ABC Orders Full Season of Castle

ABC has ordered a full-season pickup for Castle, the breezy drama starring Nathan Fillion and some woman whose name sounds like a female tennis player from the former Soviet bloc. AOL Television claims that this is the first time a Fillion-led series has gotten this far:

Fillion, who plays hunky mystery writer Richard Castle, has had a long and successful television career as a supporting actor, but his previous attempts to carry a show as a leading man, such as Drive and cult favorite Firefly, met quick ends, leading some to speculate that Fillion may not be capable of making the jump from role player to star.

Now, however, Variety is reporting that ABC has ordered nine additional episodes of Castle, giving Fillion a full season for the first time as a lead actor; last year, Castle,which debuted as a mid-season replacement, totaled only 10 episodes.

As a person for whom Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place was appointment television, I must correct this report. Fillion was a regular for the final three seasons of that sitcom. He wasn't one of the two guys, but he was shacking up with the girl in the title. So he has already experienced the moderate sense of accomplishment that comes from not being cancelled mid-season. (Fun fact: Suzanne Cryer, another cast member of Two Guys, was the "Yada Yada Yada" girl on Seinfeld.)

I'm one of 17 contestants in the TV Deadpool to predict that Castle will be reduced to rubble this year. The series barely was renewed last spring as a mid-season replacement. If I'm wrong, at least I'm taking four-time pool winner James Dinan down with me.

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