Crossing Over the Line

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart presented clips from the ongoing, 24-7 obscenity that is cable news coverage of the Terri Schiavo case.

The Crooks & Liars weblog offers the five-minute segment in QuickTime and Windows Media formats.

To give you an idea of how bad the infotainment cesspool has become, a Fox News morning show invited Crossing Over TV psychic John Edward in studio to talk about it.

John Edward: I do believe that the soul, the consciousness, can communicate when they're in a state, whether it be a mental incapacitated person, someone who's in a coma. It's a consciousness, and the soul has a living consciousness.

Host: So she may not be able to talk with her brain, but she's ...

Edward: But she's clear on what's going on. And I can tell you she's definitely clear on what's happening now around her.

As if that weren't unbalanced enough, Fox News presented the charlatan split-panel with looping video footage of Schiavo.


jumped the shark, again

Liked Stewarts comment "Guy didn't know his show was gonna be cancelled but this he knows." Ever see the South Park episode that tears Edwards a new one. People who prey on folks in that kind of pain with that brand of snake oil are douchebags of the highest order.

P.S. Bring back the dancing red and blue banana at drudge for all exclusives. He was neat-o.

Be Well.

Let me know when the Aussie News Network aka Fox News interviews snake-handling preachers for their thoughts on the Schiavo case.

Keep up the good work.

Say what u will, but keeping someone alive with machines,like respirators are one thing, a simple feeding tube with water is not the same thing, the state is helping the husband murder his wife, if there is the smallest chance that this woman can feel what is happening to her its horrible, this is exactly how the NAZIs started, who's next? Think about it< this is murder premeditated, systematic, cruel murder CAN ANYBODY DENY THAT??????????

Bradlee, you lose.

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