I have received many comments that Americans are getting pissed because of the accent of the offshored employees. I just had a meeting with a top executive from Vertex, which is one of the biggest BPO companies in the world (right now they are Eurocentric), and that young gentleman told me that many of their British customers are happy with the work being done in India -- and in fact the customer satisfaction is headed towards north.

I can validate this argument further because when I was there in Convergys two years back, I remember my team manager was maintaining the quality of the calls above or around 90 percent (same or above the US/European levels) -- quality: first call resolution, empathizing and going the extra mile. The quality evaluators I had were from the UK itself and the company was Capital One (which is unheard in India but is quite popular abroad).

Our team was hitting the quality targets, which were above the standards maintained by their US/European counterparts again and again. The big greedy "corporates," as many of you say it, are no fools to offshore their business so that they can drive away their customers. There are set quality standards for the BPO industry, which is met by the vendors to maintain their promises.

Also, I must tell you guys that the average education level for a call center job in India is at least a graduate degree (bachelors in commerce, economics, arts, etc.) as compared to school-level education there. For all you people who are not happy with an accent, just imagine the time you called up someone in your country and try to compare it without having this inherent hate for outsourcing. You may very well realize that it is not all that bad -- I mean the accent.-- Vivek Seal


The problem is language skills more than accent, in my opinion. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but your blog is a perfect example. I get the basic message, but one can tell from your blog that you are not a native English speaker. Your idioms are not always correct and your English is slightly awkward at times. I can understand what you are saying, but it takes more work on my part.

It is the same with Indian call centers. Sometimes I have to work harder to make my point. Sometimes I simply cannot get a clear answer because the operators do not speak 100% fluent English. Furthermore, your discussion of 90% quality is purely anecdotal. Regrettably, I have had many Indian operators who display a negative attitude. Perhaps not as many as in America (where I am from), but I firmly believe it depends on the company. AT&T operators are often rude. T-Mobile operators are always polite.

So the accents are not the problem. The lack of total fluency is the problem.


Some of the calls I've received from telemarketers have been from people with accents so thick I couldn't understand them. Yet my internet provider had a heavily accented young man who was incredibly knowledgeable about setting up my computer.

Note: In none of these cases were any of the people on the other end of the line from India. For that matter, I don't know for a fact that they were overseas. They might have been immigrants in the United States.

I disagree that Vivek's written English is awkward. I find he expresses himself better than many native speakers I've dealt with on line.



To start off with, I support outsourcing for the mostpart.

But I dislike people. When I get a surly, unhelpful, or incompetent Cingular rep (most of the time, actually), I get quite unhappy. When that person is so obviously from India, it provides a reason for my frustrations.... it gives me a single, potentially good, reason for the fact that they can't communicate or help me.

I support expanded (non-illegal) immigration into the US. By and large, immigrants are good. But anybody reading the news right now can tell you not all Americans feel this way. A lot of Americans can't stand them, and besides the cultural, xenophobic reasons that everybody invariably suppresses in interviews, the number one reason is jobs. (There's something there -- immigrants make up 40% of the US workforce for those with less than a high school education.)

What's really interesting, though, is that I would say that outsourcing is MUCH more of a threat (maybe already, maybe in the future) to US jobs than immigrants, especially for the middle caste... er, class. :) But the immigrants have gotten MUCH more attention. So... you should be able to apply the same anti-immigration attitude and dislike to outsourcing, as so far as many Americans are concerned. In fact, I'd claim that outsourcing is currently under-hated, given the US populace.


I really don't care about the accent or the quality of the spoken or written english. Outsourcing to companies overseas is just a horrible idea. It is anti-american, it depresses wages in the US, and it it just plain wrong. If you are a US company that does the majority of your business in the US, your operations should be in the US.


The title of your blog is "Outsourcing: Drop the Accent", and yet very little in what you write actually goes to that point. Your thoughts are expressed in a very random and un-focused manner; so much so that, quite frankly, I find it fairly difficult to discern the core theme to your blog. If you're trying to convince people to have more tolerance for non-native speakers of English with whom they interact at call centers, I'm afraid you've just achieved the opposite of your intended result.


You must be kidding. Your English stinks. If I got you when I called a help desk, I'd reach through the phone and strangle you.


The problems go beyond accent. I've gotten overseas tech support for my ReplayTV, and have had a few problems:

1) Understanding what the support guy is suggesting
2) Dealing with the rigid script the support guy uses

(2) is the killer. I'm sure that 90% of the calls can be solved via the script, but for the rest of them, the process seems designed to irritate the end customer. At that point, all the little irritations - accent, inability to escalate to someone who knows something, language fluency - they all meld together into one cohesively bad experience.


Jeff Oscar sucks. Sure, Vivek's post had some wording issues, but he gets his point across well. You're not funny, in fact, people like you harm our country a lot more than outsourcing, you stupid, ignorant, douche.


I have had both good and bad experiences with Indian call centers. This was one of the good ones.


The problem is often not with the English, it's with which English. There are lots of differences in the vocabulary and usage between the UK and the US. Many call center workers have heavy UK accents and word usage. It's fair to say they speak "perfect English," but it's still difficult for an American to understand.


Indian accents can be difficult to understand, even for someone like me who is a native speaker of English and who has good hearing. Just imagine how problematic this will become as the U.S. population ages and hearing loss becomes more prevalent. Combine that with the influx of native Spanish speakers to the U.S. and there are some serious roadblocks to future growth for outsourcing customer support.

Another problem with outsourcing to India is not just Indian accents, but American accents! When I speak to someone at one of these outsourcing call centers in India, I often have to repeat myself 2-3 times to make myself understood. I also have to carefully limit my use of idioms, slang, and regional dialect words in order to effectively communicate with these call center personnel.

I received a phone call a few months ago from an Indian call center asking me to sign up for some kind of addtional feature for one of my credit cards. I really had difficulty following his spiel and misunderstood what he was saying. By the end of the conversation he almost had me signed up when I finally realized what he was talking about. I tried to tell the person on the other end of the line that I was not interested. In spite of my efforts to the contrary, the end result was that I was signed up for a service that I did not want and got billed for it the next month. I had to spend a long time on the phone with customer service in order to get it cancelled.

I know several people from India. I have gone to school with people from India since the 7th grade. I have worked with three people who are natives of India. I also have several neighbors who are from India, so I know if the accent presents problems for me, it must be difficult for most Americans to understand as well.

All in all, these outsourced call centers are a real pain. I just called a customer service center this morning and was overjoyed that the person on the other end of the line was American.


I can give my opinion of this blog, as well as my experience with help desk from various countries.

This blog is fairly well written, but it doesn't reach the level of a professional journalist. You do not make a solid point, as another person noted, you lacked focus. You should be a master of your media if you plan on doing well in it. Since this is a written media, you should work on it.

As for help desk experiences, I have had mostly negative technical support experiences when I have been dealing with Indian reps. I have had one good one that I can mention who was in India. The person was knowledgeable, asked intelligent answers and helped me through the problem well. All others went through a script, and didn't or couldn't help me. Several of these calls got "escalated" back either to the USA, or Australia. The reps there were knowledgeable, asked intelligent questions and helped me through the problem rather quickly.


Vivek Seal, I think you did a great job on your article considering English is not your native language. One issue that many in America take issue with is the fact you do speak English. By that I mean English and American are really two diffrent languages. Many in the USA would have the same issues if they were speaking to someone in Australia or the UK. Another issue,and the more important one is the fact that outsourcing is a means used by the globalists to redistribute wealth. Outsourcing is a zero-sum game. As regards education, degrees are not comparable from country to country. Diffrent academic requirements determine the viability of the degree from nation to nation. For instance, an American degree is held in high esteem all over the world due to mandated standard process. Indian degree and other are not so highly regarded. There are exceptions of course, but overall, a foreign degree is not high regarded in the U.S.


Vivek: as Rogers hinted, could you please spell out abbreviations the first time you use them in an article? I can use Google to find out that BPO means Business Process Outsourcing, but it creates extra work for the reader. The meaning of BPO/FDI/CCE isn't universally obvious. Thanks.


Why is everyone glossing over the fact that the call centers in India have no clue about the issues the are recieving call about????? The HP computer issue I talked about previously was resolved by calling HPs California headquarters and getting an AMERICAN tech who resolved it in less than 10 minutes. That is after 14 days on the phone with Indians, over 20 hours getting recommendations like "putting the boot floppy in the CD drawer" (square peg, round hole). it took less then 4 hours to fix my computer once I took it into a shop after wasting 336 hours trying to get any kind of resolution from poorly trained, untech savvy phone jockeys. When I talked to the receptionist in Palo Alto she asked for my trouble ticket, after pulling it up she said that all the ticket said was "that I refused to deal with the Indian technicians". I informed her that they were missing an adjective. I refused to deal with Indian technicians AGAIN. They had removed all over the entries from over 40 phone calls referencing that one TT #. I know of no one that has had any issue resolved by an Indian. Please stop with the candy coating I am getting diabetic.

Barking like a big dog doesn't mean you can run with them!


Accent can be an issue. A good friend from Pakistan called to tell me he had wires in his computer. "Yes, I know," said I. It was the beginning of a five minute call which must have sounded like Lauren & Hardy before I caught on he had a Virus -not wires- in his computer. We could laugh over the mistake, but had I been a call center instead of a friend, he would have been furious.
In general I don't have problems with call center accents, but the scripts. I don't know why, but it does seem the quality of scripting has dropped in recent years. My most recent support call with Microsoft left me so outraged I had to leave a client's office and calm down. I got an answer when I called them and told them I was unhappy with the situation, though not the service. They proceeded to call me back four times over two days to read me the rest of their script. As if the script could convince me to appreciate an unfair licensing restriction.
Outsourcing isn't "un-American". Companies have a responsibility to make money for their shareholders. Period. If outsourcing can improve profitability, then so be it. If the companies fail to implement their support efficiently (on any continent) and tick off customers, they'll lose money and learn the error of their ways. That's why Capitalism works; when a giant like Novell decides to sit on its laurels and not take care of customer needs, there's always a mosquito like Microsoft willing to listen to what people want.


I work with foreign speakers of English professionally on a daily basis. I have a lot of experience with understanding accented English. Nevertheless, when I called the help center for Dell Computer, I couldn't understand what the people on the other end -- who spoke with thick Indian accents -- were saying. I asked for clarification again and again, asked to be passed to different people, and finally gave up. To tell people that they shouldn't mind Indian accents often means literally telling people that they shouldn't mind the fact that they couldn't understand anything that was said or the fact that they got no help whatsoever. I'm sorry, but I prefer actually being able to communicate to shouting "What?! What?!" and finally hanging up in frustration. I guess I'm just picky that way.

I don't see why companies can't simply invest a little bit of money in accent reduction training. It seems as if it would pay off in the end.


What kills me is that they always use an "Americanize" name. Hello my name is Susie and my badge number is 987FPC. The scripts are just horrible and waste so much time.


Here in Toronto one meets people with accents from all over the world. This variety is helpful in training your ear to (mostly) understand what is being said.
I suspect folks living in parts of North America where the speech patterns are identical for miles around will have difficulty due to a lack of exposure to english other than what they have always heard. To complain about foreign this and outsourcing that is asinine - the english language is very diverse and you do not speak the only official version!


Most Americans prefer American based tech support because Indians don't understand them as well. Communication is half the battle in technical support. A lot more in some cases. Indian technical support is a second rate product, but it gets the job done.


1) It isn't so much the "accent" as it is the sure and certain knowledge that the person being called will poorly understand the "problem." That is, that the customer knows that it will be much more difficult reaching a solution, if at all, because THEY won't be understood by the outsourced, non-native speaker.

2) The Indian national's form of the English language has adopted the patronizing tone of their occupiers and de facto rulers: Great Britain, and almost immediately gets on the nerves of more-or-less masterless Americans.

3) Indian national's who speak English use a sense of disparate understanding to their advantage in dealing inter-personally: pretending they don't understand any sort of unpleasantry or unfavorable business discussion(s,) for example.

4) As some others have noticed, detailed explanations are used off-point and to hide the fact that no real answer to the question, or the contretemps at hand, can be made. One such session will sour anyone on off-shore "help."

5) Vince -- you are pathetic ...


I have a problem when I call a call center, I get a Bob or Jane, and obviously they're no Bob or Jane, rather Mohammad, or Shatr, Gandhi.

This is outright lies right off the bat. How am I supposed to trust an institution, for example, calling a bank's helpdesk, and the first sentence is a lie. How can I trust this bank?

Also, don't these Indians live with rats. I saw a documentary that there is this Hindu temple where they worship rats. They got rats running all over the place, and I've seen some indians picking up the droppings and eating them.
ALso another show which showed indians putting a cup under a Cows's (where it pisses) and drinking the urine and claiming it's spiritual and healthy.

Are these the kind of people Americans are dealing with on the phone? Excuse me, but it's disgusting! backwards, and plain wrong!


Dunkin Donuts anyone?

is that to go? with milk and sugar? or droppings and piss?


I just bought a Dell laptop (Why, God, Why?), so I look forward to many conversations with Vivek's comrades. And I've gotten so much bad American phone help that I can't imagine it being much worse in India.

Vivek, how about a post about what you do other than work? Maybe some pics of the local nightlife?


Dunkin Donuts for all!

We have taken over most Dunkin Donuts!
Next --> The world!!!


Also, don't these Indians live with rats. I saw a documentary that there is this Hindu temple where they worship rats. They got rats running all over the place, and I've seen some indians picking up the droppings and eating them.

Ignorance is so hilarious. Similarly, I can also claim that I saw a popular talk show where a 'Scientologically-religious' man claimed his love for a woman by jumping on the couch. Is that a religious ritual? Later, I also heard him claim that he would pick up his baby's placenta and eat it.


A cold call, that I assume was for sales, was made to my regulated phone. An Indian lady on the other end began and finished a very long spiel without giving me an opportunity to break in. I had no idea what she said, and when she finished, I said, "Ma'am, I can't understand you".

To which she angrily replied, "I talk to lots of people all day and they understand", or something to that affect. Then she hung up.

It wasn't that she was using bad grammar, as best as I could tell, it was diction. The words were so tangled, run-on, spoken with a strange twisting of the tongue, and at such a pace, that they left me bewildered.

Firstly, I don't think that call should have been made. I am on State and Federal "no call" lists.

Secondly, I still have no idea what she said.

Do I approve of these types of off-shore contacts? No! On a scale of 0-10 I think I would put the practice somewhere around 1 or 2.


Keep your worker's paradise to yourself, turd.


one can tell from your blog that you are not a native English speaker. Your idioms are not always correct and your English is slightly awkward at times.


You must be kidding. Your English stinks.

You provincial village-bred ignorami. Most middle-class Indians are native English-speakers, but not of the American variant. Or did you know there were multiple dialects? Would you tell an Aussie his idioms are awkward and his English stinks?

Sit down for this. Did you know there are countries outside the U.S.? Check the map, it's true.


Also, don't these Indians live with rats... ALso another show which showed indians putting a cup under a Cows's (where it pisses) and drinking the urine... Are these the kind of people Americans are dealing with on the phone?

Let me get this straight. You watch a whacked-out show on cult members and draw a straight line to call center hiring?

You racist, open-mouthed knuckle-dragger.

Hey, I saw a show the other day that talked about Americans having sex by plugging hamsters up their butts. Are these the people we want to be doing business with?


Hey ppl,
Yes, there is a rat temple in India and people do worship Rat as a carrier animal for the GOD "Ganesha". But it is their own faith, even I do not believe in all that, but lets just not disrespect others faith. In fact all the programmers use "Mouse" to move their cursor from one place to another on their screens. So on the other hand u also use "Mouse" as a medium to earn your living. Just a joke, to ease up the heat. India is a land of diverse cultures and history. You will see a physical, mental and psychological difference among the people from the North, South, East and West of India. In fact you would think that it is a seprate country.


Call me whatever you like, but I've never cast an aspersion on anyone for the color of their skin, here or anywhere else. Vince, you're a ninny for many reasons, none of which have anything to do with your heritage.


To Uncle Mikey:

Perhaps I should have said that your condescending, disrespectful attitude towards Vivek's stewardship here seemed racist to me.

No Torso, but I have a torc.


Also, don't these Indians live with rats... ALso another show which showed indians putting a cup under a Cows's (where it pisses) and drinking the urine... Are these the kind of people Americans are dealing with on the phone?

Classic piece of idiotic Americans who forget the world exists and thrives beyond their narrow borders. You know subscribe to newspapers, magazines sometime and flip to something other than say Spears fumbling with her baby. No really, there is real news out there to cure your ignorance.

Also, this is stupidity to complain about not having your slang understood. American English isn't the only variant out there and let that be a revelation for all those complained to that end.

Racist fools.


Oh, well. I think it's good that Americans, and others too, get to hear the 'other side' of the outsourcing debate.


Don't try to pass 'blanket' statements based on your limited knowledge about other cultures.
If a couple of guys eat horse shit, horse piss and horse intestine on "Fear Factor", it doesn't mean that all Americans are incapable of handling call center jobs!

Get a life.


Most Indians speak gramatically correct English. The accent thing might cause a little problem though.

Talking of american english:

I'm like..these call center guys don't know NO english. And he's like..yes man..they ain't know no shit.


It's funny, the new arrangement here has its own sort of logic--the cranks and misanthropes are more visible.


Am I crazy, or did the post after Tom's disappear? The name it was under had the word handle in it. Weird. In fact, didn't a bunch of comments disappear?

Perhaps I should have said that your condescending, disrespectful attitude towards Vivek's stewardship here seemed racist to me.

Oh, Vince. Has it come to that? You ran out of reasonable arguments a long time ago, but that's no reason to embarrass yourself. Am I racist for harrassing the shit out of Rogers, too? Maybe I hate people who wear smartalecky glasses.

I've treated Vivek like I treat my friends every day, because he seems like a nice guy and I like his picture, and I think what Rogers with him is doing is fantastic. You, on the other hand, are the worst kind of nimrod, and although I regret your lack of education and parental approval, I can't forgive your douchebaggy attempts at debate.

Let's ask Vivek how he feels about it. Did I hurt your feelings, Vivek, or anyone's but that poopweiner Vince Williams'?


Accents vs. idioms - I live in a major american city with immigrants from all over the world, so I am no strander to accents. But I agree with the commenters above - lack of local knowledge and language idioms makes communicating a technical problem all the more tedious and difficult.

Think about it, communicating a technical problem is a difficult task even between next-door neighbors.


To Uncle Mikey,

Dear Sir:

It would be a blessing for you and everybody if some of your comments disappeared.

About half of what I've written here has disappeared, and I'm not sorry to see it go. I was thinking that some day you might read those words and regret them, if the whole internet isn't replaced by something with a better interface before then.

I bear you no ill will, I don't know you.

I was surprised when I saw your picture, because I pictured you as a big bear of a man with a massive pot belly and a long beard. You know, back in the '70's, in my salad days, I looked like one of the two bearded guys in ZZ Top. Do you believe that?

I'm manic, but I'm not insane. I've found that it really drives people crazy when you tell them the unvarnished truth. I'm not saying I never lie, I enjoy a good yarn, but guileless speech confounds many people.

Your friend,

Vince Williams


I am an Indian living in the US and I really know how tough it is to communicate effectively with my colleagues and whenever I talk, my colleagues ask me to repeat the sentence.

Accent reduction is a big business here in the US and there are a number of websites that claim one can lose their accent in 30 days, 40 days and the like.

It sounds more like a weight-loss program where they promise of losing about 20 lbs in 30 days.

After trying to read the lip movement of Americans, I can conclude that the American accent is real tough and one can master it only if he is born in the US and mingle with the American society.

I have cousins who were born in the US and who speak fluently and I shy away from them when they tease me I speak with a thick accent.

If you closely look at the Indian languages,you will notice something like "what you speak is what you write"

Because of this nature of Indian languages, the Indian speakers tend to over-stress a lot and I can say Indians never know how to use "schwa" to reduce the stress in their accent.

They always pronounce "a" at the end of a word like the third "a" in Arkansas.
So it is not Americuh and it is something like Americah.

Thanks and Regards,


Vince says, "About half of what I've written here has disappeared . . ."

It is SPAM, Vince, and no matter how erudite and sophisticated you might think it to be! You "anonymous" comments are easily recognized because of the glaring tone of pseudointellectuality they seem to represent, and the fact that they bear absolutely no relation to the thread, whatsoever ... except:

"I'm manic, but I'm not insane ..."

Is a verification that you are neurotically obsessive in making these, in reality, inane postings.

" ... back in the '70's, in my salad days, I looked like one of the two bearded guys in ZZ Top. Do you believe that?"

NO!!! You are far too callow and unsophisticated for that, notwithstanding the obvious effort to appear mature and wise ... !

My guess: 27, at most.


Its gud to know that you americans dont want to outsource. But why the hell you wanna sell coke, pepsi, Nike, Reebok, Nestle, Axe and all possible shit in India. Is that because these companies dont have a gud market in the U.S


Companies in the U.S outsource jobs to India because you guys in the U.S dont work hard. Recently I came to know abt a company from the U.S outsourcing one of its business process to an indian 3rd party BPO. The same job done by 85 people in the U.S is being done by 39 resources in India. This proves the ineffieiency of americans. More over if there is a business requirement do you guys bother to come and work on weekends?????. Never


Dear Tadowe:

Rogers allowed me to make a personal note to Mikey, it wasn't addressed to you. You may not believe it, but sometimes I don't see that the comments are off, but I trust Rogers' judgement. I was trying to be entertaining. I think it's obvious to one and all who writes them (if they care)--I felt inspired, but didn't want to fill the comments column with my name.

I'm curious though, why do you care so much? Everyone is free to ignore off-topic comments, and Rogers is free to delete them. If Rogers' doesn't have a problem with that, why do you?


"I've found that it really drives people crazy when you tell them the unvarnished truth."

I think you're confusing what you'd like to think drives people crazy with what actually drives them crazy, which is nonsense. And the clearest indicator of a weak philosphical position is the desire to have conflicting information removed from the record.


I never said I had a desire to have those comments removed. I didn't, I liked them. I'm not sure who I'm driving crazy--Uncle Mikey, Tadowe, or both.


It would be a blessing for you and everybody if some of your comments disappeared.



To Uncle Mikey:

I thought I wrote you a nice letter, it was sincere. By the bye, you're not too bad looking, do you think your wife would go for some three way action? I've never done it with right-wingers.

Here's to us, Cheers.


Vince tries excuses, "Rogers allowed me to make a personal note to Mikey, it wasn't addressed to you."

As are so many comments that are not addressed to you, Vince, but to which you find no bars to responding, inanely.

"You may not believe it, but sometimes I don't see that the comments are off, but I trust Rogers' judgement."

What twisted logic is this, Vince? I would *certainly* believe that you would ignore all the posts which have been deleted because they were/are nothing but wasted bandwidth/off-point/spam and are a negative impact on the commentary which is the purpose of the thread. Your "asides" are for no other purpose than to try to boost your ego ...

"I was trying to be entertaining. I think it's obvious to one and all who writes them (if they care)--I felt inspired, but didn't want to fill the comments column with my name."

Listen, Vince, it is a JOKE that you will post five consecutive "inspirations" and which are *obviously* calculated to convince everyone that Vince is a chochem, a genius! I literally cringe for you when I see them start!

"I'm curious though, why do you care so much? Everyone is free to ignore off-topic comments, and Rogers is free to delete them. If Rogers' doesn't have a problem with that, why do you?"

I don't like to see smart people making fools of themselves ...


Gee, Tadowe, you certainly devote a lot of energy to critiquing off-point posts, which, by the way, have disappeared, but you seem determined to make them immortal by writing about them.

Your old buddy, Vince Williams


Vince says, "Gee, Tadowe, you certainly devote a lot of energy to critiquing off-point posts..."

You keep responding, Vince, with your silly efforts to save your (literally) anonymous "face." And, as I mentioned, that is what I am replying to/for: an attempt to save your face; from yourself as it were. However, I can see that you aren't actually that smart, after all ...

"Your old buddy, Vince Williams "

Not to worry, old-buddy, you won't be hearing directly from me, again.


Thank you.


As a long-time HP customer (between notebooks, printers and desktops for the businesses I own, I've probably spent $250,000 over the past 5 years on HP products) my recent frustration with their Indian tech support call center has lost HP my business for life.

For phone based communication, the poor English skills, lack of understanding of what customers are trying to explain and the need for me to continually ask them to repeat what they just said because I can't understand them, makes the communication process break down to the point of no return.

Don't get me wrong... I am all for outsourcing as a great way to bring costs down and build shareholder value. But when you outsource something as critical as your customer service and support to individuals who your already frustrated customers cannot understand, you are making a huge mistake long term.

Just my $0.02 (or for HP just my $250,000 in lost business...)



I am frustrated, I need information on consolidated a student loan with salle mae and i cannot understand the indian accent, there isnt anyway I can get help.


Indian accents rock. I wouldn't change mine for a million dollars. It's my basic identity. Fuck all racist losers in this blog.


outsourcing really suks!!!
#1. theyre r millions of americans jobless, and w.e. the issue may b, american based companies should accomodate us regardless, the rest is bullcrap!!! these companies just want to make more money by exploiting indian idiots.
#2. the service really reaks! these girls?woman or w.e. have highly pitched aggravating vocals and practice monologue!!!
#3. the image for americans is bad!!!


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