Outsourcing: Not Safe for Work

I've taken Workbench back from Vivek Seal. I appreciate his efforts -- especially considering some of the abuse he took -- but remain unsold on the notion that outsourcing is beneficial to Americans. Seal's clear on the fact that it helps India, of course, but the most he offers us is a platitude that's laid on downsized employees all the time -- you ought to develop skills for another job that'll make you more valuable: I know many jobs are being lost but there are many new jobs which are ... (read more)

Outsourcing: What's in a Name?

A name, your preview to the world, may mean everything to someone, but in call centers in India they choose an alias name for themselves to make Americans life easier. Whether they are able to do it or not is a separate issue altogether. You all must be surprised to know that the U.K. companies are much more broadminded as compared to the U.S. ones in the accent, name and even the culture of an employee (maybe because of our past). In fact all the voice-based processes in India are divided into ... (read more)

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Outsourcing: Drop the Accent

I have received many comments that Americans are getting pissed because of the accent of the offshored employees. I just had a meeting with a top executive from Vertex, which is one of the biggest BPO companies in the world (right now they are Eurocentric), and that young gentleman told me that many of their British customers are happy with the work being done in India -- and in fact the customer satisfaction is headed towards north. I can validate this argument further because when I was there ... (read more)

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Interview Request: Americans Affected by Outsourcing

I am very keen on doing a story about Americans who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing. Global Services reaches an audience of around 50,000 in the U.S. and I really would like to know the views of the CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and others who have lost their jobs. If you have any suggestions for people I should interview, send an e-mail through this weblog. ... (read more)

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How Outsourcing Looks from New Delhi

I am really excited to blog on an issue which is so dear to my heart. Beforehand I must tell you that I have seen this industry from all the angles, I was a CCE in Convergys India (Gurgaon) and was working in a UK process so I have the real floor experience, then I worked as a feature writer for India's national daily The Pioneer and tried to analyze the ill-effects of outsourcing, like aping Western culture, sleeping disorders (insomnia and bad health) etc. If that was not enough many Indian ... (read more)

This post was written by Vivek Seal.

This Weblog is Being Sent Overseas

For the next week, I've outsourced this weblog to Vivek Seal, 23, a technology reporter for Global Services in New Delhi, India. Seal recently posted a comment here touting the benefits of outsourcing: If a person from Bangalore is able to do a job in less than half the cost and with more efficiency then that rationally a best thing for all the parties around it. No matter what. ... All I wanna say is give India a chance to improve this world. We hear a lot of dire statements in the ... (read more)