My dad Roger Cadenhead died yesterday after a long battle with Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. He was 70. Dad was a microelectronic engineer, rock-ribbed Republican, ham radio operator K5PCS and one half of the June 1980 father-son championship at the Hulen Mall Putt-Putt. You could start a conversation with him on the weather and find yourself an hour later in a discourse on the root causes of World War I. He'll be taken back to Honey Grove, which he loved, to the mother and grandmother who raised him. His death means that someone else is now the No. 1 critic of Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels.

Rogers Cadenhead and his dad Roger Cadenhead

My dad and I, circa 1970

-- Rogers Cadenhead



Allow me to offer my condolences. Your dad sounds like he was a great guy to hang out with and it's obvious he'll be missed.



nice blog post.its really heart touching story. i just read it with full attention.thank you so much for sharing this with us. i will surely share this with my friends.i am going to bookmark this page for future reference regarding any write ups about this topic.


Such an inspiring story.


I really understand your mood, I have been away from my father for 6 years, whenever my father told me not to come back, it would be disappointing and I would be so


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