Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden: "You might say this is the best 1-5 team in the league." ... read more

Sportus interruptus: Three miles from the finish, the leader in the men's marathon was knocked to the ground by a spectator and was subsequently passed by two runners. The attacker has attempted similar stunts at other events to promote his apocalyptic religious books. ... read more

Famous anus:: In sports world medical news reminiscent of George Brett's hemorrhoidal issue during the 1980 World Series, an exhausted Jason Giambi is being tested for entamoeba histolytica, a parasite that embeds itself in the intestinal lining and can cause fatal illness. ... read more

Blame Canada: Calling the conflict in Iraq the "stupidest war ever," Toronto Blue Jays player Carlos Delgado has been avoiding "God Bless America" during games. ... read more

Why bullfighting sucks: "When I first came to Spain I had this idea that bull fighting was this sort of 'traditional' sport where once a year or so they would kill a bull or two and that it was okay," writes the American weblogger Russell Beattie. "But it's not like that at all." ... read more

Federer high on grass: The Guardian offers a flowery recap of Sunday's men's final at Wimbledon. "If the real Roger Federer did not return in his full peacock colours, there was enough iridescence glinting off his racket to down [Andy] Roddick." ... read more

Mavs owner lets his guard down: Mark Cuban, who may be the best owner in pro sports at communicating with fans, explains in great detail why he let Steve Nash go. "It’s a question I’m going to hear for a long time." ... read more