Katherine Harris Had Me at 'Herlo'

When the number of people drawn to your Internet flamewar reaches critical mass, it becomes a This is Your Life episode where anyone you've ever angered might pop out from behind the curtain. I'm waiting for a few people to appear, such as the guy I tried to beat up at Bentley College in 1986. I've always wanted to know if I landed at least one bruise with my flurry of sting-like-a-butterfly blows.

Though I'm loathe to admit this, Katherine Harris is kind of hot. The 2.8 she's pulling on Am I Hot or Not is a traveshamockery.

Katherine Harris, three-quarters profile, on Hannity & Colmes

I know I'm venturing into too-much-information territory, but when Harris showed up drunk last August on Hannity & Colmes, sitting three-quarters profile and slurring her words, she swayed my voter.


OK Rogers, maybe she is hot in a "I was hot 20 years ago and with $20,000 and a good doctor, I can be hot again" but I dont know...

Oh and thanks for making me waste the rest of my day by bringing up hot or not! :)

I think your voter has been misled.

I can't believe you guys think that!?!? She looks like a MAN with long hair!

You must love the chapter on Katherine Harris in Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

she's hot in that "i had a facelift to further mislead the dumbasses who thought i was doing my job in 2000" sort of way, maybe. frankly i'm not into whores, whether they be whores for my cash or whores for big money. plus she's ben hill griffin jr's granddaughter, anyone who's familiar with the swamp has another reason to hate this cunt.

Well, OMG LOL, why don't you tell us how you really feel!

I know this is entirely subjective, but you people are wrong, wrong. She's got a naughty Abe Lincoln in drag thing going on that's works for her.

Either that, or growing up in Dallas left me partial to the wiles of big-haired Southern belles who like their lacquer and their liquor.

My wife is extremely disturbed by this weblog post, so I'll stop talking now.

"She's got a naughty Abe Lincoln in drag thing going on that's works for her."

Rogers, this is probably the most disturbing thing I have ever read. It might even be the most disturbing thing on the internet, in fact it would be if you could visualize it... well here ya go!

Katherine Lincoln

oops bad link

Katherine Lincoln


That hag makes me want to vomit! I gave her a "ONE" because there's no Zero on Hot-or-Not.

She is hot. Women with that kind of A-personality, who will do anything to further their power, are very hot. I guarantee that she knows how to take care of business.

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