Loss in Ohio, Losses in Iraq

The Democratic activists of the Swing State Project, some of whom went to Ohio to work for Congressional candidate Paul Hackett, are celebrating after his surprisingly close loss to Republican Jean Schmidt.

There is no doubt about it -- tonight's results represent a tidal wave in Ohio (and perhaps national) politics. In 2004, the Democrat running in OH-02 lost by 44 points. Tonight, the Democrat, Paul Hackett, lost by a mere 4 points -- just 4,000 votes out of over 114,000 cast.

This was a lot closer than it should have been, absent the activism by liberal bloggers and money that poured into the race to support an outspoken veteran who would have been the first to serve in both the Iraq War and Congress.

However, the jubilation reminds me of how some fans of my alma mater, the University of North Texas, react when the school's football team loses to a major program like Texas by a smaller margin than anticipated. With all the moral victories we've claimed, UNT should be declared moral national champions.

Had he won, Hackett would have been an important voice on the war at a time when they are sorely needed in Washington. This country just lost another 21 Marines in two days -- 14 to a roadside bomb, six to insurgents, and another in a suicide attack -- but our exit strategy for Iraq remains as elusive as Saddam Hussein's WMDs.

So I'll be skipping the party in Ohio. The victory party I want to attend is for the war in Iraq.


Can you beleive that Limbaugh tried to malign a marine reservist for merely being in Iraq in a civilian affairs unit? That's the tip of the spear in Iraq. But Fatso called MAJ Hackett a "staff puke". That is scandalous!

Limbaugh needs to apologize to every reservist serving the armed forces of America. Whether or not they are "staff pukes" or not. Limbaugh is just a "puke".

Fatso? Sounds a little more harsh than Staff Puke. Grow up!

Limbaugh's "staff puke" remark is right up there with the GOP delegates who work Purple Heart Band-AIDS on their faces during the last convention. You'd think people who spend so much time venerating the troops would recognize that claiming a soldier had easy time in a war zone denigrates a lot of people who put their lives on the line by serving anywhere near combat.

Limbaugh, incidentally, saved his ass from Vietnam with a doctor's report about his pilonidal cyst, an unclosed hole at the top of his buttcrack that was susceptible to infection. If he had any decency, he'd never question a vet's courage the way he's challenging Hackett.

Hackett was a great candidate, and his opponent was an awful candidate. I think the fact that a great man such as Hackett still couldn't win says more than the close race does. Democrats will not be able to find men or women like Hackett for every race in 06. I'm a Republican and I would have voted for this guy over the the RNC candidate. I think the DNC should be worried not the reverse. They sent the best they could possibly find and still got beat.

"I wouldn't give a hoot in hell for a man who lost, and laughed" Gen. George S. Patton

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