All but one of Home Depot's 11-member board of directors was a no-show at the company's annual meeting Thursday, where several proposals questioned the huge executive compensation paid to CEO Robert Nardelli. Nardelli was the only board member present at the meeting, which ended quickly because he didn't give the customary speech and took no questions from the audience. In a statement prepared in response to this article, the retailer said that, although its approach to the annual meeting this year was a departure ... read more

I own some Home Depot stock, so I'll be casting 30 of the 2.1 billion votes at the 2006 annual meeting Thursday. The proposals are usually dull, but there's a nice snarky one this year about excessive executive compensation that blasts company CEO Robert Nardelli: In our view, senior executive compensation at Home Depot has been excessive in recent years. In each of the last three years, CEO Robert Nardelli has been paid a base salary of more than $1,800,000, well in excess of the IRS cap for deductibility of ... read more

I was an employee of the Zing interactive TV company in Denver that went belly up in 1995 a day after the product launched. Since then, the company's name and domain have been used for an online ad service, photo sharing site, and -- now -- a new Web portal. Hope springs eternal. ... read more