Radio Userland Format Driver for Amazon XML Feeds

I have written a Radio Userland format driver to read Amazon's XML feed of best-selling products for any category and keyword you designate (example; requires Internet Explorer 5 or 6 to view in a browser).

To add the driver to Radio Userland:

  1. Update Radio.root.
  2. Download formatDrivers.catalog.fttb and save it to a folder on your system.
  3. Open Radio Userland (in Windows, right-click the RU icon in the System tray and choose Open Radio).
  4. Choose File, Open and open formatDrivers.catalog.fttb.
  5. You will be asked if you want to save the file as user.xml.rss.formatDrivers.catalog. Click OK.

After the script has been added, open the News aggregator page and add an Amazon XML feed. Feel free to modify my example -- change "naviseek" to your Amazon Associates ID, change "books" if you want a different category (such as "software") and change "Rogers%20Cadenhead" to the keyword you want to search for, replacing all spaces with %20 as I did).


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