Podcasting: You're Soaking In It!

Jewish lesbian shock jock Madge Weinstein kicked my "S" yesterday during a 10-minute rant about Adam Curry's role in podcasting:

You gotta realize, and I didn't realize this until I started getting more popular with my podcasts, when people blog ---- -- ----, did I spill my water? no -- when people blog ---- -- I'm resting the microphone on my fat, now. You're going to get mike noise, I'm sorry, and it's going to be all bad. This is bad. You know, it's all bad. When people blog things a lot of times they blog it because they think a lot of people will read it, and it's as simple as that. And I think that's what Rogers Cadenhead did, the man with the extra S ...

I've attached her rant as a podcast, naturally. The actual audio doesn't contain Arthur Fiedler's theme from The Longest Day. I added it to test my theory that all podcasts would sound better with patriotic background music.

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You could put it this way:

All patriotic music would sound better on podcasts. Then, you at least have the option of playing it or not.

That's a woman ? You're kidding, right?

This person just says 10 minutes of nothing.

I like when she says "however many Ss Rogers Cadenhead has in his last name." Um. Zero. There is not a single S in Cadenhead. What a moron.

Podcasting is for people who aren't good enough to actually get on the radio (which, by the way isn't that hard to do - Kato Kaelin had a radio show in LA for a year).

I agree with Phentermine 100%.

To be honest, I only managed to get through half of this excerpt -- too much mumbling. Gah, that, at least, is one thing the pros always get right.

full ack with Vince

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