Rush Limbaugh Mimicked Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease

As Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of exaggerating the effects of Parkinson's disease, he impersonated Fox, jerking his head and arms wildly back and forth.

I try not to criticize human caricatures like Limbaugh, because their shtick depends on regularly offending people. Every time a liberal blasts Ann Coulter, a cash register ka-ching goes off in her vestigial brain. But the sight of Limbaugh mocking the symptoms of a Parkinson's sufferer hits a new low.

From 700,000 to 1 million Americans have Parkinson's disease, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Add their loved ones and anywhere from 5 to 10 million people are personally affected by the disease, intimately familiar with the symptoms that Limbaugh ridiculed.

As the video makes the rounds of the Internet and cable TV today, I hope that Limbaugh hears from every one of them.


The MJF ad is extremely effective, thus the propoganda machine had to rev up.

But again, they got it wrong. This has totally backfired. They seem to have finally realized it as I notice drudge took down his links.

What a fucking asshole Limbaugh is.

I listened to the entire discussion by Rush. He in no way tried to make fun of Michael J. Fox. The shamefull part of this situation is that the Democratic candidate would use Mr. Fox and his condition to attempt to totally mislead the public as to the content of the ballot initiative, and to imply that Republicians have no desire to find cures for the disorders and diseases that affect Americans.

the liberal left hollywood freaks need to realize that every time they open their mouths trying to influence an election, it backfires. (somebody better tell streisand this as well) this will be no different. i dont like limbaugh all that much but what he said has been again twisted by the liberal media.

Liberals will manage to take this opportunity and screw it up like they do everything else.

Michael J. Fox stuck to the facts in the ad. He didn't claim that stem cell research would be a cure; he said it gave people like him hope for a cure.

There's room for fair criticism that the ad's emotionally exploitive, though I think that's a losing argument. The bravery of Michael J. Fox showing his condition so openly is a gut punch for anyone who shares my affection for the actor. After Family Ties and Back to the Future and Spin City, his fans number in the millions.

But Limbaugh's mimickry and his accusation that Fox was faking were vicious.

Besides being a drug addict 3 time marriage flunkie Limpballs is also a known closet pervert like most of his GOPervs who have now been outed as protecting their own ilk who seduce young pages in Congress, and was even caught a couple months ago in the Palm Beach airport returing from a known homosexual resort in the Carribeans with a half used jar of Vaseline and Viagra in another males container.
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Bush know 100% about it as did Hastert and all the others. Clean out this GOPerv crowd. Barney Frank is a closet GOP too.

This is victim fetishization, Rogers. If Fox wants to enter the political arena, he doesn't get to stand above criticism. Not taking his meds for effect is a ploy - and it's fair game for criticism.

I live in Maryland, and he's running ads for Cardin - who actually voted against Stem cell research. Which makes Fox doubly open to criticism, IMHO.

If Fox wants to avoid political fire, he should remain an actor. If he wants to play in the political arena, he gets to play, period.

There's a difference between criticizing Fox and mocking his illness in a manner that mocks all Parkinson's sufferers.

Limbaugh hasn't offered a scintilla of evidence that Fox was faking. He said yesterday, "So I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong, and I will apologize to Michael J. Fox, if I am wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act, especially since people are telling me they have seen him this way on other interviews and in other television appearances."

Here's the thing: Fox doesn't look that way in TV (acting) appearances, and he does look that way in TV (political) appearances. I can't say that I know why, but something is going on there. And the fact remains - when you enter the political arena, you stop being above the fray.

My guess is that Fox allowed his daily reality to be shown in the ad rather than shooting enough takes to enable it to be minimized. A story in yesterday's Washington Post contains this graf:

"A source with direct knowledge of Fox's illness who viewed the Cardin ad said Fox is not acting to exaggerate the effects of the disease. The source said Fox's scenes in Boston Legal had to be taped around his illness, as he worked to control the tremors associated with Parkinson's for limited periods of time."

You can't win any arguments by pissing on Michael J. Fox, that's for sure. Even people who think it's fair comment are disgusted. And as Rogers points out, it could be inoffensively argued that it's a moderately manipulative emotional appeal as long as you don't mimic a sick guy on camera like a dick. I'll risk being lumped in with Limbaugh momentarily by noting that in the interviews with Fox about the Rush comments, he's about 1/4 as shaky, but I think it's entirely appropriate to not take your Parkinson's meds before an ad about possible cures to the disease. Why shouldn't people see what it's like without the meds? We had to watch Paris Hilton have sex, after all. If you can call laying there staring slack-jawed at the camera like a hyperthyroidal bush baby having sex.

There are much better arguments against the proposition in question that have nothing to do with Mallory Keaton's brother. What ever happened to her, anyway? I believe a sex tape scandal is in order.

If you watch the entire video (not just the edited snippets) and listen to Limbaugh's comments in context, it does not appear that he was making fun of Fox or the symptoms of Parkinson's, he was simply trying to convey a point. Apparently it's a lot easier to blast Limbaugh than it is to actually debate the point he was trying to make.

You obviously are not a Rush listener or you would know that Rush is not a mean person. God bless.

I think ABC GMA and other video media that showed a "snip" should be ashamed for lying about the Rush Limbaugh broadcast. I heard the broadcast and he did not say Fox was faking it, he did say Fox was off his medication, which Fox has admitted to in the past to demonstrate his illness.
I do not always agree with Rush Limbaugh, but when I hear stories like this that are obviuosly meant to change peoples opinion (your poll results prove this, as everyone I know who heard the broadcast do not think Limbaugh went over the line), I cannot help but wonder that maybe I am wrong in disagreeing with him on such issues as opportunities in this country if you work hard (I strongly disagree with Limbaugh here)

Carl Strohmeyer

he did say Fox was off his medication, which Fox has admitted to in the past to demonstrate his illness.

He couldn't have admitted that, because the symptoms he displayed come from the medication, not the illness. So either you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, or you're lying.

No offense intended.

Can anyone tell me MARTA'S sleep number. Russ had her selling neckties and beds and all the other shit on his web site.When her fat ass couldn't sell enough fast enough he dumped her. Oxycontin boy had to use his maid to buy his drugs cause he didn't have the balls to go into a black area by himself even in his limo. Now he needs Viagra to get it up. I bet that he takes it up the ass from Ann Coulter the dyke or Mickel Savage (the no neck ass wipe). What UGLY people the Republican lapdogs are.

"You obviously are not a Rush listener or you would know that Rush is not a mean person. God bless"

well god bless you too, but rush limbaugh is the man who invented the non-mean term "femi-nazi." he also said that torture in abu grahib, which donald rumsfeld called "sadistic and disgusting" was "blowing off steam" and no worse than a "fraternity prank."

rush is a very sick sad little man. and he's a good friend of george bush. go figure.

He couldn't have admitted that, because the symptoms he displayed come from the medication, not the illness.

I heard a doctor on TV last night say that the movements Fox was making were not caused by his Parkinson's disease but the result of the medication he was taking to control it:

Most commonly, the side effects of "antiparkinsonian" drugs are mental confusion, hallucinations, and dyskinesia.

The article defines dyskinesia as "involuntary movements and tics."

Fox's site on Parkinson's.

CBS Evening News is going to have an interview tonight with Fox about Rush, his illness, stem cell research, etc.

I think Imus said it best yesterday morning, "Rush is a fat, son of a bitch."

Limbaugh is stupid... he makes me so mad my hands shake.

You are an idiot. I listen to Rush and have been listening everyday this week. Why don't you try listening and reporting the whole story. What he said is that he purposely does not take his medication so that by showing the full effects he makes an impression. He sad that it is a terrible condition, and that if he were Fox he would do the same thing. And that if Fox, is going to put himself in the political circle, then he is open to comments, both good and bad.
Report on the whole story not just what makes Rush sound bad.

None of this should come as any surprise. Limbaughaholics, like the followers of Jim Jones, take their medicine and guidance without question. It doesn't matter what their hero says or whether anything he says can be proven. Limbaughaholics instantly get their guard up when their guy is criticized and reason be damned.

Even if Mr. Fox was off his meds (something only he knows), it would not matter. This is an issue worth discussing and, yes, dramatizing.

The fact remains that nothing Limbaugh said regarding Mr. Fox has any known basis of fact to it. Like many things in this political season, it was all surmise.

And that underlines the real tragedy here -- Limbaughaholics are so addicted to their leader they cannot conceive the concept their guy might have been wrong in his view on Mr. Fox's makeup. Limbaugh himself has said he is always right. This week has proven that his loyal legion of listeners agree with that view -- and the fact that another person may suffer because of that view means nothing. Orwell would be quite proud.

Not only Parkinson's, but a number of other neurological diseases that also render the victim unable to control movements. From ALS to Autism to Tourette's and others, those sufferers and their families must deplore Limbaugh's mocking.

Rush hasn't hit any lows, because he IS low. I know it wouldn't happen, but wouldn't it be cool if Fox parodied a oxycontin freak? Especially a big mouth conservative.
Rush (and his ilk) are exactly the reason this country's pols are so partisan. He is not good for this country because of his lack of tolerance for others' ideas. Bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

Come on people. Everyone...even Rush, knows he is an asshole. Defending him doesn't give him the credit he deserves. One has to realize that there are a lot of people out there that abandon their parents and grandparents when they get sick. They need the "asshole" justification to live with themselves.So face it, Rush is an asshole.

I think it was already stated, but I think it meets a reiteration: the motions which were presented by Mr. Fox are likely a presentation of tardive dyskinesia.

This presentation is a set of repetitive and involuntary motions which serve no purpose, and are *caused* by exposure to dopamine agonists, a class of drugs of which the drugs used to treat Parkinson's are part. Some of you may also be familiar with tardive dyskinesia if you have ever been in the presence of people who suffer from psychosis and are actively being treated, as most antipsychotics are also dopamine agonists, wherein the dyskinesia is often first observed in the gait of the patient and colloquially referred to as the "Thorazine shuffle."

The repetitive motions in Mr. Fox are an unfortunate side effect of the drugs being used to treat his disease, and while I would agree that as Mr. Fox has entered the political arena, he has opened himself to criticism, mocking his involuntary motions is devoid of taste much in the same way that mocking former President Regan's Alzheimer's would be.

I wrote a song about Michael J Fox.

Rush was right on target. Rush rightly questioned Fox's appearance on the commercial. Fox himself admitted in his autobiography that before he appeared before Congress to testify regarding stem cell research, he refrained from taking his medication in order for his symptoms to show more.

It is probable Fox did the same thing for the commercial in which he appeared.

I agree, it sounds disgusting; but, why are liberals selective in their outrage? They have no problem with one of their ilk mocking Alzheimer victims like Charleton Heston or Ronald Reagan.

It was plainly stated in the video that the symptoms of Parkinson's are NOT the involuntary motions that Fox exhibited, but increasing IMMOBILITY. Also, I plainly remember Chevy Chase doing a bit on Saturday Night Live in which he spoofed the repetitive head-jerking of Ronald Reagan when he gave his first Presidential acceptance speech. I saw that speech, and the motions were quite obvious. I don't know, of course, if they were early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, but I was astonished that the media were mute about it.

Let me make it clear that I understand that the symptoms Fox exhibited were caused by the medication he takes, and that I think Rush Limbaugh is an inhuman monster.

It is uncomprehensible that people are defending Rush on this. First, the whole point of the commercial is to show the ravages of the disease and that one possiblity of a cure is stem cell research. Next, no Rush did not say he was faking, he wondered out loud, "was he just acting?" Please stop listening like a bunch of lemmings and do some research for yourselves. Don't take everything he says as "gospel". I would like to see how those of you who take Rush's every word to heart would act if a member of your family is dealing with a disease like Parkinson's and is just grasping for that hope of a cure. It amazes me that it is okay to destroy an embryo to try and create a life but completely unethical to use those same embryos to try and save an existing life.

Learn the facts before spouting your beliefs.

Limbaugh apologized and withdrew the "acting" suggestion moments after making it. He did make the very legitimate point that Fox
admitted in his book going off his meds in order to make his symptoms more dramatic before testifying before congressional committees- and asked the very reasonable question whether he might be trying to manipulate the people of Missouri the same way.

The dittoheads are still in denial that Rush physically mocked Michael J. Fox.

Those dittoheads also refuse to learn anything about Parkinson's Disease...that if MJF were off of his meds, he would be rigid.

As for his appearance on Boston Legal, it's been reported frequently that they had to shoot around him. Looks at the clips on Scarborough show tonight. MJF's scenes were vary short. They had to wait on him frequently, and do a lot of editing to hid the spasms.

Who better than Rush would know about the proper use of medications?



I think the 4th comment from the top is priceless.

Angela, so you would have no problem if Rush mocked Down's Syndrome or Tourette's Syndrome, right? How about the blind?

Guess you also support Rush making these comments:

"Take that bone out of your nose and call me back." (said to a black caller)

"Why should Blacks be heard? They're 12% of the population.
Who the hell cares."

"If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people - I'm serious, let the unskilled jobs, let the kinds of jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do - let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work."

"One of the things I want to do before I die is conduct the homeless olympics...the 10-metre shopping cart relay, the dumpster dig, and the hop, skip, and trip."

What an example he sets for the Christian Right.

If he offends you so much quit listening.
Try that and see how it works for you.

I forgot to add:
If you aren't a member of the Christian Right then don't worry about their image.
If you are a member of the Christian Right (that number in the millions), how dumb are you to believe that one man's words paint a picture for millions?
Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton are two timing cads, so I suppose they set the example for all Dems?
Go wash up JJ, I'm done with you.

COMMON, you forgot Ronald Reagan's adultery with Nancy...who by the way, was pregnant when he married her.

COMMON, you also forgot Bush 41's adultery.

[quote]Reports of George Bush's liaisons have circulated among journalists for more than a decade in the same way that reporters laughed about President Kennedy's dalliances back in the '60s. The New York Times in 1981 published a rumor that Bush had been nicked by a bullet while leaving the home of a mistress on Capitol Hill. The Washington Post story on the same rumor included a question from a reporter to Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Larry Speakes (from the official White House Press Briefing): Q. "Larry, I think a lot of us have heard that rumor and there's more to it... . Why don't you see if he was engaged in some kind of situation...?" [laughter].[/quote]

[quote]The campaign staffs of both Senate Minority Leader Robert Dole and Rep. Jack Kemp pushed the "Bush mistress" story in 1988 trying to head off Bush's nomination. The late Republican National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater boasted of defusing the widespread rumor by simply getting George Bush Jr. quoted in Newsweek saying "the answer to the Big A question is N.0." This denial astonishingly was accepted by the national news media as proof that there was no "Big A question."[/quote]

And, let's not forget this:

Washington (Moonie) Times headline: "Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush

Let me know if you want to hear more about "Republican Family Values".

As we all know rumors are as good as love children and stained blue dresses.

Do all Dems drive drunken co-eds off bridges and flee the scene or just Ted Kennedy?

We can round and round on this all because you were dumb enough to equate Rush Limbaugh's infotainment show with the religious right, is that where you want to go with this? Why not just admit that one man doesn't set an example for millions of people?

Al Franken= Liberal...So all liberals physically assault people with differing views?

Oh what tangled webs we weave........


In 1984 Vice President Bush and his appointments secretary, Jennifer Fitzgerald, enjoyed adjoining bedrooms in a Swiss chateau on Lake Geneva belonging to the Aga Khan's son, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, a classmate of Bush at Yale. Ambassador Fields said there was no household staff for the couple and "that' s why I had to help make certain arrangements for the laundry, that sort of thing." He said it "became clear to me that the Vice President and Ms. Fitzgerald were romantically involved and this was not a business visit... . It made me very uncomfortable... . I know Barbara and I like her; it was just so heavy-handed."

The romantic interlude allegedly took place while Barbara Bush was on a tour promoting her book about C. Fred, the family dog before Millie.

In 1985, a member of Bush's office staff was "distraught over what the staffer said was Bush's long-running affair with his appointments secretary, Jennifer Fitzgerald." The staffer said that "she and other office workers knew about the affair not only from the behavior of Bush and Fitzgerald at the office, but because Fitzgerald had referred openly, even boastfully on occasion, to it."

Admiral Daniel J. Murphy, Bush's chief of staff, "had a worldwide address book worthy of any sailor" and a relationship with the vice president that offended Barbara Bush. A "high-level Reagan official" said that when Bush decided to seek the presidency, Barbara Bush put the law down, and it concerned Jennifer, and it concerned Murphy's black book." Murphy and Fitzgerald soon were gone from the White House. (Jennifer eventually was given a $112,000-a-year State Department job.)

Honorable mention at this late date should go to CNN reporter Mary Tillotson and NBC-TV correspondent Stone Phillips, who finally asked the president "the Big A question" (adultery) on national TV. Bush' s angry and sputtering replies did nothing to diminish the vulnerability of a man running on a "family values" plank.

The Associated Press has run the initials of an alleged mistress. A Nation columnist recently wrote that "Bush has supposedly made one of his mistresses an ambassador."

Columnist Jack Anderson, the Washingtonian magazine and several "alternative" publications have written of the rumored philandering. Demonstrators in Washington on more than one occasion have chanted the names of the president and a woman. And then there is the famous Washington Post lead on a story announcing the appointment of one of Bush's alleged mistresses to a high State Department post: "[Her name], who has served President-elect George Bush in a variety of positions, ..."

Rush in no way made fun of MJF. He was not jerking his arms and body widely. Media has sped up the video to make it look like he is making a mockery of MJF.

Also, MJF is a liar. This is not a bill about Stem Cell Research it is more geared towards cloning. The current Senators in question are in no way against Stem Cell Research they are against Cloning which this bill is all about.

Once again, another reason why no one should vote democratic. Just a bunch of lying pigs.

I am wholly offended by Rush Limbaugh, the people who support and defend him, and the people who attack him. My mother died this year of Parkinsons related conditions after bravely getting up and smiling at life every damn day for more than 3 years. Anyone who has not had a loved one go through this should SHUT THE HELL UP.

Ultimately, WHATEVER MJF did (skipping his meds, taking too much, changing nothing in his medicinal routine) does not change one thing: He has been living with Parkinsons Disease for 15 years. Since he was 30 FREAKIN' YEARS OLD. What was your life like at 30?

So what if he did make things worse? I personally don't know if he did. And I don't care. He is advocating for research that could make his life better after 15 years of torture. He may not even live to see the results (ever heard of Parkinsons-Related Dementia? I have...). But he is fighting for his cause to make others that come after him (and hopefully himself) have a better life. Imagine waking up every day for the next 15 years, knowing that you fight a loosing battle against something that robs you of your balance, flexibility, strength, ability to earn a living, and personal dignity. So, after walking a mile in his shoes, would you be super-human enough NOT to embelish for your cause? Not even 1%?

Rush and his supporters are morons for attacking MJF, politicizing Parkinsons, and defending Rush. Rush's opponents are morons for attacking Rush, and politicizing Parkinsons, the disease that killed my mother.

What Limbaugh has done is a disgrace. I say this as an ultra-right wing American!

I can't believe anyone is surprised by this. Tolerance is becoming a scarce commodity and the politics of polarization seek only to widen the gap between right and left. We can't find a middle way anymore, the tail wags the dog and we are poorer for it. There is nothing more insidious than the atomization of a people, there are no weapons better used than fear, intolerance and rage to subjegate and control a people who probably agree on most things and agreement is the one thing the current administration cannot have if it hopes to survive.

Adam Dunbar

If MJF only hope are the cells from dead babies then I suggest that the only hope America are for all liberals to kill themselves.

You liberals are such crybabys. Rush is right, Fox over medicated himself and his jerking around was designed to get votes for a leftwing democrat. You just don't like him because he nails you down for what you are.

It never ceases to amaze me... At the risk of stating the obvious - anyone who has had a degenerative disease for - what? - 15 years? - DOESN'T HAVE TO FAKE SYMPTOMS.

Rush Limbaugh is not being criticized for his opinion of stem cell research, but rather his on-camera BEHAVIOR!!! Only 12-year old boys think it is ok to mimic the handicapped. Is it not possible to make your point without behaving in such a mind-bendingly, freakishly, insensitive manner?? Up until this President, I had considered myself a Republican, but when I see conservatives acting like such boneheads, I start praying their bad behavior will result in a President Obama.

I'd vote Obama for president. Maybe he could help correct the impression of much of the world that the U.S. is populated by a bunch of rich, ignorant hayseeds who sound like Rush Limbaugh. George W. Bush has done and said a lot to reinforce that impression too, but let's understand one thing: he's not a Texan. He was born in Connecticut, educated at Phillips Academy and Yale, 'summered' at Kennebunkport, Maine, and didn't develop his 'Texas' accent till after 1988. Just ask Willie Nelson.

I know lots of people who think 'Rush' is just great, but most of them are racists (only when African-Americans aren't within earshot, though)and homophobes (except when they're drunk, then they get all touchy-feely with me).

one voice, let's pass a law disallowing all rightwingers in vitro fertilization. All those unused "babies" get tossed, right? Let us protect them from their own hypocrisy.

Could not agree more. I have nothing but deepest respect for Mike. For years already he is out there, trying educate people about the decease that's either been considered as something to be ashamed about or complete mystery. Rush reminds me of many ignorant people who instead of trying to understand the issue, goes for the only possibly known to THEM explanation.

Myself, I've been fighting something that is never going to be cured 100% - bipolar. Mike gives me power not to be ashamed of my disease and not to pay attention to every "Rush" that I meet in my life.


I read this morning that Rush says he wil never aplogize.

He has disgraced himself as far as I am concerned.

At least Kerry had ths guts to aplogiize for his remarks.

Rush appears to be a different story....

Rush was not mimicking Fox on his show, some networks got a hold of his ditto cam and sped up his movements to make it appear as if he was mocking Fox. Check your facts next time buddy!

Molly is right and Rush Limbaugh should sue!

I hate to interrupt this new dittohead conspiracy theory, but the video of Limbaugh mocking Fox's condition is accompanied the audio of his voice. If it had been sped up, he'd sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Limbaugh made an ass of himself; Michael J. Fox is very well loved and it is sad he has PD. How dare someone make fun of this disease and of the beloved MJ Fox and his family. Wonder how Limbaugh would set with someone in his family being made fun of with PD and how about people like Christopher Reeve who worked to support stem cell for spinal cord injuries and Nancy Regan who stood by "Ronnie" for 10 years as they said for the "long goodbye" of Alzheimer's. If the cells are invitro cells and are going to be thrown out, what's the problem. I don't believe in destroying viable cells that would be used for babies but if they're not going to be used, let them do some good.

If you don't believe in stem cell use, you don't believe in invitro fertilization; I had a friend who had a child that way. Nice when us "normal" people can have babies the "normal" way. Let's watch what our tongues say as we may have to eat our words for dinner.

God bless Fox and his family!!!

Rush Limbaugh was wrong in mimicking MJF. Truly sad. But he knows he'll get a rise from liberals ! that's why he does it !

Do any of you crazy liberal socialist ihatelimbaughaholics listen to the entire limbaugh show, of course you don't other wise you would know better, of course it is terrible that anyone has parkinson's or any disease or illness for that matter, but if you make your disease a partisan arguement you can't expect that just because he has parkinson's his has immunity to criticism.

And just because rush has done all those things, perv, homo islands and stuff, doesn't mean he is wrong on his political stands.


I feel disappointed that any -one could assume that Michael Fox is
faking , knowing my brother's condition, the symptoms he has are the same as Michael's, .
My brother , Don is not an actor, never was , fought in Korea, he was left for dead on field , til some observant person from helicopter crew., saw him move .
He was flown home to recuperate after going through an experience , he describes as being the same as Mash.
Has endeavoureed to live his life quietly & productively with his wife & 4 children..
He says how sometimes the medicine doesn't work so well
& sometimes it over-works . Fortunately sometimes it works just right .
So please don't criticise unless you have experienced this illness Michael I'm sure ,is only trying like everyone else to improve things .

I have suffered Parkinson's for 15 years my work career was cut short my sex life was ended my whole life has been halted. no one knows until something happens to you. RUSH DON'I PARK IN A HANDICAP PARKING SPACE WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!! GOD BLESS MR. LIMBAUGH.

what kind of ass hole would talk this shit about mike,, i hope the page turns around on this heartless prick.....

Michael J Fox doesn't give a damn about poilitics! he just wants a cure for his catastrophical desease. He campained for a Republican in 2004! the Liberals didn't make a comment on it because they are smart, and they know that it will backfire, because people love Michael J Fox. so they just kept quiet. then comes 2006, and he promotes a Democrat, and Rush had do screw up the whole Republican system. he messed up. he is stupid. Republicans are good. no no one will like us because of one idiot.
Republicans have no objections to cures. look at Nancy Regan! President Regan was the best president in the American History!!
Fox has no political preferences. Hillary Clinton wanted him to come with the Clintons to a (something, I don't remember what) she invited him personally, and he refused. why? because he didn't want people to conclue that he is rooting for the Clintons. He was not even interested in voting until he became very sick. in fact, he was not even an American citizen until he needed to be. so leave the poor guy alone!
(HOW can he say that Alex P keaton is a Democrat? Shame on him!)

He couldn't have admitted that, because the symptoms he displayed come from the medication, not the illness. So either you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, or you're lying.

At the time of the comment MJF had not come clean with this information. His symptoms could have come from over medication OR no medication. Either way this was doen to make a point and is dishonest!

As for Limbaugh, I am defending him here as I am sick of distortions being thrown around, not because I agree with everythin Limbaugh says (although I find him interesting and informative), I still disagree plenty to especially with the statements about honesty and hard work equally success in the country- HOGWASH! I also do not agree with his Christian Right supporters as I used to be part of the Christian Right, that is until my son developed Autism and my Daughter was molested by a man my wife got involved with during a nervous breakdown. They showed their true colors when they threw us to the Wolves.


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