Cady McClain on Sarah Palin

Because I'm still not over the death of All My Children's Dixie Cooney Chandler Martin Bodine Martin, who died in 2007 after eating poisoned peanut butter pancakes meant for her daughter-in-law, I've been keeping up with the personal weblog where her portrayer Cady McClain journals life after death.

McClain has a rep for being fairly opinionated, as you can see from her post yesterday about Sarah Palin:

Cady McClain, All My Children's Dixie Martin... I think Sarah Palin is the worst thing to come to politics in a long time. Overly aggressive, blindly opinionated, savagely ambitious, I would not consider it beyond her to manipulate her way into the presidential seat by arranging McCain's untimely death. She thinks its okay to ban books from a library! She thinks man has nothing to do global warming! She thinks polar bears are not an endangered species! She has these supposed "christian values" but married because she was pregnant and now her underage daughter is doing the same thing? She is a moron and a hypocrite and there is no way in hell I am voting for McCain with her on the ticket. Oh and by the way, she had one of her employees call a blogger who was questioning some of her policies online and tell her "Stop blogging! Stop blogging now!" WTF?! This is what we can look forward to: the end of freedom of speech, more humanitarian policies destroyed by greed, the end of women's rights over their bodies, banned books, and boiling hot summers! They try to tell us, "these are her personal beliefs and she hasn't tried to put these policies into her lawmaking!" I say that's total --------. Do they think we're ------- stupid?

She had me at "worst."


Yeah, that really makes me want to vote for Obama. :-/
I can just see him reading stuff like this and saying, "Will all of my 'supporters' please just shut the f**k up?"

A year ago I'd have said that there was no way a Republican could possibly win the election, but I've got to hand it to you guys--I really underestimated your determination to lose.

Rogers demonstrates the meaning of heuristic attenion, "She had me at "worst.""

It is a Freudian holiday! McClain projects her own sly idea of political assassination (probably conceived as she imagined Hillary taking 'charge' as vice president) onto Palin. If you all weren't so permanently blinded by your partisan idiocy(ies), you could see that for the Hollywood-type Lucretia Borgia script she dredged out of the depths of her own mental (dark) abyss.

The *Librarian* gets quoted about 'banning', "Emmons told the Frontiersman she flatly refused to consider any kind of censorship."

I took a course in Library Science in HS, and worked part-time in our community's local library. It is a flat out lie that Emmons would not consider censorship! *ALL* community libraries stocks books using self-censorship! The public censors the books they support with purchase and those books appear in the public's libraries according to that!

Having said that, some libraries take great pride in having every title: Library of Congress, University, other historical repositories like the Vatican, et al. However, they CENSOR ACCESS, to those with a need to know, adult, or other special requirements to allow perusal.

This issue alone demonstrates that no amount of hyperbole is too much in your collective urge stomp on, defame and revile a political opponent using outright and bald-faced lies!

Reasonable librarians list their budgetary selections for community agreement with mayors and, or city councils and managers. It isn't unreasonable for a concerned and involved mayor to see what her employees feel about censorship, and if intransigent in their opinions by denying ALL censorship or outside authority, should be fired for insubordination. Many communities and librarians cull selections for community standards, and who needs a *librarian* who is nothing but a petty dictator, denying all authority but their own?

However, as already noticed, you are so self-blinded to reality that any and all dehumanization "has you" no matter how vile or maniacal it happens to be.

She (Palin) certainly isn't a "moron", and the "hypocrite" is Cady and her ignorant, knowing lies. Indeed, the "greed" mentioned is greed for votes and which prompts the lies and hyperbolic craziness that is infecting your party of Progressives (little verbal baton wielding, goosestepping imps from yellow-dog-hell).

I think with this upcoming loss for your party of anti-patriotic, war profiteering for votes partisans will allow Fidel/Raul (Putin's new two-faced puppet:) or Hugo Chavez to supply you all with terrorist materials, as you take to the hills for your intransigent refusal to abide by democracy! After the lawyer attack fails, of course ...

... or, maybe you'll come to your senses and stop listening to Hollywood and their HS drop-out level of education zealots ...?

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Way up high ... maybe


Just because you disagree with someone doesn't make them a bad person. Should I start classifying people who disagree with me as bad people? I think of you, Rogers, as a decent person with whom I differ politically. I think it would behoove you - and many other liberals - to take the personal out of the political.

I only vote for or against politicians based on what celebrities say. It's the only logical way to live your life.

I'm not clear on how sharing Cady McClain's over-the-top rant means I think people who disagree with me are bad people. I enjoy sparring with people who don't agree with me politically. If you're a Republican, James, I don't hold that against you. I will do what I can to keep you off the wall when the revolution comes.

My belief that Palin's an unqualified wiseass who lies constantly and is way out of her depth isn't a reflection on the Republicans who support her, any more than your feelings about Joe Biden would be a criticism of me.

The Republicans don't display the kind of unhinged hatred for Biden that Democrats do for Palin. Now, Hillary Clinton is another story. Republicans do go completely off their rockers over her.

Now, let's pause to consider: what exactly do Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have in common?

This is so moronic and assinine, you hate a women because she believes in country, god, and the American way. Because she has fought corruption and because she is pro-life.

I think your view points and the view points of the left are mentally ill Rogers, seriously. It's not a matter of disagreement or of policy. I truly believe that you and the left are sick in the head, for you light in dark and dark is light.

It's sick and evil, there is no other way to put it.

Ken says, "Republicans do go completely off their rockers over her."

Well, I think it was the effort to exert unelected influence on government that bothered 'Middle America', and the smoke surrounding several of her private fires surely didn't help. Perhaps the final straw was the hundreds of FBI files she managed to acquire, or maybe it was the active part she played in trying to destroy the reputations of those women who wouldn't go along with Bill's sexual coercions and assaults?

The point, in my opinion, being that Hillary's excesses had a foundation in fact, while those against Palin are grossly exaggerated, huge inventions, or outright misogyny (not that misogyny isn't displayed against *any* successful woman to some degree; including Hillary). Indeed, 'Middle America' didn't line-up and wield their batons against Hillary, at the time, and in stark contrast to how the Progressives/Democrats are militating against Palin, now, repeating the cant issued to agitate the collective found by paid DNC muckrakers.

Where are the same sort of attacks being done by 'Middle America', now against Hillary? Biden, Obama?

I had a good laugh the other day when some Leftist thought to attack the rightwing for claiming Obama was a Muslim, and when that huge rumor came out during the Democrat race, and also mentioning his Islamic school, in an Islamic nation where he lived with his Islamic father! Either that was Hillary's effort at sponsoring anti-religious bigotry, or the Republicans revealed it to help Hillary.

Can you relink? Or quote some of their Clinton-Palin commonality?

"I think your view points and the view points of the left are mentally ill Rogers, seriously."

Well, then... I can see why you'd read his blog 20 times a day... and post to it. Bully use of your time. Just bully!

Riddle me this Anon, do you love your country? I don't mean in the generic way, but truely and deeply, do you love America? Have you ever fought for it, do you salute the national anthem and the flag and mean it?

At what point do you consider a baby a human life? Conception, 1 month, 5 months, birth, 1 year old?

Do you hate women? Or just women that hold traditional values?

I see some nasty peice of filth like Sandra Butchhardt say Palin should be gang raped and it makes me spitting mad. And where is the castigation from the left?

Some pile of shit writes that Palins should have aborted her son, and the left smirks and nods in agrement.

I see some bag of trash like corrupt ass Charlie Rangle call Plain 'disabled' (another shot at ther son Trig) and it makes me want to kick his old tired left wing ass.

Some fucktard punk hacks Palins personal emails and puts it out there and silence form the lefties.

The attacks on Palin are the most agregious and disgusting in American political history, and those of you on the left that stand and nod approvingly are every bit as guilty as the offenders.

Anon slaps Rogers, "Well, then... I can see why you'd read his blog 20 times a day... and post to it. Bully use of your time. Just bully!"

You mock the popularity of Rogers blog, to make your off-subject and very personal attack.

Is it internet sweeps week, Rogers? You need these spam attacks for ratings, even though it contradicts your moderation policy?

Maybe that's it, but in spades, since you're now wise to the effects of controversy, but also want it to hit at your Retort site, too? Watchers Q/Q ...?

Pay me ...

Tad and I have fought for America, Anon, we have given our blood and parts of our bodies in war for this country.

How about you?

Sure you have, Rex. Sure you fought for America...

and sure you get paid a salary to offer your judgement on world affairs to a top global financial company. It's what you do, every day.


And you're also an astronaut and the tooth fairy.

So, no anwsers to the questions.


Rex asks, and I take the bait.

"do you love America?"

Yes. Not significantly more than I love any other country.

"Have you ever fought for it,"

No. Friends and relatives have, and I respect them for it.

"do you salute the national anthem and the flag and mean it?"

No. I in fact make handheld flag burning kits and leave them in the matchbook bowl at bars.

"At what point do you consider a baby a human life? Conception, 1 month, 5 months, birth, 1 year old?"

I can't answer this question medically. I am against abortion personally, but also strongly against laws that restrict womens' right to abortion.

"Do you hate women?"

Not at all. I love women.

"Or just women that hold traditional values?"

I love them just as much. Other folks' values are not my business.

Rogers, I want to thank you for bringing Cady to my attention. She is going to be a special project of mine now.

I really put on my thinking cap for a good comment on her blog. I don't know if it will be posted, but I think it may give her something to think about.

Now don't worry, no vulgarities or angry attacks, just a nice fireside chat with Cady about Cady.

Cady and I are going to be good blogging buddys from now on.

BTW, here is a cutie with a brain in her head, she 'was' a my space friend of Cady, Tracy For Palin.

Palin schmalin. She's a distraction from the real issues of this election. I keep hoping Rogers will explore one of the biggest stories of the last 20 years, how the democrats' love of feel-good legislation led to a near-meltdown of the financial system and how deeply Obama is involved in it even as he tries to pin it on the Bush administration and pretends not to know Franklin Raines, or even a small story like Biden's kids ripping off investors and lying about it, but no dice I guess. Which is sad, because I always thought he was a "real journalist" while I was just playing at it. Too bad.

You accept too many right-wing talking points at face value, Mikey. I'm still working my way to an understanding of the financial meltdown like everybody else, but the idea that it was all caused by "feel-good" Democratic legislation seems fairly insane. The Republicans controlled Congress for most of 1994-2006 and the White House for nearly eight years. This mess is mostly on their watch, and a big contributor to the disaster is the deregulation they've pursued as a governing philosophy for three decades.

Seven years of the "grownups" in charge, as Republicans sneered at us Democrats back in 2000, and Bush has a mess so big it'll take $700 billion in taxpayer funds to bail out.

Clinton, though he did like extramarital sex, left the U.S. with a surplus and didn't take the country to the precipice of another Great Depression. The economy does better under Democrats because there's still some people in the party who believe in fiscal restraint. The Republicans got rid of those party poopers, and we're all paying a price for it.

Nothing is all one party's fault. But the evidence is glaringly one-sided on this one, and that shouldn't take long to discover.

The problem is we gave a lot of loans to people who couldn't pay them back. That's the Community Reinvestment Act - a Carter disaster made even worse under Clinton - in action, and the "deregulation" you decry is hardly the Conservatives' fault. When Bush and McCain both tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie, the Democrats led the charge to stop them, and succeeded despite the absurdity of their arguments. No surprise: they'd been paid to do so by lobbyists, and strangely Obama's collected quite a bit of that money himself - second among US Senators despite his short time in office.

It didn't help that the people running Freddie and Fannie were lying and stealing, and getting their friends shady house loans. Explain to me why so many prominent liberals, essential cogs of the Democratic and Obama machines, either work or worked for Fannie and Freddie, if this is such a Republican phenomenon.

How can you ignore this stuff? It's much more interesting and substantial than any of this Palin gossip.

Worse...yup, she had me at worse too!

Sounds like more of a description of Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is a nice lady, she is strong but not aggressive. Do these Liberals have any idea what a warmonger Hillary Clinton is. I thought they were anti war, but it looks like their Liberal domestic agenda, is more important than Syrian, Russian, Libyan, Iraqi, Iranian, Lebanese lives. Yeah we know, abortion 'rights' are their main certain.

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