Katherine Harris Sways Florida Voters

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris announced her Florida Senate bid on Hannity & Colmes last week in one of the most bizarre interviews I've ever seen a politician give on television. She's sitting awkwardly in three-quarters profile, sways back and forth, and keeps moving her facial muscles around as if she's forgotten how to keep them still.

Harris spokesman Adam Goodman has attempted to explain her conduct as fatigue from a long first day of campaigning. "She was just a little tired," he told a reporter.

I think we're in for an entertaining Senate race.


That was like watching Skeletor, midway through sexual reassignment surgery, showing off his new implants.

Can you imagine the stir that interview would have created - and I mean this, I am not trying to get a laugh here - if that red Fox News Exclusive line wasn't there? People would have asked why is she wiggling her breasts at the camera - especially on that longer shot they used time to time. I am not sure who she was trying to appeal to by doing that but I can guarantee you that a pollster/advisor told her that you are not seen as feminine enough and she decided on her own to do what she did to address that issue. And there is not a nice way to say this, but she came off as horny. There I said it. Well, horny and as though she had just come from a meeting with Rush Limbaigh's oxycontin supplier. If I was her opponent I would just air pieces of that interview over and over for my commercials. Somebody should send that to Saturday Night Live and then stand back. WOW!!!!

They showed a clip of said interview on The Daily Show.It was funny as Hell.The punchline was Jon Stewart saying something along the lines of "Conversations like that usually end up with Alan Colmes being told to go wait in the car." Yea.One of those things you have to see and hear yourself.IMHO,hilarious.Anyway.

Katherine Harris came off looking like a Hooters hostess on ecstasy. That's funny stuff right there. What is it about female republicans that just screams "Stepford" at ya?

Be Well.

The real Katherine stood up.

I'm curious if Katherine Harris is the daughter of Elizabeth Forsling Harris?

If so, Katherine's 'odd' behavior on CNN could be a tipoff to a darker secret held by many of America's elite Eastern Establishment families-it's called trauma-based MIND CONTROL and many of America's 'best' families are infected with this 'disease' from generation to generation.

You can read more at this link:

Cheers, Ken Adachi

I personally think that Katherine Harris is doing all that she can in her power to be the best she can be. I really admire everything that she has done. She has my unconditional support for her campaign. I am hoping she wins for U.S. senate. She is so gorgeous and hot. Screw what everyone else has to say about her she definitely ROCKS!

Does anybody know Katherine Harris' physical statistics, as in "c" or
"d"? Any pics in a bathing suit?


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