Now Entering New Frontier

I haven't said much on Workbench about my decision to adopt 3,018 webloggers this week, because, well, I'm pretty busy taking them out for walks, finding boxes for them to sleep in, and cleaning up after the inevitable accidents.

Needless to say, there will be more Manila coverage on this site, along with tips on how to use it in conjunction with Radio UserLand and export data to tools like Movable Type and WordPress.

To give you an idea of how weird this week has been, the following screen capture was taken by Matt Haughey of Yahoo's front page last night:

Yahoo News on Weblogs.Com

The day's top stories: Al Qaida, 9/11, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, drug trafficking, and a four-day free weblog outage.


Mostly a nifty touche, Rogers ;-)

It's an interesting state of affairs. I have this to say about that:

1) It's obviously more a reflection of what YAHOO considers newsworthy, not the Blogosphere in general. This just in: The Media loves a good fight. The whole War/Bush Bad vs. War/Bush Good thing was probably starting to get a bit stale for their liking. For a "slow" news day (for them), the ordering sounds about right.

2) The rising power of the blogosphere (and wot goes on in it) is now apparent. There was no coverage of a couple of recent Slashdot articles that generated at least as much controversial heat as this thing. Why do you think that is? Step lightly. It's no longer (soley) the domain of large-foreheaded technocrats.

3) No way this thing would have had "legs" if Dave'd been more upfront and empathetic in the first place (as Haughey wisely, sanely agrees DW should have done -- when, o when, will you do the same, Rogers? it's not too late to save your soul ;).

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