I completed my first novel and entered it in the Amazon Breakthrough contest last month. A few days ago I learned that it advanced to the second round along with 399 other thrillers based on this pitch: No marriage is without its secrets, but Clemson University professor Jessup Clark accidentally uncovers one that threatens more than his happiness. A discovered airplane ticket stub reveals that his wife Shani lied to him and took a flight to Chicago when she claimed to be in Atlanta for business. When he confronts ... read more

I have written a Radio Userland format driver to read Amazon's XML feed of best-selling products for any category and keyword you designate (example; requires Internet Explorer 5 or 6 to view in a browser). To add the driver to Radio Userland: Update Radio.root. Download formatDrivers.catalog.fttb and save it to a folder on your system. Open Radio Userland (in Windows, right-click the RU icon in the System tray and choose Open Radio). Choose File, Open and open formatDrivers.catalog.fttb. You will be ... read more