Christian Slater: Threat or Menace?

My friend and fellow boobtube connoisseur Jonathan Bourne has posted his Television Death Pool predictions, split into two parts like a very special episode of Blossom. Here's his list, ordered from most to least likely cancellation:

  • ER (NBC)
  • Life on Mars (ABC)
  • My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  • Do Not Disturb (Fox)
  • The Mentalist (CBS)
  • 90210 (CW)
  • Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  • Knight Rider (NBC)
  • Worst Week Ever (NBC)
  • Gary Unmarried (CBS)

I'm kicking myself for not picking Do Not Disturb. I watched the sitcom's pilot last week, and I agree with the assessment of Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan: "It made my soul vomit."

Bourne and I disagree on My Own Worst Enemy, the new drama that answers the question "whatever happened to Christian Slater?":

One way to try to get viewers to tune in to a program is to put a star in it. But does Christian Slater count as a star? I think Slater's paycheck is this show's worst enemy. Because if this program doesn't get huge ratings right off the bat, the bean counters are going to look at the bottom line and determine that this show is too expensive because of the money they shelled out for Slater.

I'm having trouble with the show's premise -- Slater plays a dull white collar guy in the 'burbs who doesn't realize he's also a bad-ass international spy. How could you not figure out something like that? Wouldn't you wake up one morning in leopard-skin underwear instead of your tighty-whities, smelling of explosives and gunpowder, and wonder what the hell happened the previous night?

But in spite of that, I can't bet against the star of Heathers, the last dark comedy about school violence that's ever likely to be made.


Wow you guys have alot of free time on your hands. I would love to comment, but I've never seen one minute of any of these shows, so it would be a bit difficult.

BTW, you are aware Rogers that you mention Bourne in every third thread, aren't you?

That's a bit Bill Johnsonish...

Slaters last good movie was 'True Romance', 15 years ago.

Most of the shows haven't aired yet. The fall TV season begins in earnest on Monday.

Funny. I am in my prime.

Actually, Rog, my TV Deathpool post is a three-parter.

So far in the nascent television season, 90210 is still trying to find the one million viewers that bolted after its premier. And Biggest Loser (not on either of our lists) thrived even in its supersized 2-hour format.

I wonder how the picks would be different if everyone participating could view everyone else's picks for up to one week prior locking them in. On the one hand, everyone who forgot ER would have added it to their lists. On the other, if I knew how many people put Gary Unmarried on their lists, I might have gone a little contrarian as a winning strategy.

BTW, it's always entertaining when someone pitifully comments with a "I can't comment on this thread" comment. It's especially ironic when that I-have-nothing-to-add comment includes mention of having better things to do... like count the number of times you reference me in blog posts. That, my friend, is time well spent.

The only way that show will go is because Slater! And yes dumbass, he is a star, everyone in the world knows who he is, and who are you again, know one will remember you. Later Gater

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