Stephen Colbert on D&D: 'Enjoy Your Magnificent Isolation!'

Stephen Colbert was once an 11th-level paladin who explored Barrier Peaks:

I had an eleventh-level paladin (it took me years to advance those levels) whom I took on Expedition, and he got the Power Armor, which was the big thing to get in that module. But he also went a little power mad. On the next campaign we saw merchant caravans crossing the desert, and my character flew down and landed next to a merchant and tore off the guy's head.

The DM informed me that I was not a paladin anymore.

I said, "Oh, ----, I forgot. I'm lawful good!"

He talked about his paladin again on the Colbert Report this year.



Wotsamatter people? Afraid to let yer Geek flag fly?

Dethspud hisself originated as a chaotic neitral dwarf back in 1977 with a penchant fer gemlust that ended up being his undoing. After that dethspud was the chosen name fer a series of main character in a crapload of rpg games fer various systems over tyhe years. When it came time to pick a silly nom de blog and get posting there were only a few other choices easily discarded.

If Spud heard the clip correctly that woulda been a Level 21 Paladin which woulda made more sense to Spud.

Spud, by the way, is still largely Chaotic Neutral.

Now Spud is gonna haff to roll a twenty sided dice in an attempt to save against sarcasm methinks!

Be Well.

Aha. The article you link to does say the character was level 11 but the clip sez level 21. Great article btw. Thanx Rogers. Even if nobody else liked it Spud luffed it!

Be Well.

PS: Like Stephen, Spuds D&D days came to an end when Spud discovered girls. Actually, like Columbus, Spud didn't actually "discover" girls they were there all along Spud just kinda noticed 'em more. One of Spuds first lady luffs gave Spud an ultimatum. Her or the game. BJs vs Twenty sided dice. The dice never stood a chance.

Speaking of "magnificent isolation"...

Wot? Spud and Steven Colbert are the only ones wif enuff sac to admit to the fact?!


Be Well.

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