Alan Sepinwall's a Mad Man

Alan Sepinwall, a longtime TV critic for The Star-Ledger newspaper in New Jersey, writes a great recap of each episode of Mad Man on his blog that's online by the time the episode's over each Sunday night. It's incredibly detailed and he finds amazing stuff in each episode. Here's the start of last night's recap:

When I interviewed Matthew Weiner before the season began, I asked whether there would be any big mysteries this year like Don's identity or Peggy's baby. "Things get chaotic so quickly," he replied, "and there are so many more immediate problems. There is a high level of tension pretty soon."

Watching the season's early episodes, I kept wondering when the chaos and immediate problems would begin. Now, having watched Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency -- the highlight of season three to date, and one of the best Mad Men episodes ever -- I know. If we're going to consider, as I suggested last week, the first four episodes to be an extended prologue, and "The Fog" as the unofficial start of season three's storylines, then Guy is when all those storylines go insane, quickly."

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