Church of the Risen Elvis

Because Atlanta courtroom killer Brian Nichols was read parts of The Purpose-Driven Life by his last hostage, CNN is republishing an interview the book's author did last November on Larry King Live.

The book sounds like 336 pages of merciless flogging, based on the simplistic platitudes that the author, Rev. Rick Warren, inflicts on King ("The middle letter of pride is I, and the middle letter of sin is I"). The middle letter of tripe is I, too, reverend.

But I'm linking to call attention to this comment (emphasis mine):

The problem today, Larry, is not unbelief. The problem is today everyone wants to believe everything. They want to believe it all. I want to believe in reincarnation and heaven. Those are mutually exclusive things. I want to believe in Elvis, and I want to believe in Jesus -- those are mutually exclusive.

One of my favorite science fiction novels, Dreamships by Melissa Scott, is set in a future in which Elvis Presley fandom has shifted from adulation to idolatry. The Church of the Risen Elvis is an established denomination and "Elvis Christ!" a common curse.

As a longtime resident of the South, I could see the King eventually becoming a challenge to the King of Kings, but I didn't know that true believers already had to pick sides.


Melissa Scott is one of my favorite writers -- I so rarely run across anyone who knows Scott's work; imagine my surprise at finding someone who says she's a favorite!

Yep ... she brings a unique viewpoint to science fiction. I began reading her after tackling one too many goofy books by SF authors who couldn't write female characters unless they were gargantuan-bosomed, helpless objects of desire for slobbery males.

It surprises me that she hasn't become better known by now, but it can't be easy building a following when your books barely get any shelf time at places like Barnes & Noble.

You could try the Church of Non-functional Probabilities.

The Church of the Risen Elvis might not be as far out as you think.

We also have the Church of the Sanctified James Dean.

Perhaps when a man reaches his Apotheosis,
he becomes a member
of the Celestial choir.

That's what reggae music
is all about.

Sweet reggae music
will save your soul.

Have you heard Willie Nelson's
new reggae album?

Believe it or not,
he's going back to his roots,
because we all came
from Mama Africa.

He had his Pentecost.

For more information,
see "The Mutant King",
by David Dalton.

De Irreverend Priest, but
not De Weerd one.

One of my favorite provocateurs
is the "Reverend Billy".

He's the guy who paraded
Mickey and Minnie Mouse hanging dead on crosses
through the streets of New York City,

to symbolize killing the corporate Lie,
and freeing ourselves from corporate domination.

He "starred" in the German documentary,
"Reverend Billy and
the Church of Stop Shopping".

Now, that's my kind of preacher.

I quote John Citrone in Folio Weekly:

"The film, directed by Dietmar Post,
follows the Reverend Billy
(a.k.a. Bill Talen), a man on a mission
to bring what he calls
"transnational corporations"
to their knees by staging theatrical
protests in public places."

My hero.

Elvis worship also plays a role in "The Armageddon Crazy" by Mick Farren. His followers play a role in the overthrow of a US religious dictatorship.

This is my religion and I love it with all my heart. Anyone who believes that this is the true religion please feel free to email me so we can talk more about it.

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