Radio UserLand Kick Start: Backing Up Data

This is part of Chapter 9 of the book Radio UserLand Kick Start by Rogers Cadenhead, published by Sams Publishing


With proper backups, it's safe to begin exploring Radio.root and the other object databases that you can view and edit with Radio UserLand.

Although the desktop Web site and Radio's file system features (such as upstreaming) contain a large number of features, most functionality offered by the software is contained within the main object database and the scripts within it.

Radio's code, which you can view and modify, is written in UserTalk, the scripting language created by UserLand Software for all of its publishing and information aggregation products.

Learning to work with object databases is the first step towards becoming a UserTalk programmer.

Chapter 9:

  1. Introduction
  2. Running the Radio Application
  3. Backing Up a Weblog
  4. Restoring a Weblog from an XML Backup
  5. Summary

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