The Geek Who Saved Christmas

I've been accused this week of being obsessive and creepy over an article I wrote several years ago about Janie Porche, the effusively perky real-life Apple Switch spokesmodel.

I know I titled the piece "Stalking Janie Porche," but I'm surprised that these bloggers took that literally. If I said that I was hungry enough to eat a horse, would they report me to PETA?

Porche, who now has her own weblog, read the article and sent me a friendly e-mail in response to a visitor's comment that included her address. She asked that I either remove it, which I did, or let her know otherwise so she could purchase a firearm in advance of any unexpected guests.

Her weblog confirms my original assessment that Porche is much more deserving of the Internet's affection than Ellen Feiss, considering her interest in such matters as German beer laws and Futura Bold.

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