My server has been under attack for three days by a user in Colorado who requested the same URL 8.3 million times (and counting). The user, making simultaneous connections from eight IP addresses in a block controlled by Time Warner Telecom, requested a URL on URouLette that redirects to a random web site -- as many as 30 requests a second to a PHP script that made a MySQL database connection. I'm guessing the motive was to acquire web addresses for e-mail harvesting or some other form of net abuse. By yesterday ... read more

The New York Observer covers the upcoming launch of the Huffington Report and the need for liberal competition to the Drudge Report. Reporter Joe Hagan has overlooked the fact that there already are several wanna-be Drudges on the left, including BuzzFlash, Raw Story, and my own Drudge Retort, which I copublish with television writer Jonathan Bourne. Judging by our traffic, most of the world is overlooking us too, though Raw Story is growing fast. According to the Observer, for fun Matt Drudge likes to load ... read more

How to make the least amount of money possible with newspaper archives: Follow the example of Canada's Sun Media Corporation. Check out this old article from the Toronto Sun, one of 20,000 archived articles from Sun newspapers that have been crawled by Google. Nestled inside an ungodly mess of navigation links, ads, and other boilerplate, the 37K page contains less than 100 words of unique content that might attract a web searcher: Digging into the boys in the band DOC DIG! FOLLOWS THE EXPLOITS OF TWO '90S PUNK ... read more

In response to the FeedBurner URL discussion, cofounder Dick Costolo writes that the service will be offering a way for users to redirect feed URLs if they decide to quit: I believe you will see in the near term that we are going to address all of your concerns and issues in a straightforward and meaningful way. I think the key point Eric made that I'd like to back up is that we believe that a publisher's ability to redirect off of FeedBurner is actually a benefit to FeedBurner. ... read more

WordPress lead developer Matt Mullenweg has been quietly trading on the site's high Google PageRank, hosting more than 150,000 junk articles created solely to draw ad clicks on high-dollar keywords like asbestos and debt consolidation. hides links to the junk pages using a negative positioning trick in CSS: <div style="text-indent: -9000px; overflow: hidden;"> <p>Sponsored <a href="/articles/articles.xml">Articles</a> on <a href="/articles/credit.htm">Credit</a>, ... read more

Florida attorney Matt Conigliaro has done an unbelievable job of reporting on the state legal issues of the Terry Schiavo case. Beginning in August 2003, a month after he began his weblog, Conigliaro has covered the subject extensively, providing a reference page that manages to be both thorough and fair, though some people would consider his respect for the legal process as an attempt to pick sides: The facts of this case are terribly sad, but they are not hard to understand. There's really nothing to be confused ... read more

I read this morning that Andrew Sullivan has added syndicated feeds to his weblog using FeedBurner. No offense to the FeedBurner developers, but every time I see this, I marvel that another weblogger has handed over their most loyal readers to a third party. FeedBurner offers several features for feed providers, but only one seems genuinely useful: better feed-reading statistics. The others -- multiple feed format support, podcasting enclosures, Creative Commons licensing -- are easy to get elsewhere. If you ... read more