Because I wrote the book on Radio UserLand, my decision to stop using the software on Workbench has raised a few eyebrows.By tradition, the first thing a weblogger must do with new software is publish a vicious excoriation of the old software, warning others to keep away, like a courageous relief worker marking a land mine.Textbook example: When Mark Pilgrim concluded that a Movable Type licensing change would have cost him $535, he declared the software a dead end, switched to WordPress, and donated $535 to its ... read more

This entry represents the culmonation of several weeks of work moving Workbench from Radio UserLand to software that I am writing for myself on a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).This has been an eventful month. I was the first person to evacuate Florida for Hurricane Frances, taking my family all the way to Northern Virginia almost two full days before it made landfall. My excessive caution was rewarded by a drive home through South Carolina as the storm hit that state, spawning more tornados in one ... read more