Java 6 in 21 Days (5th Edition) Day 20: XML Web Services

The cover of Teach Yourself Java 6 in 21 Days (5th Edition) by Rogers Cadenhead and Laura Lemay

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Notes and Corrections

  • View the Certification Practice quiz solution
  • Certification answer: Answer (a) is correct. When two expressions are combined with the && (logical and) operator, if the expression on the left is not true, the expression on the right will never be evaluated. The y variable is never incremented, and because the combined expression is false, the statement y = y + 2; is not executed.

    Answers (b) is incorrect. If the & (and) operator had been used to combine two expressions instead of the && (logical and) operator, this would be the correct answer.

    Answers (c) and (d) are incorrect.

  • Apache stopped offering XML-RPC 2.0 for download after releasing version 3.0. You can download Apache XML-RPC 2.0, the version of the class library used in this chapter, from this site. Unpack the archive and make the xmlrpc-2.0 folder available in your Java classpath.

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