Best Science Fiction Sites on Geocities

The science fiction blog IO9 has compiled a list of the 38 greatest science fiction sites on Yahoo GeoCities, information that will be completely useless after the site is shutdown today:

Geocities had a fantastic DIY sensibility that encouraged absolutely anybody to put up a website. And people used it to upload articles from their old fanzines, and create sites on incredibly niche topics, like all the different versions of the Fourth Doctor's scarf we saw on Doctor Who, or the history of obscure TV shows. Nowadays, people would probably start blogs instead -- but it's hard to keep a blog about Tom Baker's scarf going for terribly long. ...

Anyway, we searched through Geocities in its last remaining moments, and pulled up some of our favorite sites that cover obscure or odd topics, plus a few of the silliest. What are your favorites that you'll miss when it's gone?

Since the closure of GeoCities was announced in April, digital archivist Jason Scott has been working desperately to save as much of it as possible. "This is fifteen years and decades of man-hours of work that you're destroying, blowing away because it looks better on the bottom line," he writes in a blistering denunciation of Yahoo executives.

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