One concern of Weblogs.Com users is carrying their site's Google PageRank rating to a new server, whether on Buzzword.Com or somewhere else. Using an HTTP viewer, Phil Ringnalda noticed that our redirector was originally sending the HTTP status code 302, "Found," instead of 301, "Moved Permanently," and explained why this is important: ... if you redirect with a 302, search engines will just start requesting both, and quite often indexing both, taking forever for the new one to beat out the old one, while a 301 ... read more

There's a nice writeup of the Weblogs.Com move by Staci D. Kramer on Wired News this morning, which of course alleviates all of my previously voiced concerns about the press. Being interviewed weirds me out, even though I should be familiar with the process after 6.5 years of journalism school (slow learner) and prior employment as an ink-stained wretch. When the reporter called, I was reminded of the advice given a few years ago by Brad DeLong -- choose five major points you want to make and never deviate from ... read more

I haven't said much on Workbench about my decision to adopt 3,018 webloggers this week, because, well, I'm pretty busy taking them out for walks, finding boxes for them to sleep in, and cleaning up after the inevitable accidents. Needless to say, there will be more Manila coverage on this site, along with tips on how to use it in conjunction with Radio UserLand and export data to tools like Movable Type and WordPress. To give you an idea of how weird this week has been, the following screen capture was taken by ... read more