I was driving behind a new-looking Hyundai Sonata on State Road 312 in St. Augustine yesterday when I spotted a simple black sticker along the top edge of the car's window:


Anyone care to venture a guess as to what the driver was trying to convey with this sticker? I was so surprised I nearly rear-ended him.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Is Northeast Florida ready for a bumpersticker like that? Wouldn't a rainbow or HRC sticker suffice? I grew up in Clay County, that's why I was wondering if NE Fla was able to accept such a sticker.


Maybe it's a sneaky / snarky vandalism thing - was the sticker small enough that the car owner mightn't notice for a while? Friends and I (nowhere near Florida, and more than a decade ago) used to sticker cars with very small, very offensive stickers in places where the owner might not see it for a while.

Having read you for a long time, Rogers, and knowing your sense of humor as well as a completely alien third party can, I also have to wonder if it wasn't one of those subconscious transliteration things, and the sticker actually said something completely innocuous.


heh, imagine the post that would have resulted in rear-ending someone with "anal intruder" on their car ... who's intruding on whose ...


Probably meant "if you are close enough to see this...(you are a a** intruder)"?

My two cents.


Well I have been behind vehicles with a pair of balls hanging from their bumper so not much surprises me.


... I also have to wonder if it wasn't one of those subconscious transliteration things, and the sticker actually said something completely innocuous.

That's definitely a possibility -- I am the kind of person who never exhausts the comedic potential of phrases like magna cum laude and rump roast -- but I ended up right behind the Anal Intruder at a stop light. I'm pretty sure this wasn't a Freudian moment.


Maybe they were suggesting that if you were close enough to read anal intruder that you were running the risk of being one.


Looks like it may be a band name:



It's also a line of sex toys.

You're welcome.


i remember in the seedier parts of baltimore during my university days there was a sex shop that sold (and proudly displayed in the window) a device with this name. It was about the size of one of those small baseball bats but about twice the girth.

i'm going to bet, however, for a band name.


Maybe it was a process server -- that stands for Am Not A Lawyer - Intruder ...sorta describes the profession in a nutshell, and has a certain connotation to it as an acronym, eh?


There is nothing wrong with an anal intrude now and again. I might just go nudge my girlfriend right now. Loosen up people. That's funny! Lots of intruding going on up here in Canada Eh!


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