Casting a Dark Horse as the Sixth 007

James Bond producers are searching for a new actor to play the role after dumping Pierce Brosnan this week.

Media favorites for the next 007 include Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Jude Law, and Clive Owen. I imagine they'll pick someone from this demographic: Top-of-the-marquee actors under 40 from the U.K. or Australia who can handle a black-tie dress code.

British bookmakers have Owen as a 4/5 favorite, but some of their other choices are so odd you have to wonder at the collective intelligence of the gamblers placing the bets. Goren Visjnic?

As someone who became bored with the Bond movies around the time Timothy Dalton took over, I'd love to see them do something bold with the franchise, casting a black actor in the role.

A color-blind casting call opens up some interesting possibilities. Black actors can lead blockbuster action movies, as proven repeatedly by Will Smith, but he was born in the wrong country to be considered for the role. An American Bond would go over as well as an American Robin Hood.

Brosnan's choice for successor is reportedly Colin Salmon, the actor who played MI6 operative Charles Robinson in the last three Bond films.

My pick: Idris Elba, the 32-year-old actor who played Stringer Bell on The Wire. Born in London to parents from Ghana and Sierre Leone, Elba was incredible in an odd role -- an erudite Baltimore drug dealer trying to turn dirty money into clean businesses -- and he wears a suit like he was born in one.


Rogers, it's too bad you're not a casting director, because that's brilliant. I'd actually go see a Bond flick again with him as 007.

Oh, I am so glad that Pierce Brosnan is off the list....couldn't stand him!

But I hear that this Rogers Cadenhead fellow looks rather natty in a suit and tie. Plus, he has a gin named after him....what could be better?!

"Shaken, not stirred."

Oh wait, he drank vodka, didn't he? Hmmm.....maybe this won't work after all....

I knew the Cadenheads had our own scotch, but I didn't realize we also had a gin. Sweet. I gotta start drinking hard liquor.

I thought Brosnan was a pretty decent Bond, but the franchise as a whole was pretty stale as of late. The same formula of whiz-bang gadgets, womanizing and dangerous living just weren't enough to overcome the weak scripts.

Roger Moore was always my favorite Bond. I wasn't big on Sean Connery because he wasn't the 007 of my era. I grew up on Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only (great theme song) and Octopussy. Christopher Walken was also one of my all-time favorite Bond villains, too.

As for Timothy Dalton, I kind of equate that to the "Guy from Extreme" era of Van Halen. What a candy-ass, Back Street Boys version of the original!

Unless the franchise can reinvent itself in the vein of the Jason Bourne series, I doubt it will have much future success.

Oh wait, he drank vodka, didn't he? Hmmm.....maybe this won't work after all....

Not originally. Bond was a true Englishman and enjoyed his gin. The Vesper was a cocktail of his own making. "Shaken, not stirred" is a Hollywood bastardization.

Campari was his very first apertif and one he most often drank outside.

What about a female Bond? Or does that not work for you? Jane S. Bond maybe?

"What about a female Bond? Or does that not work for you? Jane S. Bond maybe?"

We're talking about 007, not Alias.

Russell Crowe. It would never fly, of course, but his performances in L.A. Confidential and Proof of Life show he's got the chops. Could make for a grittier Bond.

A female Bond would lose his shameless womanizing, which is probably the strongest character trait other than indestructibility and love of formal attire.

Though she could be a shameless manizer, I guess, I don't think the public's ready for that much of a departure.

I view Bond's race as irrelevant to the character.

I view Bond's race as irrelevant to the character.

Tru dat.

I think they should make him an American to piss off Bond fans like they did fanboys when they screwed up Constantine.

Idris Elba would be an excellent choice for Bond. You have to admit that even the special effects and Bond gadgets have become pretty boring. Bond needs a new kick.

Russell Crowe??? Okay he has an accent but class he definitely cannot pull off.

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