those who warned about my "immortal soul" being in jeopardy.

My grandmother wouldn't have approved either. Oh well.

What the hell is going on?

Kudos to grabbing the domain name, even more so that you're refusing to turn it into a porn site...I mean, who really wants to see Pope Porn? Pope Pornicus II?

*All gladiators standing one by one*
No..._I_ am Pornicus!

I have to admit, I looked as soon as his name was announced.

good luck and love from Flores, Indonesia

nice work, works for me, better than sickos getting it!

Korea good

Kim Soo Hwan

well done...

Ignore that pretender up there; this is your bonfide conscience speaking to you now. I command you redirect the url to plannedparenthood.org.

Much love,

Wow. All these people are so judgemental of you and you really haven't done anything wrong.

Rather than having concern for your soul, they should be concerned what the hate in their hearts is doing to theirs...

I hope you do some good with it.

Althougt you got this domain name, if you really consider "For the love of God, people" you should turn it to Roman Catholic Church.

Choosing this domain can not be the game.

From 한국사람

비록 ë‹¹ì‹ ì´ 교황 도ë©"인을 ì„ ì í•œ 사람이지만.....

Wow is very good idea..

The site is very very expensive, But site have new Pope ..

ë ... 도ëŠ" ì¼ë³¸ë• ... 이닷 ã ... ‹ã ... ‹

일본은 ìš°ë¦¬ë• ... ~~~~

Dokdo is Japanese ground

Japan is KOREAN ground

Haha, Random Website searching and reading, and to find a site already posted on this domain after hearing the news today, Bet your Hit counter for your Blog is massive!!

Well you could always sell it on eBay to GoldenPalace.com for the day. It's not porn.

Hi, Just Stopping by,
Use it wisely ... don't let money make u blind, don't let fame make u fool

Cheers from Bangka Island
Kerabut 64

Sell it to the goldenpalace!!!

the pope is just another Catholic. the position will some day be just as ceremonial as the British Monarchy. I can't wait!



are you going to make profits of this?


I think if you sell it or keep it... it should not matter. Your life is not the business of others.

Although if a russian woman can sue NASA for exploding a comet... then who says you can't have 1 Million + Chirstians trying to sue you.

Well good luck and god speed... well the enzo is faster :D


A mi me gusta el pan con queso

Muchas gracias

hii i'm from indonesia. how can you know this, you are very lucky indeed...

hii i'm from indonesia. how can you know this, you are very lucky indeed...

hii i'm from indonesia. how can you know this, you are very lucky indeed...

But the pope's got his own TLD www.va so I doubt hell want the .com back. ;)

This doesn't prevent thousands upon thousands of people typing in the .com instead of the .va though. ;) I vote for keep 'em!

I lost an apostrophe there making the comment unintentionally funnier. "Hell" indeed.

you should turn it to Roman Catholic Church.

Sign of the times. I keep reading papal as PayPal.

Well done indeed! Came across your site from the BBC's website. Seems they have found this to be newsworthy. Glad to see some restraint on your part as to how to sell/give the domain name. I say keep it and get your opinion out to the world via your blog. That is, unless you dont have something to say. If that's the case, put up some kids' drawings and tell them they're published artists. That would make their day.

Support US Troops, send care packages.
Operation Air Conditioner
These sites are helping the morale of US Troops deployed to foreign and dangerous countries.
Argue the politics, SUPPORT the troops.

This page looks like shite in Safari on OSX. You should check that out.

Ahhh... god has not been kind to this web page.

He's 78 for Chrissake... you'd better make your fast buck, errr, FAST!

I am sending you a link about your site from the Israeli Ynet.

Can you feeeeel the flames of hell licking at your feet?


Live the dream, man. I hope they try to drap your ass through court for it - and turn with a goldfish called Benedict - number 16 in a long line!

Nice thinking...

*shakes his head*

greetings from barcelona
nice inovation

No pope on the ghetto


Nice Idea - Read the news on www.spiegel.de.
I have nothing in common with church. Thanks the election is over.

Nice Idea - Read the news on www.spiegel.de. I have nothing in common with church. Thanks the election is over

Good call!

If the new Pope is all nice and smart, I'm sure that, so long as you don't start advertising 'The Pope's own adult toys', you'll do fine.

If ICANN get their collective knickers in a twist over this, it harm their credibility more than yours.

Perhaps links to a whole array of different faith sites? We'll see how open the new'n'improved Vatican will be...

He could also have chose Papa-Ratzi... ;)
At least a million pictures have been taken of him yesterday... ;)

I'd been betting on Pope George Ringo

I am so curious how you could expect the new pope's name. Which kind of rule are there??

You've chosen Clement, but not Peter, Linus, Anacletus, Evaristus, Telesphorus...
I want to know why.

Greentings from new Pope's Country Germany :-))

God bless all humble and weak and pious beeings and lead them into his paradise.

very very nicely done...

Extra Omnes

Ratzinger: ex Hitler youth
redirect to anti-fascist league?

Just another pro-nazi pope (look up the last pius, the one who signed agreements with Hitler pre WW2).

In the gererally un-religious world we live I don't see why so many people seem to want to utter opinions about the new pope. In a few weeks all the hooplah will blow over, and most of the people talking about this will go back to their regular lives where they neither go to church nor pray, and give no thought to god or the pope.

Keep it!

You are in a famous german online-newspaper. That's how i got this link. Congrats for your hit :)

An article about this was published in the biggest Israelian site www.ynet.co.il here's a direct link

BTW nice buying!!

You're a star! I just saw a blurb about your domain name on CNN Headline News (6:40 am PT)!!

this is brilliant....will someone translate what all the koreans are saying for me?

If you had left the org domains for this name benedictxvi.org, than you're smart but...
But this got you quite a bit of publicity though.

I think that the new pope will give us all his love and hopefully he will be treat people the same way as John Paul 2 did.

Good job body, your website will explode today.... even in Spain you can read it!!



they gonna screw up your site.

You are in the newspaper for ingeners in Denmark, this is how I got your address

...sell it very, very, very expensively.
Well done :-)))

Same in Germany. You are quite famous.
Sell it to the Vatikan. In Germany you have to pay Churchtax to be Christian. So why shouldnt the Church pay you if they want something from you?

Hei Dude! why did you delete the Russian note? Ny the way Jakcsonville is a sister city of Murmansk in Russia!

If you give the domain to them for free. Everybody will think you are awesome.
But after 2 days you will be forgotten and have nothing left.
If you sell it for a real high price people will remember you at least 2 weeks and once they forget you you will have the money. If you think its too mean and unchristian, just donate a bit to a good cause. Just like the Vatikan does...

Greetz from Belgium.....

You're in the Belgian newspapers also...

you may redirect your site to a young fascist site!

the american gouverment and bill gates attaked me with sattelites because i caused a pschedelic wave going around the world and which reached the president g w bush too.
america acts in the name of the church and the vatican too.
isnt it in the interest of the chruch to help people and not to hurt them by sattelites?

ps. if i were you i woudln support the vatikan cuz they didnt even try to be against the iraq war etc......

I am Brazilian.
Good Strategy... Good luck to sell this domain.!!

whatever : http://www.vatican.va is easier to remember !
and i'll forgive you

I'm caught between saying Good Heads Up! and Hmmm... Sinful.

Truth is, you did nothing wrong.

sell it before giving it away.

What I say:
Burn the pope, the only reason why he's in Rome is to prevent science from developping! And mr. Bush listens to him to gain votes.

change it to porn site in three days!

I heard you are changin this to a porn site. SWEET!

Hello! Teen Porn?

What kind of porn will you have?

I never did trust anyone who proclaimed their own virtues.

This is no humble pope.

Better off with someone a little less devious, like you perhaps.

And for some light relief a few lines from an old song by The Economic Wizards :

I am the pope,
I am your only hope

If anyone can the Vatican can.
If anyone can the Vatican can.

u rock!


hi nice bit of foresite there. hope that having this site doesnt cause ou any hastle only amusment. if you can keep control of it i would use it as way of helping out charities who need the cash. you could make a heavenly profit that way and so collect in the afterlife, or this one.

up to you though.

lets pray that the new pope makes the right decisions and hears god nice a clearly.


No worthy of any. Sad.

christ is lord

did you know that jesus's original name was


Nice site mate. Make much cash from this site of the betting?

I bet the next pop's car will be a MK2 Escort... Check out Old Skool Ford at http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk

You Rock Roger!

I hope the new POPE will change the standpoint of GAYs in world.

I guess I should have check my previous post for typos. Sorry to mess up your site Roger.

Make much cash from this site of the betting?

should read : "Make much cash from this site OR the betting?"

i'd love to see your web traffic stats!

please post a print screen



Money makes the world go round ...
Es lebe der Kaiptalismus!

you should be ashamed of yourself...

you are in almost every belgian newspaper, famous guy, put some ads on, yoy will make money


Benedict XVI.?

i like wine but also
Benedictian and other
beers from Bavaria.


the hungarian comment does not make sense, because there was a typo in the original writing ... and you cut off the sentence at the wrong location. But they caught you all right.

So that's about it ?

the vatican link +-


is still available ... but it won't be yours now.


I object. This site looks lovely on Safari/OSX.

And I don't think posting naked pictures of yourself on a website is really porn but rather art. What say you Rogers?

Of all the Catholic geek people in this world, I'm glad a good guy like you secured this domain.

Send regards to your now famous grandmother, Rita. I'll send a prayer her way too.

Well Done!!!

excellent, a true scoop. Hope you do well out of it regardless what you decide.

fuck you with your adolf hitler pope.

Tech Site. News and Reviews updated daily. Ok that's my plug.

Keep it a serious Homepage or give it to the Vatican. If you run your own homepage (about Benedict XVI alias Joseph Ratzinger) it would pay off anyway (google adwords et cetera).

Nice Job!!!
Congratulations from Buenos Aires Argentina!

Good work!!!


The pope sucks!

Yeah the pope sucks

Congratulations for you and for the new pope.



I was really hoping for a Latino or Black Pope. I guess they will lose some people because they did not do that but I bet they would lose even more if they did choose a Pope of color. After all, it's been an old white guy's game since the beginning. A change like that would tick off many European rooted people. They certainly wouldn't want to get the dwindling number of Catholics upset. Those envelopes don't fill themselves you know.

Go RC! Glad to see Grandma is there to keep you straight.

Personally I like the nickname, "The Panzer Cardinal" for Il Papa.

For the detractors - get with the program or hit the road. We don't need your kind here anyway. But we will still pray for your eternal souls, misguided as they might be. :)

Remember, when you're #1 everyone is out to take a shot at you.

I think you should use the site to document the pope's positions and what you think of them... it is a blog after all, not a porn site. You probably have an opinion about birth control, abortion, homosexuality, etc. Pull out the soapbox, let your traffic know! I personally think the Catholic Church has gone out of their way to elect a pope that will further alienate their members and the rest of the world, but you might think different.

you gotta redirect www.BenedictXVI.com to www.durex.com ...!

Just stumbled onto your story. I am not Catholic, but still very interesting in the events over the last few days. I found your story absolutely brilliant! I am impressed that you picked the right name! Have fun with whatever adventures you have for owning this website! Talk about a life event to tell the future generations!

Ik think, it is very good to be a real Catholic, then a Catholic who want peace for everybody!

[url=Startselect.com] click for the pope~! [] :D

you gotta redirect www.BenedictXVI.com to www.durex.com ...!

| 2005-04-20 12:56:05 PM | link

That is a good idea!


Dude, face it, you've got a great idea, and you went for it. In this world great ideas should be rewarded, and in this case, .. they probably will!

I hope you earn a LOT of money with this, and when you have, come over and drink some beer!

greetz from Leuven, Belgium

You've right

Why not give the Vatican the domain for free, if they agree to pay you for the other five ;-)

War crimes national Japan will cease to exist at once

you´re great

www.internetjunkie.org is a great site.

Be aware of the guys from Opus Dei !!!
"Opus Dei is watching you"

Good work and loots of luck.

Congratulations from Poland.

Ciekawe po co mu to.

Sell the site back to the church for a nice sum, but I would then donate a fair portion to your favorite charity.

I have read about you in our Belgian newspaper!
Just wanna say hi, from belgium!

Yeah! Gr8 idea.. show em that they aren't allmighty upon us :) Greetings from Poland ! :)

emh... I find this a bit geeky.. Do you make any money by doing this??

you are no more or less than a mother fuck i will not look at your books any more even ....
you are just a failur for this world

I'm trying to decide what was more exciting coverage, the 24 hour coverage of the new Pope-fest, or the white bronco chase brought to us live.

good show! dude.

Cash in bra...Make some coin!

Had the same idea, but I was waiting for the announcement... congratulations...

funny greetz from amsterdam!!!!!!!!!

I'm slightly in doubt if ".com" is an appropriate top level domain for a pope. What would Jesus have done if the money changers in the Jerusalem Temple were running a website "templemoney.com"? Cleaning the temples harddisks as well?

The good news is that the world is rediscovering the possibility of papal jokes ;-)

Best regards to you and Rita!


Nice job ;-)
Next step: a pope who uses condoms

Good for you. Tip: Make it a wiki for the catholics!

and what if this new pope takes www.benedictusxvi.com?

Hummm.....What Would Mel Gibson Do?


While I am not Catholic, I'm of the next-best thing - Episcopalian. Everything but the Pope! Nice, huh? The English thought so...
Anyway, thanks for keeping the name away from the smut vendors.

i'm from poland. Good Idea.

I was very sickened when I heard spam went out the day JP died trying to make a buck off his death. I think you did good by keeping this name from the lower depths of the internet. I like what you have done and helping to support this site by google ad's is a great idea.. You should think about give this domain to the Vatican at some point.


I thought the name might be Benedict or Gregory. It's been awhile for the latter.

The catholic church took enough money from the people: now get it back ! Congrats !

spoko pomysl !!! a nice idea.. :))))

You are just making money off the BenedictXVI.com domain with the Google Ads.

Don't even try deny that. I have Google Ads on my own websites so I know how profitable it can be especially if there is a surge in traffic and likelyness of prolonged traffic to the website.

Wow, wish I'd thought of that.....

The Vatican and all things related to the pope are boring, therefore I definitely suggest slapping some boobies up or at least selling it to someone who can.

Interesting story!!

Good luck, with whatever you choose to do with teh domain... I'll be back to see :)

I don't think there's any harm in making money off of this. I really wish I had come up with it.


Hi!! I'm dawid from poland. I'm 17. I was so sad when John Paul II died. At now when the Pope is BenedictXVI I think that you give this website to 'good hands' :) no porn, no comercion

Do what you will. Commercialism at its best!

ROGL'd so hard my socks fell off

Hey, if you were witty enough to snap up the domain name of the pope, I say make enough money off of it as you can. And I also agree with Mr. DIGITALSIN, atleast show some boobies.

.....Hello,(Hola(Spanish), Wie geht's(German), Boun Jour(French), Annyoung 안ë ... •(Korean), Ni hao(Chinese)

You've got a new pope.. (German Pope)
Sie haben der neu pope..(Deutch Pope)
새로운 교황이 탄생했습니다..(ë ... 일 교황)

As an italian who speaks complete three foreign languages(English, Gemran, Korean).. I'd like to say "Congratulation for the pope".
God bless him and hopefully he wil not just tend to be conservative. German pope, go for it, yeah.. Lovin' it.... You, who established this site, are such a great predictor whom I'd like to work with for my company. Please Keep in touch with me.
my E-mail - lee88gh@hotmail.com
The dream will come true..

You are just making money off the BenedictXVI.com domain with the Google Ads.

$155 so far. With $72 in expenses, I've earned $73! But I'm not concerned about the money, as long as my server expenses are paid for. You can't place a dollar value on what it feels like to have people all over the world thank you for not being a pornographer.



Dude, talk to a tax attorney and find out how much this is worth as a write-off if you donate it to the vatican. I would guess more than you paid.

"If I didn't do it, someone less reputable would."

Nice one! You must think very highly of yourself.

((_ (()) ((_

It's very ingenious


Neo,you are the one.
Use the key wisely.

wish you tards would foad tbh

tbh I wish I had thought of this.


Put something extremly offensive on there... hmm, maybe something about Popeh being in the Hitler youth... AGAGA

They will buy it for loads £££ $$$

What about Rogers_Cadenhead.com ?
Greetings from Poland...and don't be stupid because of money!

Way to go!You damm Americans,always have the get rich ideas.

Hello from Poland!!
Witamy z Polski!

WTG! I never even thought about it!

And to think, Benedict was your first choice too!!!!!!!

The POPE Rulz!

Super, nicely done!

damn u turning over hits like www.myfreepaysite.com


I'm impressed... I just read a blurb about this on washingtonpost.com. Have fun with the site!

Thank you.

Good investment, i give u props

do for me.... Hate all Jap-companies like Honda, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic.. Let's boycott the Jap's products.. Japan sucks!

Wal, fook mah pook!

Dude.... you the man....

Hey there,

Today the 20th of april, you are mentioned into the website above.
It's written in the Dutch language, where this website tells about your adventure.

I wonder what name the next Pope will use if he want to change the Catholic policy in a progressive movement.

Maybe Mandela II


This is a piece of news that made my day.
Genuis of simplicity.
And this lot of guests.. most of people will briefly forget about it, but I'll try to hop in from time to time to leave comments and such.
Wish you luck, Palkers.

ANTI-Japan eh? Well, I'd be FOR-USA, but every product I've ever bought that's American has had some GREASY,FAT LAZY, PUD-WHACKING American making it, and it BREAKS within the week! And it's twice the price! And I AM American! So it's GO-JAPAN for me. (Plus the site would get a higher payoff hands down)

good thinking the pope rules

Hey there Rogers. Read about you buying www.BenedictXVI.com on a Danish website. Same happened in Denmark a couple of years ago when a Dane bought pretty much all adresses referring to the Danish royals. Unfortunately the Danish authorities banned his websites (they went blank) and in the end he sold the names. He used the adresses to spread false rumors of the Danish royals though. However buying adresses and selling to highest bidder is what I would do in your case. Heck, you got the idea, that should pay off.

hahaha good job dude! I hate the pope!

sell the domain to a company who make anticonception products like condoms or stuff like that. Or maybe to an abortion clinic. Don't listen to the pope! Stop aids now!!

LOL, this is a riot!! First of nicely done on the jumping of the gun on the domain name.. Secondly, I think it's so laughable all these comments from all you self-righteous Catholics about "the right thing to do" LOL!!!

I guess not doing the right thing in regards to child raping priests, hate mongering(i.e. anti-gay policies), passing off half-baked laws of old men as laws of God(i.e. purgatory, wearing condom is a sin etc), the bank of the Vatican having ties to mafia, etc is ok. Just don't infringe on their money making/propaganda spewing machine by taking a domain name.. Do I have it right???

I think you should sell it to the highest bidder no matter WHAT the content, and then give the money to your local food bank... OOOOOOOOOOO nothing like getting a nice healthy Karma hip check into the boards of hypocrisy is there silly Catholic zealots? :-)

Peace and Love to EVERYONE, and though we disagree on this earth, may we all dwell in the house of the Lord thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ :-)

Hello mr. Rogers. I have one question to You. Can You tell me what you think about John Paul II, what is your private opinion about this big man? Best whishes form Poland, good luck ;)

good job man! ..
you've had a good idea, and i think you should get good money for that ..
wish you luck!

Oh myself, you knew it before me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hehe, you are constantly browsing through new posts...
Good thing you deleted that anti-semite provocator. He might have been a Pole, as many of them accuse you of leeching :P
Cheers, Palkers.

It is interesting to see how many posters here are not particularly religious but instead have intrinsically good ethics. One can see from their concerns about the current Pope's history that they remain centers of ethical awareness. There are many groups that are populated with such people, such as www.humanists.org, and the communitarian atmosphere and intrinsic moral compass makes the groups a refreshing place to be able to speak about all things with other perceptive people. This site fully seems to be a good example of how open discussion is a good thing.

Hehe, you are constantly browsing through new posts...
Good thing you deleted that anti-semite provocator. He might have been a Pole, as many of them accuse you of leeching :P
Cheers, Palkers.

Hehe you did a good job. But the pope don't like internet, correct me if i'm wrong. I think you'll earned a meet and greet with the new pope. They will pay your trip to Roma en you will give the name!

My parents gave me the name Benedictus (Ben) at my birth. If extra value has been added to it, because of the name of the new pope, my advice would be: Use this domain to spread the Word of God for FREE: www.e-sword.net. A very useful program in many languages!<>

Roger ,I think,it was sign from God...

Well done for your website, it is great that a honest catholic is owning this website. Keep up with the good work and god bless you.

Hector :)

"The world could have pulled up benedictxvi.com today to find an ecommerce site selling Catholic schoolgirl outfits for consenting adults."

Yeah, that's horrible. Adults doing things tghey want to do and are aware of what they are doing. Good thing we have religion to stop that nonsense! Some people out there are actual independent thinkers and take responsibility for their own actions instead of pointing the finger at a higher power. These people must go! Independent thinking and making personal choices about personal life-decisions should definitly not be left up to the individual!!!

Now, with less sarcasm, I suggest you sell this domain to an organization that counsels young boys who were the victims of sexual abuse, whether by a priest or not. That would be a good service, and couldn't possibly in anyway be deemed a sin. If providing help for others in a time of need or crisis is a sin, then there's no hope for any of us.

Great having this domain name registered before anyone els did it !

How much you want ?

Fuck you

There is a law that keeps people from steeling Domain Names from other people. I am quite sure the Pope had his name picked before you guessed it.

Now, if you would have purchased the Domain Name 2 years ago and did something with it, you would be fine.

If the Pope and the Vatican can proove they picked the name before you guessed it, that makes you a SYBERSQUATTER.... No matter what you think you will do with it.

I am quite sure you will be forced to turn it over (If they want it) unless they simply don't care about it.

this is really amazing. to understand that this website is going to put you into the limelight yet a strong conviction towards not using the website for demeaning purposes. Really must have done some serious soul searching.

Nice move, altho the vatican has .va as an extension so the addy will probably wind up being (www.BenedictXVI.va)

No. The new Pope may have decided what name he wanted before he was elected, but until he is elected, the name is meaningless. If I decide today to start a company named FooBarIndustries, but don't get the company started for 6 months, my rights to the name start after those 6 months, not at the inception of the idea.

Nice job Rogers. Any other tricks up your sleave?

Soak em for all they got. I'm a christian and no pope is gonna make me catholic!

Adorable. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humour. God loves all of us, even those of you who hate God, if you can imagine.

Glad to hear that you have noble light-hearted plans for this domain.

I love the the geeky fun of the publicity that you are generating! It would be brilliant if Pope Benedict were to leave his regards here. The world should laugh at itself more often. :D

All the best,

Jason Hargrove

Soulular ~ Brand Strategy, Advertising & Design

The shear mass of people coming on here to congratulate the owner of this domain for having non-commercial but righteous intentions for the site are being SO hypocritical when they leave a link to their own homepage. That's really sad.


did you by chance read malachy's pope propehecies to make this guess he would take this name?

I don't like Ratzinger... he is soo, soo... eh! He is men without heard. I hope won't be a pope very long (sorry God :P). I have loved our last pope- Jan Paweł II. Let the God bless as

visit my link >>>

also good on you for getting this domain name, i hope you make lotsa cash off it.. those silly p(e)op(l)e..

Pee-ah-soo mah brotha from anotha motha

>>The shear mass of people coming on here to congratulate the owner of this domain for >>having non-commercial but righteous intentions for the site are being SO hypocritical when >>they leave a link to their own homepage. That's really sad.

I agree, I can't believe people leave their Web Site addresses.

Have a wonderful day,


Congrats on the excellent foresight!

Please join the owners of Benedict16.com and BenedictXVI.org at our domain name owners community -> www.namepros.com


Hi! I'm a retard. I just wanted to say "nice job" Rogers Cadenhead, for stealing the Pope's hat. How did you do it? Don't tell me you're going to poop in his hat - we retards do that sometimes, but don't do it, it's the Pope's hat! Hey, do you hate Catholics? I don't, but then, I'm retarded.


A retard

Hello from Brazil!!!

goog choice

Could have been my name as well....

Seems like the whole world knows about your brilliant idea!


I get it! You must work for the secret society!

Yo! likzxom! cool site!

klemzikoz amy!

You're weird... but funny !
Emmanuel (France)

who cares about your repair business!!!!!!


Nice new page about rocking pope

Greetings from Poland...
There will never be the pope like Jan Pawel II...

I miss Pope John Paul II! May you rest in peace forever into eternity with our most gracious Father!

Bless you Pope Benedict XVI!!!


Jericho is a is a Christian rock band that does Christian parodies of secular music, Christian rock songs, and original material which is all dedicated to bringing the message of the gospel of Christ to those who are uncomfortable with the traditional church environment or growing Christians seeking music other than "worship and praise" music.

We believe that our mission as Christians is to speak to people on their terms and in ways that they can understand the truth of the gospel of Christ.

If you are interested in booking Jericho or obtaining more information please feel free to visit our web site or
email us

Bless Little Red Ridinghood !!

*golf clap*

Way to go rcade!

BenedictXVI = Peter II. It is the end - the end of the Catholic Church!

You'll be rich, Rogers. Keep up your good work...

Mr. Cadenhead,
You're a lucky man!


Katholieken Forever! Feyenoord Rotterdam! Netherlands... best country in the world!

hey , i offer u u$s 1.000.000 for the domain. cya
answer me to hn-hew@brock.unc.edu


I wrote the article, which you quoted from Hungary. I misinterpreted your aims.. Sorry... Peter from domainabc.hu





Way to go ,are did you have inside info
are you on a hotline to GOD,if so God Bless.
I would send a link to the new pope,he may enjoy some light reading....

You should say your going to sell it to a porn site....then see how many people come running to offer you big money not too. thats what i would do, lol.

Greetings For All Over The World From Poland :-)

I'll give you 10 bucks for it. Do we have a deal? :-)

If PopeBenedictXVI.com goes for $$$$ I guess i will cashin on PopeBenedictXVI.net

Rado shut up USA & POLAND = FRIENDS :-D

hey , i offer u u$s 1.500.000 for the domain. cya answer me to autoservice@o2.pl

Best regards
Jack Dalecky

Wow! can not believe there are so many misguided people out there. Come on people, its just a web address and Ratzinger is just a man in the wrong religion....

Interesting how this paid off.

Of course you'll be donating this given that your ads have now paid fro it over and over again?


Isn't not doing anything bad with the name too passive? Shouldn't you ask your conscience what good you can do with it? Perhaps something that helps people be more tolerant of others who are different than they are?

its so stupid, get it off

Since the media makes Ratzinger out to be completely against homosexuality, obviously you should sell it to a gay rights group just to spite the church. Way to go on buying the site, hopefully you can make a few bucks with this too.

Rogers, good idea not to sell to sinful companies.

I am very pleased with the name that the new Pope chose to use. Benedict XVI is a beautiful name, and to me, it reflects class and homage.

Dang it! My money was on Pope Fester the First.

Give your domain name to a liberalish Catholic group to lay out the alternatives to Ratzinger's policies--a Catholicism about love, compassion, and conscience rather than hard-assed legalism. I hope the new Pope will exceed my expectations, but the likelihood is that he will be rather a doctrinal tyrant.

well thought out mate



make as much as you can..good luck


Definetely go with the condom company or one of the liberal groups :-)

Dear Sir Rogers,
I would like to apologize you for my natives - Poland is still a countryside (literally), most of Poles can merely utter a word, or two, some of them though can construct a sentence (majority of them now rule our country(side)).
I do hope your server will survive till next week, and I would strongly recommend you to close this subject and delete most of the posts.
Try not to think badly of Poles - think of them as of poor, imbecile fools that they are.
Cheers, Palkers.

Way to go dude! You are definately smarter than me.
I don't think that my web servers could handle the traffic you're getting.
Any ideas for a gimmic on selling my book?
My Mom is a serious Roman Catholic and she doesn't know I wrote this book.
Oh well, enough about me. Congrats on landing the cool domain name!!

Danny Boes

We are living in a policestate. Watch out!


cool, very cool...good work!

this site is a waste oftime and boring

what a great idea

whatever you wish to do with this site, please dont make it bad.

why ????

because it would be a sin to do bad things with such a site of course

Greats from _european_ part of Poland ;-)

Ciemnogrod (polish name of ultraconservative, stupid

and full-of-hate guys living in our country) go away!

Sell this domains to guys from www.racjonalista.pl .


BTW congratulations, nice idea ;-)

I'm very shame for concret-people from Poland.

Hopefully, they only loudly crowding.

Beacause I sleeping now!!! Don't wake up me!

you are famous, found you through yahoo.co.uk

The pope is shit, i hate him so much....

Who the fuck is BenedictXVI??????????

Mein Gott! People and porn and popes, oh my!

All in the same day, too...

very clever.

Now try to guess who I will be in the next ten years.



I want to buy your benedictus domainname

hopefully you'll become rich from this!


Are you an artist ready to paint the next Pope?
visit www.dartoo.com for art supplies!

The best thing you could do for yourself is to offer the domain name as a selfless sacrifice to the Pope.

Greetings from México!
well thought!

Mr Cadenhead you are a genius!

Can anybody dispel or confirm the rumour that Eggs benedict were named for an earlier Pope Benedict?

entry in www.metesaca.com

Nicely done.

How about a discussion site on the pope's performance, call it 'Rate My Pope' or 'Pope Idol'?

Now dont get me wrong, i got nothing against any religion but,

Its funny how 'every man is equal' in christianity and then you have the cardinals and the pope etc etc lauding it up there in their luxury castles with their 200 rooms and silk robes.. equal my ass."we must help the poor... pour me some crystaal and a teaspoon of caviar butler"

And.. all this bull about "sacrifice the domain to the pope" .. sacrifice? to a man? hes a just a man! people are so stupid.. goin nuts over some x-nazi ..

the church.. laughing all the way to the bank.. maybe they should rename the 'church' to the 'piggy bank'

Why are so many people bashing the new pope he has been here like a day and non- Catholics (who’s 80,000 plus) faiths are not criticized by the church are talking about things they really don't know all that much about? If you are going to criticize something at least know what you are talking about...nice site Mr. Cadenhead!

Disrespect to you

Everything you need to know about faith - www.samharris.org

I am not superstitious, but I think Pope Benedict XVI could very well pass as Petrus Romanus in St. Malachy's prophecy. After all, "petrus" refers to a rock. The pope who gained a name as Joseph Ratzinger is after all very well identified with Rome, and is a steadfast, immovable rock as far as doctrine is concerned.

Pope John Paul II can also qualify as "de gloria olivae" because he spent his life tearing walls and promoting peace, even personally going to jail to visit Mehmet Ali Agca He is a personification of the success of peace efforts.

Anyway, here's praying for guidance for the Holy Father from the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

Great site! You are a genius!



i just want to be here

It'sa good ting yoose are a gooda boy, bless you...

I do not understand why people can be so mean
Got like 50 hate emails today because i registered domains faster.


Do you read all these comments?
Whew! Well, good luck with the site.

Congratulations! Your 15 minutes of fame has just started. Use them wise...


I think redirecting to plannedparenthood.org (someone suggested that) would be a wise solution.

Greetings from Poland

Travel to see the new Pope on SideStep!( www.sidestep.com )

I need a home...sell the space and lend me some money. hehe kidding. Just pray...the answer you need will find you.

Darwin v Benedict XVI (or a fundamentalist of any other religion for that matter !) - any input from his eminence might be most enlightening. Otherwise some of us will keep looking forwards rather than walking backwards.

Oh, I nearly forgot... Hugs & kisses for grandma Rita.

YoYoYO, I wanted to tell ya man, ur a genius. How much wuld the church pay ya for this website?? Oho... I bet they might offer from a range of 0 to a million.
But... r u christian??

any ways, greeetz to all, and visit my Lord of the Rings forum:

C ya


How much do the porn sits offer you.

Ha just curious

"Darwin v Benedict XVI (or a fundamentalist of any other religion for that matter !) - any input from his eminence might be most enlightening. Otherwise some of us will keep looking forwards rather than walking backwards."


Pope JP2 recognized evolution, and so will Benedict. So in the scientific context it's not accurate to call B16 a "fundamentalist". :-P

Cheers, and have a nice day, etc, etc!


this gets the fad website of the day award

Hi--I saw your mention on http://www.SubliminalMessages.com and I just wanted to say that you rock! Congrats on getting the domain; and, to those who tell you that you will burn in hell, tell them you will meet them there.


cool site. why didnt i think of this earlier? ;)

Hey there from Texas!! :o)

www.dartoo.com for the artist who will paint Benedict 16


Thanks SP, your reply was genuinely enlightening and though I may have lost faith I haven't given up hope !

Greetings! Godbless! Do something good!

From Washington(Seatt;e this is fun after all. Contact me at bluebeans@gmail.com my palmail






The chruch is gay :P

Please Do something for peace

right on dude - good for you. I hope it pays off.

I read parts of your blog for 7 minutes, please return that time to me in some fashion. Oh no my eyes are getting blurry, must finish typingggggg.

to make a comment to "The chruch is gay :P

kade | 2005-04-20 10:07:50 PM | link"

how can the church be gay if they oppose homosexuality?

You heard me. Argh.

hello from São Paulo/Brazil

Mr Cadenhead,

I simply don't get it. What is this big fuss all about? That you registered an internet domain? OK fine. So what? And my neighbour's dog can flush the toilet.

I probably shouldn't even start it. But lemme just say this - a pope and a great man has died - the whole world mourns him (some people don't care much - and they have a right not to - it's OK too). But whatever you do - either care or just ignore it - I would have never made the connection - new pope with the net and jump it to save up a couple of domains under likely papal names.

Well - do what you please but I see a picture of a guy who would run home to grab a camera if he saw an accident or even a kid falling off a bike - just to take a couple of shots (not to sell even - but just for the fun of it). A pope dies - run to the internet register a website - is that a normal reaction (I am not judging right or wrong) it is just weird and kinda sad. You must be a very sad person deep down. Normal people have lives - they laugh or cry..... I don't know ... Are we still living in a normal world or maybe One flew over the cuckoo's nest ...

Perhaps you are a genius but so is my neighbor's dog by this token - have a good life


You should give the domain to the Pope for free. It's HIS name.

Gave me a laugh, great idea, send me some of the money you're going to get

The Catholics are all about money, I'd say sell it to the highest bidder. Even a porn company. I mean, God made us do porn, right? If anything, God is happy that all these geeks are getting into the whole mess!

Well the church's policy is not gay. But its students are. Read the old news on catholic students in Austria.

Great work with the website, good luck in the future!

wish i had thought of it, well done

I think it's good financial idea, but not moral... It stands on one line with bets on winner... What will you answer when God will ask you "Why did you wanted to make money on me?"

Given the new Pope a break! And give Rogers a break!

Well done! The Catholic Church simply had to think about it in advance like you did! But I don't judge them because even the Creator doesn't judge us. So nobody has a rigth to judge you!!! So do I believe, but I will also respect what others people think because they also have their own truth based on their own experiences and I have learned trrough life to respect their own experience. It doesn't mean I have to agree with them but at least I have to respect them. So do whathever please you with this site. My suggestion would be to give it back to Catholic Church and believe me LIFE will give it back to you an another way. This the Law of Return or the Law of Karma like other say, or the Law of Agriculture like I like to call it. It is more simple this way.

Best of WISDOM in your choice.

Roland Poitras.


Give me MY name back before I register www.RodCadenhead.com

I cant believe this is happening.


Best wishes
Pope Benedict XVI

"the Creator doesn't judge us."

I always thought there was something called "Judgement Day", where the "Creator" would come and... err... judge us.

Maybe Im wrong, but I'd say that that counts as this "Creator" character you're talking about judging us.

Answer to this post

He is a pope - not "god". he is a real, living human being, not a ficticious bogey man to scare people into christian group-think.

Get out of here. Thats crazy talk.

Very very clever, I'm impressed. And good for you for choosing not to so something sleezy with the domain name.

I find it hard to believe that he registered all of those names with absolutely NO intent on making money from the endeavor. I will be curious to see what you do with this domain name in the future - I'm guessing you will be making money off of it.

In fact, aren't those Ads I see on this page already?!

Good thinking HTM.I did express myself maybe not the rigth way because I am am Frechn speaking from Quebec. I should have written probably that everything in Life has a price to be paid and that the only FREE cheese is in the trap. It is life that is taking care of this. A good book to read by an American fellow of your great country is named : Another body for my Soul from Michael C. Newton. I do recommend it greatly. But thank you for your wisdom HTM.

Bye. Roland.

hi good job... Use this site in good spirits to develop catholism across the world.. Simon , Madras, India

redirect it to a site that might open the eyes of these conserative catholics maybe a gay or womens rights site, a marxist site or a left wing catholic site that wants to help poor people not enslave them

Nicely done ;)

- PP

I am not Catholic, but I read your story on CNN this evening. I live in Canada, and I am appalled at the American desire to capitalize on anything and everything. Sorry, the NORTH AMERICAN desire. I would think this was very interesting had you registered one domain, but you went through the list of pretty much all potential papal names and you got lucky. I think it would be in your best interest to use this site to better humanity. Use it to donate to some sort of Catholic charity, or use it to write about the history of the Catholic church. Cashing in on it would be very typical, and if you have any personality at all, you won't want your 15 minutes of internet media fame to be seen as typical.

Please don't sell the address to porn site ...


But then, if they offer a nice chunk of cash ...

...Go for it, milk it like every body else.

Give it to any of the redneck ignorant narrow minded fools who follow organised religion.
Get some independent thought happening people.


I must be really really really bored to actually be reading these posts and commenting. Get a life Max

HI Roger.

Congratulations on having the for sight about who would be the next POPE and registering the domain name.

I bet many thousands of people would have done the same if they knew who would have been the next POPE.

Now what to do with the domain name.

It is totaly up to you and im sure deep down you will do the right thing...

From what you have done so far setting up a public blog for everyone to share there point of view is a great idea.

I hope you make a killing from your google ad sense... maybe you should add an amazon feed to the side of your site also... selling bibles etc.

Now with all the money you are going to make I am sure you will use it for good things and to help others.

As other people above have said what ever you give with come back to you ten fold.

I would hold on to the domain for at least the next few years... And keep the blog running and maybe even adding a public forum to it..

Well best wishes and good luck.


Damn right m8te ;-) this site will be full of porn and anal sex in a few days... no one will say no to a few thousand dollars...

Good tricks to go near the NEW POPE. Hope GOD fulfill your wises.

Sunderland to win the championship!

n1, dude :o)

fack you

I find all this so amusing....gj on getting the site...im sure this wont go away...sure eventually after a few weeks pepole will stop talking about it, but as far as i know its the most famous case of squatting (i mean it in a good way =P) and in my opinion, the most known event in the internet comunity since y2k

i dont think the pope will even care about the site..... personally, i laugh at the mental image of the pope surfing the web....as long as it doesnt redirects to "naughty nuns" or "loose 100 pounds with the vatican diet"

Maby u should put a few hundred ads and donate the cash to priests feeding hungry kids in africa, or to victims of priests in hungry OF kids.

Or maby we could ask god itself, this guy is trying to genetically engeneer a god out of fruit flies and algae (www.cnewmark.com)

..... if this works we might be looking at InsectusI as the new spiritual leader in the next decade..... god, the world we live in....y didnt nostradamus spoke of all theeese wacky things?

as for end of the days theory...i doubt hes the last pope or anti-pope, i think this pope will still be a good one...then the "black pope" will come...whether his name is cause of his evil nature or his skin color i dont know, but the point is we should be happy with this pope, whether he has a .com domain or not.

P.S I love the comment preview thingy....pretty cool stuff (sorry, webmaster thingy)

Haha you're a funny *&#@.
Visit Amsterdam soon.... WE HAVE LEGAL WEED. greetings from The Netherlands.

ps we love the new pope because he's german!!

AHHHHHHH HAHAH I CAN IMAGINE THE POPE SAYNG: "Im sorry...i cant visit the sixtine chappel to trow a mass there cause im still reading that damn movable type bible to make my weblog....omg im never gonna get my dot-com domain!!!!"

speak directly to your father in heaven

You Get your name!!!!!!!!!!!
You Get world hero!!!!!!!!!!

I get
(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・) hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀ム»)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀ ・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha(・∀・)hahaha

Greets from Amsterdam

Be careful! The FBI is watching you...

Aaaaahm, well done old man!

I'll trade you a "get out of hell free" card for my site.

Pope BenedictXVI

gotta give it to you... all those bill gates speeches have paid off!

the next pope will be a muslim

good job my friend. I appreciate you.

haway the lads....
show me the wat to aston villa,
man utd the scum and the boro!


My money was on Julio Arca II. Ah well.


Great work there, Roger. I love the game of registering domain names only to squat them. The big key here is that the name fell (or was placed by the hand of God) into the hands of someone who is not likely to exploit it or sell it to someone who doesn't deserve it.

What's worse, a porn site or a blogger's site. Man, I'm glad you have it. Watch out for ICANN though, they may have the power to release the site to the Vatican. Evil laws they make my friend, by even the intervention of the one God Almighty may not be able to help you if they decide to get involved.

Good work, you deserve everything coming to you.

The chords of this great song about the truth can be fount on the internet

de heideroosjes-listen to the pope

He goes to countries like Brazil
To tell the people everything about God's will
No sex before marriage, not even safe
Don't use condoms and walk straight to your grave

Listen to the Pope, you'll get aids (4x)

A little creep in a ghost outfit
Thinks he is Jesus but he's not a bit
Against everything that fits not in his head
He ain't stupid but his brains are death

Abuse the words of a guy called God
Explain words wrong to justify blood
Preaching about peace among all of us
But can't you see the crimes that religion does

A terrible disease called AIDS is killing more people
every day. As we all know you can be infected with the
AIDS virus by having unsafe sex (not using condoms). Well,
the Pope goes to poor third world countries to tell the people
overthere that God does not want them to use condoms.
Besides the problems with AIDS, those countries have often
to deal with overpopulation. To put it in another way: using
condoms is necessary for the third world people but because
most of the people believe the Pope, they are convinced
that using condoms is a sin. In reality the dangerous thoughts
of the Pope are a sin...

My money's on NialQuinnI.com when the 78 year old geezer croaks




Fantastic idea to do that!!
What about www.loulouI.com for Loulou the First, 1st female Pope in the History
Just think about it...

Sell the domain for loads of cash (that is, IF you get an offer) and donate that money to the AIDS Research or Human rights organizations which are independant from any sort of religious manipulation.

That way you can at least contribute to cancelling out some of the evil the vatican has spread.

BTW Ratzinger has been pope for quite some time already. Just because he was working with a half-dead polish pope puppet in front of him doesn't mean he hasn't been the most influential one to begin with.

And one last thought, if iconization is a SIN, then why do so many catholics iconize the pope?

person with a a brain and gorro, smart idea!

Are you kidin?

Smart move, but I hope you are doing it for the right reasons.

Thats's a great idea....

Get the highest price from the vatican and donate that money to an African Anti-Aids Foundation.


I represent a major manufacturer of health products. We would like to use your domain name to promote our new range of novelty condoms. We were considering a special Papal edition to celebrate the election of the new pontificate.
I wonder if the Vatican is going to open their eyes to the merchandising opportunities now available to them.


The vatican uses latin letters.

You did good :-)

Best Regards from germany

plenty of good things you can do with this site, but please don't give it to vatican for free... now all you need to figure out is how to make justice with the people who are messing around with the other 5+ billion lives around the world.

all the best.

Fuck pope. Who is pope. only God!!! pope kisses my cock...

Well, i think you are so celever to register this Domain before POP election!, Congratulation ;)

came from a german article writing about your new domain. good luck!

Congrats- That's the way you place your bets!

do something good with the site. give the proceeds to something that will benefit humankind. ie sell the site to a good cause.



church has to keep up to date with technology. ;)

Dutchies congratulate you.

Free Eggs Benedict for everyone???

Hi, I read the article over at Spiegel Online. Guess it'll be up to you how you will use the domains. Posting ads for modestneeds.org ist a good start imho. I'm curious what you'd do if the Vatican really asks you to redirect the domain. regards,

Btw, in case someone's curious: the Japanese before me (Tachiyanagi) posted something along the lines "I congratulate from my heart to Benedict XVI, the birth of the new pope. Japan Tachiyanagi"
Interesting, as there's less than 1% Christians in Japan.

Dear Cadenhead'
You have done a grate job.Actually you saved Our POPE.he is being a conservative in thinking,some might misuse this name for pornographic sites or that sort of anything.Now Pope is Safe.Keep your belief.And it will save you.Don't be greedy.
thank you

Hi Its far sightedness. Great! May God give you wisdeom to see its consequences too in times to come before you decide either way.

Since the Malachi prophecy holds up, I'll be the next Pope after the city of seven hills is turned to fire with a nuclear explosion in this age of terrorism. Gloria Olivae won't be pope for very long.

I'll make the world worship the Anti-Christ in the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

Just saw you on NBC's The Today Show. Rock on. :)

Good work man :-)
I watched you on Euronews, You roxx !!

this is really cool

You are FUNNI!


Sorry, but I doubt the Vatican would give you a papal hat just because you screwed around on the computer...

I just wanted to turn off italics!

Mr. Egghead:

How sad that you dare use the name of the Holy Father for your superfluous, selfish demands. Do you have any honor?

You are profiting using the name of the person who represents God in the world. Your website is already selling books that profit from sigleling out a few bad apples, what about the work of so many good priest and nuns all over the world? Oh, that doesn't sell as well right? Eventhough there are so many more good catholic priests that dedicate their lives to do good.

Wow, what a legacy for your family...

"My dad took advantage of the name of the new pope and request on national TV to get a free trip to Rome an a pope's hat." Isn't he "the opportunist of the century"?

Judas sold Jesus for 30 silver coins, I guess you domain request is just a new swing to an old custom...Are you aware what Jesus said would happen to Judas?
I live in Jacksonville, Florida.
I'm praying for you.
May God open your understanding, so very soon you get it.
There are holy matters (like the name of the person representing God in earth) that should not be use and abuse especially for frivolous commercial means, like you have done it.

I am watching you on the Today Show right now, literally, and I just want to say - great idea!!! This is great!


Saw you on "Today" this morning. You ran rings around Katie and Matt!

Loved your snarkatude. Keep up the good work!

I doubt that you're going to hell for this or any reason. It was God's divine will that you buy the website and appear on at least one national news program!

Of course, I'm Jewish, so although I absolve you of any and all sins, you got to take it with a grain of salt.

Peace my child.

Pope Dude I

Mr. Cadenhead, I'm not Catholic but I am a very religious person. I totally disagree with the previous signer in that you are being anti-Catholic. The Pope is only a representative as is all Christians are suppose to be, "Let your so Shine that men may see thine good works", Matt. 5:14 - I believe. So I'm confused as to how others believe that you are disrespecting this MAN by using his name. Are some Hispanic parents degrading Christ by naming their sons Jesus? (Hay-sus) The degredation would be if they climend to be Christ or claimed to be the Pope.


This is hilarious!

While you are enjoying the limelight - how about posting a link about Stem Cell Research here, to encourage our new Pope to acknowledge the millions of faithful adherents who are still interested in helping people?

Embrace Stem Cell Research Pope Benedict XVI



Dont worry about your morality, if God were displeased, he would have conviceted never to have started it.

Interesting... Good luck with this!

Way to go, dude!

BENEDICT VMXVI is how the Vatican will state the popes actual name. They use LAtin numberals and not Roman. Check out the Vatican's site all! Saw you on the Today show...good luck and remember what happend to the Muslim who wrote the Satanic verses....you don't want 1.1 billion people to not like you...

Good for you. Enjoy your new publicity. I would hope your website can help people pull together and make our world a more peaceful place. God is Love.

Nada é dado ao homem que não vemha do ceu.
Só Jesus é Santo.
Em Cristo,

I reserve benedictXVII.com
come on in my web site!!!
it's a verry goog web site!!!
Vince, xxx

Dear Rogers: I saw your segment on the Today Show this morning. To be honest with you, when I first heard what the segment was about, I thought: "Holy Cow!! Another Nut trying to make money on the selection of the new Pope!!"
But, after watching and listening to you I was relieved. I thought you were very, very funny and entertaining. I, especially, enjoyed your comments about your "requests"; i.e. "complete absolution"; a "week-end stay at the Vatican Hotel"; and, the "Mitre"!!
Well Done, Sir!! I understand you write "computer books"! Let me be the first to suggest (and I'm serious) you should write a "humorous book" on some subject!! You have a "great sense of humor"!!
P.S. I, as a "Member of the Clergy" was not offended in any way, and I don't think any others (Priests, Catholics, et al) should be either.
Pastor John Campbell


The National Arbitration Forum announced Monday that a ruling has been issued in favor of Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding rights to the Internet domain name hillaryclinton.com.

Senator Clinton, represented by James Lamb of Ryan, Phillips, Utrecht and MacKinnon, filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum on February 1, 2005 asserting legal rights to the Web address bearing her name.

Ruling in Senator Clinton's favor, National Arbitration Forum arbitrator Tyrus R. Atkinson, Jr. found that the other party, Michele Dinoia, registered the hillaryclinton.com domain name on October 22, 2001, and was using the disputed domain name to direct Internet users to a Web site that displays a generic search engine, links to commercial Web sites, and exposes users to pop-up ads and pay-per-click search results. In addition, the disputed domain name would bookmark itself as the visitor's homepage each time he or she opened his or her Internet browser.

The arbitrator found that Dinoia did not have legitimate rights to the Web address hillaryclinton.com and that the Web address was confusingly similar to Senator Clinton's trademark rights in her own name. The arbitrator also found that Dinoia was using hillaryclinton.com in bad faith by presumably profiting from the use of it.

The new pope's favorite Saint is St.Augustine !

Habemus papam
I'm very happy
visite my web site, you can win €€€...

and the bold shall be off!

Congratulations on your website

Watched your interview with Katie Couric this morning(actually the tail end of it).

Great idea on the modest needs website, organizing merchanise for the needy!!!!
Such as people with a older car to donate and want the item to actually go to an individual versus an organization for administration fees.

I also impressed with your insight to take the name of the new Pope and protect it from the negativity on the internet. Blessings for you!

May this website create a sense of Peace and goodness in humanity the world is seeking.

I will continue to follow your mission and read more information on this site.

God's Blessing to you!

I think your approach was clever and I appreciate your sense of humor in this all too serious world!

If you were Catholic, you would know that the Vatican has thier own e-mail ending, ie. John_PaulII@vatican.va.
So the new Pope's will probably be BenedictXVI@Vatican.va. Check with EWTN.COM if you want to make sure.

congratulations and my complimetns for the fact that you are www-worldnews.
good job.

best regards


Bravo Rogers. I just saw you on the Today Show. As a fellow Floridian, I am quite proud of you. I think the next step would be your own television show. You photograph nicely. You could be the next Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show"

Give this website to porn because Poles don't like Vatican, John Paul II and also we don't like old Benedict XVI.

dude you rule ;P

Pope Paul II was the greatest pope so the new pope will have alot of work to became the real "pope"

regarts from poland;)

DUDE! ask for a popemobile!

You done a great jobe so now you can sell this domain and give money for pour children from poland:)

best regards from polish nation

Mr. Cadenhead, you are a GENIUS!!! Congratulation!!!
Mario from Argentina

what happens to us when we die? Do we go to heaven or hell?

Way to go Roger. I like the whole website and keep up the good work. It doesn't matter what everyone else is saying you the man!

100 hits/min, well, you'll certinally make a bit out of your googleAds.

Also your blog listing all 500 comments on one page? classic :)

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Most Excellent Score! Or is that Most High Excellency Score?
The Good cardinal was speaking out about the evils of the New World Order many years ago, I hope he will become a much larger burr in the NWO saddle now.
I'm not of the religious bent so to speak, but this guy looks like he might actually be one of the good guys.
I have been working for years to tie together the Knights of Malta, The Vatican, The Mafia and the CIA/Bush cartel. This could add an interesting chapter.

OK, you can read more ranting in my blog at Webmusher Blog

Just top! Congrats!

I saw you on the Today show this morning. Hilarious. Best interview ever. You are my hero!

Hey! I am sure God wont mind if yu make some cash off that domain name. Although, if i were you Id sell it to some good soul. peace and make bank off all these hits. Ill click on google add for you:)

It's good to see someone with a sense of humor and good intentions. There are way too many people on your website that hve serious personal issues and way too much time on their havds!

I'm sure that if you had not registered this website, someone else would have. At least it is not in bad hands.

Good Guess :-)

You were great on the Today show.

Let's hope God has a sense of humor.

In 1941 Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II)saw the Nazis arrest and take away his parish priests in Poland. Could one of those Nazis have been Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)? Probably not. The gestapo arrested Karol's priests while Joseph R. was regular army.

the today show was hilarious. That's what brought me to your site. I think asking for the hat was great. Way to go!

I saw you on the Today Show. You have a great sense of humor. You seem to be taking this all in stride. Good for you.

Saw the Today Show interview... you did great.

Just a thought on your list of requests - personally I would add some time with a Vatican theological scholar for some time to study and discuss religious issues with him. Regardless of your beliefs, how many times would you get the chance to have this kind of opportunity? If it could be done in with the air of a scholarly discussion, I think it would be fascinating.

Why not choose a pope whos 50 and not about to die

Hey Rogers!

I just reviewed almost all the comments on this page, and can't believe how many are repetitive!

Lots o' high fives from Poland, lots o' self-righteous people without a sense of humor telling you to give the name to the Pope. I mean, why would anybody even look for a "dot-com" for the pope in the first place?

And what's the deal with that weirdo Chris, who was a pope-squatter that actually seemed serious about the whole thing? Jeez buddy, get a life!

As I said earlier, you deserve a good 15 minutes of fame just for being snarky! I mean, why should you not be any less famous than that guy who did the tiny Christo gates thing in his house? Or that guy from New Jersey singing some Romanian pop song? Or that overweight kid doing the Star Wars dance?

One thing that puzzles me is why you would ENCOURAGE people to post their own web site links. I mean, there's so much cr*p on the internet, can't people find that stuff on their own? Why promote it?

O.K., I guess I've wasted too much time (and your space) on these rather pointless, self-serving comments. When your website stops getting hits, what are you going to do with all of these comments?

Pope Dude I

P.S. I do hope that you can score one of those big pointy hats, though. Those look kinda neat!

I vote you make the site like a Harper's Index style thing:

number of female priests: 0
number of people suffering because of the Catholic church's retarded stance on condoms: 250,394,556
number of priests who should be in jail for child molestation: can't keep track the number keeps growing

Here's to one of the most out of date, out of touch, harmful and destructive organizations on the planet: the good ol' Catholic church.

yeah, the religion should disolve and start a fresh one with new ideas.

God bless the pope! Can we sell your domain on eBay?!?!

I, along with a gazillion other folks, just saw you on the Today Show, so glad you have humor and ethics, finally one of the good guys prevail. People using foul language at you are just mad they didn't have the idea and get this first. You should sell this site to the vatican, make some money, donate some of it, and enjoy yourself, you deserve it. By the way, if you do get to go to Italy, try to go to San Remo too, it's a beautiful place on the coast close to France. Congrats!!

Great interview on Today. You made me and I am sure many others laugh.
I think in addition to your "requests" you should include:
1) A red bathrobe when you stay in the vatican hotel.
2) Absolution on the towels that you may take as souvuneiers.
3) Dinner with Katie Couric.
4) Guest host the Tonight Show wearing your new hat.


Congratulations, Roger.

I was personally hoping for
Pope Rottweiler the First.
The Rottweiler has been described
as "a dependable, rugged, willing
worker, possessed of great intelligence
and a strong guarding instinct."

I have no response to this.

I think that Rogers is a very funny and normal guy. He is having a little fun with this and should. He was a smart thiker and quick! If all of the negative people happened to see him on the morning news, you could tell he is not a bad guy at all. Infact he would be a blast to sit and shoot the bull with! And by the way rogers, if you read this... how funny, I live in Omaha Ne but was in St. Augistine this last weekend buying a house!My husband and I are moving there next month! Hope to run into you there! You are a funny funny guy!

Just saw you on the Today Show, LOL, glad to see you have a good sense of humor & are a good person. I consider myself a Christian ie. a person who believes in God & that Jesus died for our sins, so we can see the Kingdom of God when we pass away. Also one who treats others as we ourselves want to be treated, "Do unto others etc.". Am a former Catholic, brought up on guilt, abused by 2 priests, {when do they plan to stop sweeping this under the rug), but have gone on with my life & am enjoying it with my 6 surviving children, & now 9 almost 10 grandchildren, GUILT FREE! Everyone else out there like me, get rid of the junk in your past, BE Happy Live For Today, and don't forget to say I love you to your family members everytime you see or talk to them. Let them know how important they are to you!!!! Good luck Roger, GREAT JOB! God Bless You

I just want to know how old the new pope is!!

what a woim. i don't get the voodoo that you do. go say a novena.
you think your wicked smat. take your dag for a wak in the pak with mahky mahk.

get a haircut dude.

redirect the site:


Greetings and good job

Just keep it respectful dude!


I think you're hot.

You were the source of many smiles and laughter this morning on the Today Show. Your friends and family are blessed.

I guess you skipped a letter from the Hungarian quote... most likely an f, I guess. Then there is no accusation there; it would mean `the greatest profiteer/wildcatter/gambler/speculator is the pope' or something along these lines.

saw you on the today show this morning! i hope you get your hat and your trip to vatican city! ;)

It seems your web site has brought all the cliched hard-liners out, from frothing religious conservatives to bitter anti-US Canadians to conscience-free capitalists and mindless bloggers.

You alone can know that you will use this domain for the right reasons, and must trust yourself. It seems to me that a true Catholic would be relieved to see a man of ethics and spirituality in this position rather than any of the other types above.

God Bless You, and good luck.

Dangit, now I can't read the Cruel.com message board. I have a crush on Roger_That and I would love to give her an "Indulgence"

Watched the Today show and just had to visit the site. Thanks. Its nice to see that there are people out there other than those who attract "bad" attention.

Once you make the Millions, I would love to be your personal hair dresser!

Good idea !!!!

Great interview on Today! Do you think you're actually going to get your requests done? I hope you do. I'm glad that you have a sense of humor and are a catholic. It would have been bad if you didn't have these two qualities. At least for me! Your grandmother has taught you well and I'm proud of your popularity! God Bless!

Good on ya.

Baiting the Christians, or any other religion for that matter, is a great pastime. Well done indeed.

Wonders never cease at the human species.

This is not a very catholic thing that you are trying to do. What is your problem? A good catholic would give the web domain to the Pope. Shame on you and may God have mecry on your soul for trying to profit from the church for your own needs. Jesus never taught us to do that, but to give to others before you recieve.

Saw your Today Show interview. You're wonderful and very funny! Perhaps you should also add to your list of "requests" to do a "Saturday Night Live From The Vatican" ! Thanks for making my day.

ok people there is no god. you all sit here thinking that there is...I mean really what is a pope? the answer is easy...he is the same person as your priest, all that he does is give you a blessing, but unlike your priest the pope will never talk to you in person...he dont care about you nor does he want to...he gets paid for being a icon to many around the world so that we dont lose the faith in god....well if there was a god then I want my neice back and the real fuckin pope the first one

Isn't Ratzinger the guy who used to play Cliff Clavin on Cheers? I had the domain names popecliffy.com and cliffthefirst.com covered.....

please visit my website www.pieterlategan.com

good job! ha ha made me laugh this morning!

If you decide to put up ads, maybe I should put one up for an auction on this cheese sandwich I have currently warehoused in my freezer. It has an image on it that looks suspiciously like my dog, Barney.

Thinking it was a sign from above, I was SURE we were gonna get a Pope Barney I as the new guy.

Fortunately for me, I didn't put any money on it.

Cadenhead has abandond his family! We have been silenced! How Cruel!

Congratulations on the showing that science and spirituallity can be mixed.
You represent a great sense of humor coupled with the knowledge of both science and religion.

As a computational chemist with a love of Christ and God, it is refreshing to see someone link both.

Loved your wish list. Totally hilarious and puts the papacy into a more practical poise.

I would like you to add forums discussing several topics. Some topics of hopefully your comparable interest.

- the Infallibility of the Bible (the existence of so many religions)
- Reconciliation with other religions (Do all of the good souls in other religions go to hell just because of their religious choice?)
- Can science explain faith? (The trick here is that the greatest scientist is God ... thus is it just that we currently do not know enough of science to relate it to our faith/feelings/emotions?

I have a full list of thoughts so I'll stop now. Check me at my link.

This is all well and good, but WHO WILL BE EATEN FIRST?

At the risk of “attack of penguins clutching rulers in Braveheart formation”
flashbacks coming back...
Thanks for sharing your quirky humor with us all.
Anonymous Catholic School Survivor

I really hope you do the right thing and turn over the website to the Vatican. I pray that you will. Listen to your good Catholic Grandmom, she's much wiser than you. I'll pray for you, you need it. Out of respect to our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and to all Catholics (the good orthodox ones expecially), please turn this site over to the Vatican. And to all of you out there who hate the Catholic Church and our new Pope, may God have mercy on your souls.



You are probably gay ?
Because idiot and stupid, no doubt!
North american silly, no doubt!

Yeah, I'm gay because I think what rcade did is funny, or because I am making fun of some "concerned Catholic" who really doesn't hasn't faith enough to laugh at worldly matters.

You *totally* figured me out.

Good job rcade, I'm glad you're not selling this to the pr0n people or the gamblers. You get on with your bad self.

CTHULU -- I'll pray for you too.

You are great.

I'll be dipped in natural organic fertilizer if I can figure out why turning the domain name over to the Vatican is "doing the right thing". It sure is quite something to watch, though, the way some Catholics are getting so righteously indignant over the mere possibility that one of their sacred cows might get gored, as if the powers that be in the Catholic Church give a tinker's damn what anybody else considers sacred. I'm sorry that some of y'all are about to blow a blood vessel about this, but it's high time you considered the consequences of trying to compel obedience from those over whom you have no actual power. You wanna get it, you gotta give it.


Mwahahahahahahahah. Even your precious Pope Benzene the XVI prays to me:

All Hail CTHULU!

saw you on the early morning show, enjoyed the sight hope one day the vatican will own it and be thankful for some extensive re-search on your part

You are so claver and.......

CTHULU -- you've got issues.

LC- Get some humor dear.

Arguing with someone on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, your still retarded.

oooo........ rfd chips on walmart.....well, i shouldnt worry, they never let me in cause of that no shoes, no shirt, no service thingy...apparently they arent intrested on spying on a barefooter's life =P!!!!!!

i wonder how much till someone talks about elvis on this place.

Anyway.... i had a dream...cadenhead became the next pope...cause he got more attention from catholics, muslims and all religions from the world than the real pope himself, and with cadenhead as pope (wearing benedict's hat) he led the world into unity and love and peace....and everyone had a movable type bible and to exorzize pepole they would read:

Norton 8:20 "and the evilness of the worm was destroyed by the might of the antivirus...for the new service pack was created in 7 days by microsoft, and microsoft saw it was good"

dear cadenhead,
its nice
thank u too much for that
by this page we can know about our pope

rajon from bangladesh.

I think you shoould stop this inmediately!!

George w bush could see this as a terrorist act and decide to start a war on squatting... then he would start to invade every country in the look of servers of mass distraction.... i can imagine the evening news showing how 4 soldiers died in a mailbomb... and how after 6 months of being in ecuator, they still havent found the squatter that bought www.barney.net, terrorizing unsuspecting children that acces the .net site, hoping to hear barney singing and instead getting algebra equations and history lessons....THE HORROR...OMG THE HORROR!!!

I prefer the united nations.
Read my book.
The United Nations,
the reign of God?

Emmanuel Michielszoon

The new pope says, the catholic church is te germ of the reign of God.???

in my opinion

for reactions

The new pope says, the catholic church is te germ of the reign of God.???

in my opinion

for reactions

read my book


for reactions

er for you the pope



I was wondering if anybody had bought benedictxvi.com. Blimey. What are you going to use it for?

Did you see that? The benedictvmxvi.org is being sold on ebay! There is another smart ass who thinks he can make money out of it. I wonder how far it's gonna go?? Because I think that this is a great domain name too!

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I am delighted that you have chosen to respond at last to one of the people posting comments on your blog. While the subject of the sex/slave trade is indeed horrendous, I am sure I am not alone in wishing that you would engage and debate with those of us posing hard and difficult questions about the impending EU Constitutioncrisis that is likely to result from a rejection by French and Dutch voters. Surely this is a paramount subject for you - Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication - to be addressing. It wont go away, you know.

I suppose that the Apotheosis
of every Man begins
when he Realizes

the One he Thought
an Enemy
is a Friend.

I am delighted that you have chosen to respond at last to one of the people posting comments on your blog. While the subject of the sex/slave trade is indeed horrendous, I am sure I am not alone in wishing that you would engage and debate with those of us posing hard and difficult questions about the impending EU Constitutioncrisis that is likely to result from a rejection by French and Dutch voters. Surely this is a paramount subject for you - Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication - to be addressing. It wont go away, you know.tadalafil tadalafiltadalafil

I am delighted that you have chosen to respond at last to one of the people posting comments on your blog. While the subject of the sex/slave trade is indeed horrendous, I am sure I am not alone in wishing that you would engage and debate with those of us posing hard and difficult questions about the impending EU Constitutioncrisis that is likely to result from a rejection by French and Dutch voters. Surely this is a paramount subject for you - Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication - to be addressing. It wont go away, you know.tadalafil tadalafiltadalafil

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I can't be bothered with anything recently. I've more or less been doing nothing to speak of. I've just been letting everything pass me by recently. Such is life. I just don't have much to say lately.

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Pope has phone sex on UK phonesex website hear all about granny phone sex


Thank you for taking religion to a new level that we never thought possible.


OBVIOUSLY, priests love Gregorian chant. And apparently the Pope loves Mozart -- even if Mozart fled from his master-bishop in the eighteenth century and supported the Freemasons in Die Zauberflote.

In more recent times, of course, when the Spanish anarchist, and the Italian and German Jews wanted some Pope or other to condemn the Nazi hym-sheet, one could not be found: the Vatican was shtumm! Why did the Papacy never condemned this entry either in Germany, Austria or Croatia:
You Tube at:


It's true, you can never find a Pope when you most want one. But that is not the current predicament. The 'swing' that the Fueher condemned is back in controversial vogue in the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI who is in a unique position to appreciate the Nazi hymn-sheet, not least because he served with the Wehrmacht and is perfectly familiar with these dulcet tones of the above marches. Now, however, he has decided to condemn Rock 'n Roll. Not having a wife or children -- that is, no one in the Vatican whose lives, customs and habits he could refer to, he must turn for guidance to colleagues who are also, unfortunately, aging men like himself -- and all of whome have, like himself, have foresworn family life. And yet they can somehow come to the conclusion (one suspects more from from deductive rather than inductive logic) that Rock 'N Roll is something to be condemned.

Presumably , the ban on Rock includes Tina Turner. If Satanism is the yardstick by which Rock 'N Roll should be condemned, then Ms Turner is surely guilty. She is positively the queen of witches -- even witchier than Queen!

So, is this rock-classic to be condoned or condemned also?

Tina Turner-The best
04:09 From: BamonRe
Views: 159,145

YouTube at

And what about Dvorak's waternymph? Whatever else she is , she is no christian. Waternymphs are invariably pagan; for while Christians see miracles and 'moving statues', waternymphs bay at the moon for human love. And Renee Fleming in her 'Chanson a la Lune' is every bit as hexifying as Tina Turner. Morever, the Christian has seen fit to cut out all pagan knowledge from the known world and still practises it in the third world. He has incorporated his acts of vandalism into what he calls Cannon Law -- the code of Roman priestcraft. So, having burned the heretics of Rock 'N Roll at the stake of a celibate Papacy, the chalk-loving schoolmen of the Vatican may well turn their wrath on this Waternymph -- in whose orisons be all our wishes for a religion-free world remembered :

Fleming - Dvorak
07:41 From: fernandoclassic
Views: 46,670


It must be truly wonderful to be Infallible! And to know what is good for everybody else!

Seamus Breathnach


I have lived in 4 different types of religious homes "there is know need for a god" Stand on your own. Ray

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