Don't Tune in Tomorrow

On March 31, SoapCity is cancelling a great TV subscription service: commercial-free program downloads.

The service, which required Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, offered shows from the last four weeks for download over the Web, charging $9.95 a month or $1.99 per episode. Digital-rights management expired the files after four weeks.

Considering the popularity of TV show DVDs and illegally traded episodes on file-sharing services, it seems like a no-brainer to milk a few more dollars from viewers over the Web. No reason is provided for the shutdown.

I thought that the Internet had freed me from years of television addiction, but wasn't prepared when TV followed me here. After experimenting with SoapCity a few times solely to judge its technical merits, I became hooked on As the World Turns and Sarah Brown.

I hope she can beat those drug charges back in El Paso and keep sleeping her way across Oakdale until she finds a suitable father for JJ.


Days of our Lives

Hope hears Bo talking about his love for another woman. Is he talking about Billie?

Too much. Very funny after reading your comments.

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