Patricia Heaton Killed My TV Deadpool

ABC has renewed three of its Wednesday night comedies: Modern Family, Cougar Town and The Middle. The first two were not much of a surprise, but The Middle was on the bubble and seemed likely to join Hank in the sitcom graveyard.

The Middle is a flyover state sitcom starring Patricia Heaton, the misanthropic janitor from Scrubs and three mostly forgettable child actors. The show hinges on the lovability of Heaton, which seemed like a longshot to me at the start of the season. She was perfect as Ray Romano's hectoring spouse on Everybody Loves Raymond and seems to find lots of things to be irate about in real life as an anti-abortion conservative in Hollywood. I misunderestimated her. America loves Patricia.

This is bad news for my TV death pool. I'm currently tied for sixth place, but losing my 8-spot prediction will probably doom my chances to win.

So I'm not all that fond of Patricia myself.

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