NBC's web site offers a Flash version of Deal or No Deal, an odd new game show that pits a player's greed against the arithmetic mean.

I've only caught a few minutes of the show, which aired last week and will be repeated Monday on CNBC, but I may start watching to see Howie Mandel not shake hands with the contestants.

Mandel's a germophobe, writes Mark Evanier:

I think it's weird that NBC has one reality show where the contestants are expected to eat rat --------- but they also have two -- this and Mr. Trump's Apprentice -- where the stars are terrified of germs. You know, Howie and Donald, touching other people is a great way to maintain good, healthy hair. Look at the difference between the scalps of Leno and Letterman.

That's a far cry from Richard Dawson, who used to grout the esophagus of every female contestant on Family Feud.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


"...who used to grout the esophagus..."

Fabulous, love the imagery. Well done.


"...who used to grout the esophagus..."
Now there's the Rogers Cadenhead writing I used to love to read back in 1986-1988 in Arlington Texas.


We have had this in Australia for a while. It has been interesting seeing the (mostly) american blogosphere reaction to it. On the Freakonomics blog (freakonomics.com/blog) they were saying how (some) economists are getting excited an seeing it as a way to get data and they were monitoring the first people to write a paper, before someone pointed out since the game show has been in italy and australia for a few years now, there has been a paper released (albeit in italian)


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