The Bench is Back

This entry represents the culmonation of several weeks of work moving Workbench from Radio UserLand to software that I am writing for myself on a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

This has been an eventful month. I was the first person to evacuate Florida for Hurricane Frances, taking my family all the way to Northern Virginia almost two full days before it made landfall. My excessive caution was rewarded by a drive home through South Carolina as the storm hit that state, spawning more tornados in one day than any storm in its history.

By the time that Jeanne became the fourth hurricane to bring Old Testament wrath to the Sunshine State this year, my fear of 110-mph winds was surpassed by my terror over the prospect of another long road trip with three young kids bored out of their skulls. So we rode the storm out in St. Augustine, experiencing a half-day power outage, devastating beach erosion, a few ominous tornado warnings, and a resort town full of great restaurants with immediate seating.

Every aspect of this site will be brought back in PHP/MySQL, including comments and trackback, and I'll be sharing the code under a public domain or open source license. I moved weblog data from three places into the MySQL database: Radio UserLand and my accounts on MetaFilter and SportsFilter. Since June 6, 2000, I have written 2,338 entries, a total that can only be interpreted as a desperate cry for help.


Tell us why you are moving from RU to LAMP.

I loved your book; I didn't love RU so much. Now experimenting with the LAMP-based ExpressionEngine from pMachine.

A fan.

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