Voting Ends for This Year's Hugo Awards

Hugo Award from the 2007 WorldCon in Japan, derived from photo by Cory DoctorowToday's the last day to vote on the 2008 Hugo Awards, which will be given out at the World Science Fiction Convention next month in Denver. I joined the convention as a supporting member last fall to vote for the first time on the awards, which began in 1955 and have become the most coveted prize in science fiction.

In April, the Hugo nominees were announced. All of the nominees in several categories can be read for free online, including short stories, novellas, novelettes and fanzines. Four of the five best novel nominees were privately shared with voters as ebooks.

I won't disclose my votes until after the ceremony (if at all). I skipped most categories because I hadn't read enough of the nominees, but I did read all of the Best Short Story choices. Three of the five are terrific stories that were hard to rank from first to third. The other two not so much; I ranked them lower than "No Award."

The nominees, in alphabetical order:

If you'd like to vote in the next Hugos, become an attending or supporting member of the WorldCon convention for Montreal in 2009. I got carried away and have already joined Australia in 2010 and Seattle in 2011, though they could still get beaten out by another site.

Credit: The photo of a 2007 Hugo Award statue was derived from a photo taken by Cory Doctorow and is available under a Creative Commons license.


Is that Ultra Man on the statue? Sure looks like him. I used to watch Speed Racer and then Ultra Man after school when my father was stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oahu.

Yup. They added Ultraman to that year's Hugo because WorldCon was in Japan. I loved Speed Racer. I keep trying to introduce the Demon on Wheels to my kids, but they think the cartoon's hopelessly outdated.

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